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Stuart Little Film Review


About the film

Release: 1999

Producer: Douglass Wick

Director: Rob Minikoff

Genre: Family, Comedy, Adventure

Budget: $133,000

Distributed by: Sony Pictures Releasing

The Cast

  • Michael J Fox - Stuart Little
  • Hugh Laurie - Frederick Little
  • Geena Davis - Eleanor Little
  • Jonathan Lipnicki - George Little
  • Nathan Lane - Snowbell the cat
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The Film

Frederick and Eleanor Little have a young son called George. Their intention is to adopt a younger brother for him. So they visit the orphanage, but it soon becomes apparent that it isn't going to be easy to choose a child. But they meet Stuart, who just so happens to be a little mouse, they eventually end up adopting him, on the advice of Stuart himself, of course.

But, Stuart doesn't get the warm welcome he's expecting when they arrive home. George wasn't expecting a mouse to be his little brother and he initially refuses to spend any time with him at all. And poor Stuart doesn't fair better with the cat, Snowbell, either. The cat is jealous of him because his new parents love him, so he chases after him and tries to eat him. But George and Stuart eventually begin to connect when he accidentally falls down the cellar into George's playroom where he's building a boat. Their connection is really cemented during the course of the race.

Stuart has other battles to contend with when he has to battle with when he meets Snowbell the pet cat. Snowbell is jealous of all the attention that Stuart is getting so tries to get rid of him with the help of Smokey, who is like a Mafia Don cat (I know! Lol.) There is also Reginald and Camille Stout, who pretend to be Stuarts parents.


My Thoughts

This is an all-round lovely family film that I think everyone will enjoy watching. I think that Stuart is a very loveable cat that you can't help but fall in love with. Michael J Fox does a really good job as the voice of the little mouse and bringing his character to life. Even down to the expressions on his little face, it makes the mouse and cats look so realistic. Personally, I would say this is a good, family film that people will enjoy watching. Even 20 odd years on it still looks good on screen.

I mean, I know I'm a grown adult, but I still find this an impressive film with a good storyline. The film explores many things like friendship, loyalty, helping others and overcoming difficulties in life.

Stuart Little Official Trailer

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