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Struggle Jennings : About the Artist


Family History

Will Harness, better known as Struggle Jennings, is a musician from Nashville, Tennessee. The family that Struggle descends from is littered with several notable individuals.

His grandmother is Jessi Colter, who was most popular in the 1970s as a musician. His biological grandfather is Duane Eddy, a popular guitarist in the 1950s and 1960s. Colter and Eddy had one child before their separation, Jennifer Eddy. Jennifer Eddy is also Struggle's mother.

Struggles maternal grandmother, Jessi Colter, went on to marry Waylon Jennings and the couple had one child together, Shooter Jennings. Shooter Jennings is an uncle to Struggle.

Needless to say, Struggle has been influenced by several talented artists throughout his lifetime, and it reflects in the music that he has released and collaborated on so far in his career.


Music Career

Struggle released his first solo album in 2003 titled "Struggle Til We Make It" and he released an album with Jelly Roll in 2004 titled "The Halfway House". Two years later, in 2006, he released the independent track "Trying to Eat ".

Struggle's earlier music uses a lot of Waylon Jennings' original work mixed into a modern day rap. Struggle proclaims that a lot of the songs that his grandfather wrote are still relevant and go right along with the message to the songs.

In 2009 Struggle released "Soundtrack to An Indictment", and his fan base continued to grow despite an indictment on a Conspiracy Charge which led Struggle to spend the most of four years in prison.


Struggle has collaborated with several fellow artists and maintains friendship with many more. These artists include Yelawolf, Rittz, Jackie Chain, and Jelly Roll.

Currently Struggle has the number 3 rap album in the country, and it is the album that he produced with Jelly Roll called Waylon and Willie. It features the top track "Long, Long Time" which is included in the article in the video below.


Struggle still lives near Nashville, Tennessee and raises his own children, as he continued to uphold his family's legacy in music. Only time will tell if we will have any other talented musicians delivered to us from this family, but I think we can all agree that it looks likely.

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