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Summary and Analysis of Spider-man: Into the Spider Verse

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Summary and Analysis of Spider-man: Into the Spider Verse


The animated film commences with the narration of Spider-man himself, giving an introduction of his identity: who he really is and what his routine every day as Peter Parker and as the friendly neighborhood Spider-man is.

The story shows the family of Miles, Jefferson and Rio moving into the new community, and Jeff is not a fan of Spider-man. He met Gwen Stacy in school whom he did not know yet then who she is. Miles went to see his uncle Aaron who tolerates his habit of vandalizing places. Together, they went to the tunnels near the subway to spray paint graffiti on the walls. This is where Aaron tried to persuade Miles to try to charm Gwen. While they were doing the graffiti on the walls Miles get bitten by a radioactive spider.

Miles woke up the next with a weird feeling, he hears voices in his head, he sweat and seemed to have grown bigger overnight. Whatever he touches stuck on his hand, and when he tried to tap Gwen on the shoulder his hand stuck on it including Gwen’s hair. After they were separated to the clinic Miles tried to go home but he was stopped by the security officer of the school he went to hide in the office, and he discovered his new abilities and power.

Miles had an encounter with Spider-man when Spider-man was pursued by Goblin. Miles witness the fight between Spider-man, Green Goblin and the Kingpin. Spider-man learned that Miles was like him when he took him out of harm’s way and told him to shut down the collider being operated by the Kingpin. Spider-man got injured and after he was unmasked by the Kingpin he was killed by the Kingpin. Miles saw everything and in fear he hurriedly went home and hugged his father.

The collider has activated the other dimensions which brought out several Spider-man in the person of Peter Parker, Gwen, Spiderman Noir, Peni Parker and her robot and Spider Ham. Together they tried to stop the Kingpin from operating the collider. The team succeeded in stopping the Kingpin, but it was a tough fight against the Kingpin who also teamed up with the Green Goblin, the Prowler (who turned out to be Aaron), and Doc OCK. After the Spidey team beat the Kingpin everyone went to their respective dimensions. Miles was left to the real dimension to continue the works of Spider-man (Persichetti and Ramsey).


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The movie is a presentation of the world from the perspective of Miles, and since Miles is an artist it became a creative view of the story. The film is still regarded as a coming of age movie which highlights the feelings, thoughts and movements of Miles as he discovers himself and his relationship with his father and Gwen in a new community. It was also the same ordeal Peter Parker went through as he began his adventures as Spider-man. However, the film differs from other Spider-man movies in a way that there is a more stylistic approach in Spider man: Into the Spider Verse. It has illustrated the shift from the academic approach to the super-hero narration given that it was a comic film thus every scene or story is presented in panels.

Comic films often used action lines, it’s a trick used to show a two-dimensional plane which is effective in showing movements either going towards or away from the viewer. The visualization in the film has been carefully done in order to combine art forms and present an imagery of thoughts in the movie. The collider itself in the film was illustrated through the living environment of the city such as taxis and trains. The motion has been further enhanced using lines to exaggerate the movements and create a motion for Miles that enhances the film’s storyboard.

In terms of content, as discussed in class about the racism as depicted in movies. The character of Miles in this comic film does not look the same as the image of Peter Parker in the usual Spider-man movies. Miles is black with curly hair, a Black American which is the opposite of Peter. It was also implied when he used his artistic skills to modify the Spider-man costume, thus his Spidey costume has brighter colors than Peter used to wear. Miles also preferred his Spidey costume in red and black whereas Peter has his in red and blue.

The film presents Spider-man still as a superhero but using the personalities of Miles and Peter it was also a reflection of what would make Spider-man different if he is a White American or a Black American. The presentation in the film about race in the element of superheroes in movies is less sensitive and provocative in debate as the film shows superheroes need always not be White. Miles was able to become a superhero himself and struggled through his internal conflicts just like Peter did when he was Spider-man.

The film was able to show too that there is no discrimination in the film based on race or skin color but instead Miles and Peter showed two Spider-man can co exists and help each other since they have the same goal – that is to fight the bad guys.


Using the movie to discuss with students’ critical issues about race can be effective especially in Spider-man: Into the Spider Verse since it will take deeper understanding and analysis of the elements of the film in order to go into the discussion about race. Primarily the first few things students will identify in the film would be the heroes’ internal conflict and the main challenge he must overcome in the film in order to be hailed as a hero in the end. Learning about the association of leadership roles to race or skin color would take a probing of the film analysis (Pimentel).


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