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Stray Kids Videos Masterlist

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So, here is a masterlist with all of the Stray Kids' music videos, variety and reality shows, V lives, and additional videos with links to the subbed versions with original source and credits. Of course, I don't own any of the videos nor the subs for them, so all credits go to the rightful owners. In case some of the videos are not subbed, they will be marked accordingly with a notation in brackets (the 'no subs' notation applies only to the link it is with, not to all of the links to the video). In case I missed out on a video or show, feel free to comment on this hub and let me know so that I can add it to the list. The only thing I am not sure I will be able to add to this list are live performances, since there will be just too many of them.

The reason why I made this list was for new and old fans to be able to keep up with the content that the group releases. I know how hard it can be sometimes to find the videos and just keep up, so this is my attempt to make it easier. I will try to update this list as fast and as frequently as possible, and I believe there will be no problem with this, since I stan this group as well. Also, I will mark new additions to the list with NEW, so watch out for that. Please enjoy the content the group released for us and keep supporting Stray Kids

I am planning on making masterlists for other groups as well. When I make them, I will link them in this hub, so that you can find them easier.

Official Pages:

Official site: Stray Kids

Official Facebook Page: @JYPEStrayKids

Official Instagram: @realstraykids

Official Twitter: @Stray_Kids

Official YouTube: Stray Kids | JYP Entertainment | 3RACHA

Official V Live: Stray Kids


Stray Kids (스트레이 키즈) is a South Korean boy group under JYP Entertainment formed on a survival show titled 'Stray Kids'. The group has nine members forming the rap line: Bang Chan, Seo Chang-bin and Han (Han Ji-sung); the vocal line: Kim Woo-jin, Kim Seung-min and I.N (Yang Jeong-in), the maknae; and the dance line: Lee Know (Lee Min-ho), Hwang Hyun-jin and Lee Felix. The leader of the whole group is Chan, who picked the members for the group himself. As well as being a part of Stray Kids, the rap line is a part of a 3-member rap group called 3RACHA under the pseudonyms CB97, J.One and SPEARB. They are most known for their song 'Runner's High'. So far, 3RACHA has released three Mixtapes.

After the debut of the group was announced, Stray Kids released a pre-debut album 'Mixtape' consisting of seven songs they made during and for the survival show. What is interesting is that the members participated in composing and writing the lyrics for the songs.

Their debut was on 25th March 2018 with the song 'District 9' from the album 'I am NOT' and debut showcase 'UNVEIL'.

Music Videos:

Pre-Debut 'Mixtape':

Preview of the 'Mixtape' songs: Apple and iTunes

'Hellevator' Teaser: YouTube | V Live
'Hellevator' MV: YouTube | V Live
'Hellevator' Performance Video: V Live

'Grrr Law of Total Madness' Teaser: YouTube | V Live
'Grrr Law of Total Madness' (Grrr 총량의 법칙) Performance Video: YouTube | V Live

'Young Wings' Teaser: YouTube | V Live
'Young Wings' (어린 날개) Performance Video: YouTube | V Live

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Debut 'I am NOT':

'I am NOT' Trailer: YouTube | V Live
'District 9' Teaser 1: YouTube | V Live
'District 9' Teaser 2: YouTube | V Live
'District 9' MV: YouTube | V Live
'Grow Up' MV: YouTube | V Live
'Mirror' MV Teaser: YouTube | V Live
'Mirror' Performance Video: YouTube | V Live
'Rock' Street version Video: YouTube | V Live

'District 9' Music Video

Important Notice!

What you won't be able to find in this list are live performances and fan cams.

Credits for the videos as well as the subs go to their rightful owners. Please don't re-upload their content and always credit them because they are working very hard to provide the content to us. Follow and support them on their official sites and be careful when sharing content, so it doesn't get deleted.

Reality and Variety Shows:


Stray Kids survival show:

This survival show is the first thing I would recommend to the new fans to watch, since it shows how the group was formed and what hardships the members went through to get to their debut. It also shows us the process of how they made their pre-debut album Mixtape.

Episode 1 - Dailymotion (password: straykids) | Openload (© Team DSML)
Episode 2 - Dailymotion (password: straykids) | Openload (© Team DSML)
Episode 3 - Dailymotion (password: straykids) | Openload (© Team DSML)
Episode 4 - Dailymotion | Openload | GoogleDrive (© Team DSML)
Episode 5 - Dailymotion | Openload | GoogleDrive (© Team DSML)
Episode 6 - Dailymotion | Openload (© Team DSML)
Episode 7 - Dailymotion | Openload | GoogleDrive (© Team DSML)
Episode 8 - Dailymotion | Openload (© Team DSML)
Episode 9 - Dailymotion | Openload | GoogleDrive (© Team DSML)
Episode 10 - Dailymotion Part 1 | Part 2 | Openload (© Team DSML)

3RACHA 'Runner's High' Stage - V Live
Making of 'Hellevator' MV - V Live
'School Life' 3:3:3 Mission (Woojin focus) - V Live
'School Life' 3:3:3 Mission (Jisung focus) - V Live
'School Life' 3:3:3 Mission (Jeongin focus) - V Live
JYP vs YG Dance Battle Performance - V Live
'YAYAYA' Busking Mission Performance - V Live

Stray Cuts:

These videos show us behind the scenes of the Stray Kids survival show.

Episode 1 - V Live
Episode 2 - V Live
Episode 3 - V Live
Episode 4 - V Live
Episode 5 - V Live

Spot Kids:

Spot Kids is a compilation of short videos of Stray Kids members fooling around and having fun during practices, filmings and shootings. (Most of these titles were originally in Korean, so forgive me for any wrong translations)

I can not eat black beansㅠㅠ - V Live
Hyunjin who fell in love with the seniors★ - V Live
Seungmin vs Jeongin's close match! - V Live
Chan vs Felix' exciting bracelet showdown:O - V Live
Chan vs Seungmin's Wrestle Finals★ - V Live
Endless game of Changbin, Hyunjin, and Felix! - Twitter (no subs)
Stray Kids's jacket shooting scene! - Twitter (no subs)
When Chan comes so close - Twitter (no subs)
The love of the rubber duck and the love of Jeongin - Twitter (no subs)
Taekwondo black belt!! - Twitter (no subs)
In preparation for rehearsal - Twitter (no subs)
Hyunjin Lee's dryer attack - Twitter (no subs)
Minho and the mental capture of the intellect :O - Twitter (no subs)
Live broadcasting overspray - Twitter (no subs)
YAYAYA User's Manual - Twitter (no subs)
Hyunjin, who takes care of Seungmin:D - Twitter (no subs)

Stray Kids singing right out of the box, praise! - Twitter (no subs)
Hyeonjin Lee's GOT7 meeting with his senior - Twitter (no subs)
Stray Kids is taking pictures - Twitter (no subs)
Hyunjin's heart conveying with finger hearts - Twitter (no subs)
Seungmin and Jeongin capture the mover :P - Twitter (no subs)
Chan playing with Changbin! - Twitter (no subs)
Perfect Percent Crystal, Hyunjin - Twitter (no subs)
Chan explains that the keyboard is playing cool - Twitter (no subs)
It was a decent brother - Twitter (no subs)
Stray Kids carefully prepared exercise! - Twitter (no subs)
One day teacher Hyunjin's dance classroom! - Twitter (no subs)
Stray Kids' "Hellevator" (daily life ver.) - Twitter (no subs)
Felix really likes the rice cake - Twitter (no subs)
Woojin's beauty - Twitter (no subs)
What if "Hellevator" and Beagle Me meet?! - Twitter (no subs)
"LIKEY" dance time :O - Twitter (no subs)
"I Wait" Dance Dance :P - Twitter (no subs)
Hyunjin, Jeongin's Psycho-Moment - Twitter (no subs)
Chan, Woojin, Jeongin friendship (best!) - Twitter (no subs)
He was playing basketball at that time:D - Twitter (no subs)

It's a ladybug - Twitter (no subs)
If you practice too, you will double your score! - Twitter (no subs)
Stray Kids relax in front of the stage!! - Twitter (no subs)
Hyunjin's goodness 'Hellevator' stage explodes! - Twitter (no subs)
Chan's charismatic 'Hellevator' stage! - Twitter (no subs)
Behind the scenes - Twitter (no subs)
Spraying Felix - Twitter (no subs)

Subbed videos

For a list of subbed versions of some of the Spot Kids videos visit Team DSML's blog. The list is still incomplete, but it's still in process of working, so it might take some time for all of the videos to be subbed.

Spot Kids BLACK:

This compilation, just like Spot Kids, shows the members fooling around during shooting and filming, but revolves especially around the activities and preparation for the release of their Mixtape.

Jacket Behind #1 - V Live | YouTube (no subs)
Jacket Behind #2 - V Live | YouTube (no subs)
Stray Kids in the Emergency scene! - V Live | YouTube (no subs)
Stray Kids' Gift Exchange! - YouTube (no subs)
Stray Kids overcoming the cold! - YouTube (no subs)
Be careful Stray Kids going down the ladder★ - YouTube (no subs)
A surprise visit to Chang Bin's graduation ceremony! (1/2) - YouTube (no subs)
A surprise visit to Chang Bin's graduation ceremony! (2/2) - YouTube (no subs)

Happiness Train:

Happiness Train is a special show on which Stray Kids talked about the release of their Mixtape among other things.

Stray Kids​ X Happiness Train - V Live

The 9th:

The 9th is a reality show about Stray Kids moving into their new dorm after their debut was decided and having fun while going out.

The 9th Teaser - V Live | YouTube (no subs)
Episode 1 - V Live | YouTube (no subs)
Episode 2 - V Live | YouTube (no subs)
Episode 3 - V Live | YouTube (no subs)
Episode 4 - V Live | YouTube (no subs)


'Grrr Law of Total Madness' Relay Dance - YouTube
'YAYAYA' Fan Featuring Guide Video - V Live | YouTube
3RACHA 'Runner's High' - YouTube
Grrr Law of Total Madness' Fan Featuring Guide Video - YouTube | V Live
'Young Wings' Fan Featuring Guide Video - YouTube | V Live
'School Life' Fan Featuring Guide Video - YouTube | V Live
Stray Kids M Countdown Backstage - Openload (© StrayKSubs) | Dailymotion (© Team DSML)
Stray Kids X Jambangee Making Film - YouTube

Debut 'I am NOT':

Stray Kids 'I am NOT' Trailer & MV Behind Video - V Live

Debut Showcase 'Unveil':

Highlights from their debut showcase: 'Hellevator' and 'District 9'.

Showcase 'Unveil' Highlights - V Live


This is a reality show about the production process of their debut album 'I am NOT'.

Episode 1 - V Live
Episode 2 - V Live


New behind the scenes filmed by Stray Kids for their debut showcase 'Unveil'.

SK-Talker Teaser - V Live | YouTube (no sub)
Episode 1 - V Live
Episode 2 - V Live
Episode 3 - V Live
Episode 4 - V Live
Episode 5 - V Live
Episode 6 - V Live
Episode 7 - V Live

Stray Kids UNVEIL:

Real moments during Stray Kids' debut showcase Stray Kids UNVEIL.

Episode 1 - V Live Ch+ (not available until you buy the package)

Spot Kids Season 2:

The continuation of the Spot Kids short videos.

I.N in the waiting room - Twitter
Stray Kids' mischievous moment - Twitter (no sub)
Moment just before the debut - Twitter (no sub) | YouTube (©Team DSML)
Beginner driver Binnie's bumper car - Twitter (no sub) | YouTube (©Team DSML)
Stray Kids struggle to forget the cold - Twitter (no sub)
Stray Kids members cute school bus moment - Twitter (no sub)
Stray Kids members' ball time - Twitter (no sub)
Lee Know time - Twitter (no sub)
More fun than watching a beautiful evening glow - Twitter (no sub)
Seungmin VS I.N - Twitter (no sub)
I.N confused with camera - Twitter (no sub)
The pursuit of herbivores to make strawberries! - Twitter (no sub)
Members' basketball skills Peek! - Twitter
The preferred dance line is bonus - Twitter
SK-Talker! Not the Spot Kids - Twitter (no sub)

Spot Kids BLACK Season 2:

Continuation of the Spot Kids: BLACK videos.

Waiting time for Stray Kids - YouTube (no sub)
Stray Kids members' self-expression - YouTube (no sub)
A wild wild Stray Kids appeared - YouTube (no sub)
Stray Kids Survival Zero Games - YouTube (no sub)
Hyunjin's surprise birthday party scene - YouTube (no sub)
Confused Scissors Bar - YouTube (no sub)
Amused with pajamas - YouTube (no sub)
Hyunjin's home shopping time - YouTube (no sub)
Cute Moment (feat. Lee Know) - YouTube (no sub)
Stray Kids' LieV Behind - YouTube (no sub)

After School Club:

A show for idols' interaction with international fans.

After School Club Ep. 310 - YouTube
After the Show - YouTube
After School Club Ep. 318 - YouTube
After the Show - YouTube
ASC Special Behind Clip Twirly Twirl - Naver
ASC Special Behind Clip Lee Know's Dancing Gene - Naver

KCON 2018 Japan:

Stray Kids struggling to prepare food among other videos related to the upcoming KCon.

Star Countdown D-10 'K-Food' - YouTube | Facebook (©Team DSML)
Face Time - Twitter
Stray Kids with 2PM Wooyoung - GoogleDrive (©Team DSML)

Twitter Q&A:

Twitter Q&A with Stray Kids.

Twitter Blue Room Q&A - Periscope (no sub) | Link (©Team DSML) *follow the link to the video
Twitter Blue Room Q&A Extra - Twitter (no sub)
Twitter Live Q&A - Periscope (no sub) | Link (©Team DSML)

Stray Kids X LieV:

Stray Kids' live with the concept of a pajama party and sleepover.

Stray Kids X LieV - V Live

Prevention Live:

Stray Kids help prevent students from being tardy and late to school.

Tardiness Prevention Live! Stray kids - V Live

Music Shows:

Interviews and Behind scenes from music shows.

Music Bank 'District 9' Interview - Facebook (©Team DSML)
MCountdown 'District 9' Interview - Facebook (©Team DSML)
Show Champion Behind: Selfies - Dailymotion (no sub) | Facebook (©Team DSML)
MCountdown MC Seungmin - YouTube (no sub)
Simply K-Pop Preview with Stray Kids - YouTube
MCountdown Japan Weekly Q&A - Facebook (©Team DSML)
MCountdown Interview Japan - Facebook (©Team DSML)
Show Champion Behind: Speak with your body - GoogleDrive (©Team DSML)
Show Champion Behind: Self Awards - GoogleDrive (©Team DSML)


'District 9' Relay Dance - YouTube
Pops in Seoul - YouTube
10JAM Radio Interview - YouTube (©CB97liner)
Dingo Interview with I.N and Hyunjin - YouTube (no sub) | Dailymotion (©Team DSML)
KBS World Radio Star Interview - YouTube (no sub) | GoogleDrive (©Team DSML)
'Mirror' Relay Dance - YouTube
Dingo Stray Kids in 10 sec - YouTube
New Life For Children Lucky Bag 2 - GoogleDrive (©Team DSML)
KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH3 Idol Master - YouTube
Stray Kids 'I am NOT' Interview - GoogleDrive (©Team DSML)

V Lives:

(Most of these titles were originally in Korean, so forgive me for any wrong translations)

Pre-debut and 'Mixtape':

Stray Kids Please create your own greeting slogan! - V Live
Stray Kids' party! - V Live
Stray Kids First V LIVE! Exercise your body! - V Live
The second V LIVE ♡ - V Live
The third V LIVE ♥ - V Live
Stray Kids Complete V LIVE ♥ - V Live
<Mixtape> Release D-1 - V Live
Vocal line surprise V LIVE ♡ - V Live
Dance line dance time ♡ - V Live
There's a bunch of salt - V Live
3RACHA's Durabara - V Live
What are we doing? - V Live
I thought it was over, Jing ~? - V Live
Activity kids finished - V Live

Debut with 'I am NOT':

I missed you ♥ - V Live
Hyunjin's birthday - V Live
Stray Kids Debut D-1 - V Live
Stray Kids' debuted 9 - V Live
I'm with the Fan Feature Guide - V Live
The first week of SKI finished - V Live
I'm back again - V Live
Woojin's birthday - V Live
Stray hyungs - V Live
Stray Kids packing - V Live
Going Going SKZ - V Live
Stray Kids play hide and seek - V Live
Stray Cooks - V Live
Sleepiness V live Zzz - V Live
Springtime outing - V Live
SK-Talk Time - V Live
Mirror Fan Featuring - V Live
I'll have ice cream with SKZ 9 - V Live Part 1 | Part 2
Uniforms are here - V Live
It's over - V Live
SKI-ing - V Live
Seoul, Busan - V Live
A very small story of SKZ - V Live
Long time no see - V Live
Long time no see 9 - V Live
I came to watch movies 9 - V Live
Dance Vocal Racha - V Live

Dance Practice Videos:

'Hellevator' Dance Practice - V Live
'Grrr Law of Total Madness' Dance Practice - V Live | YouTube
'District 9' Dance Practice - V Live | YouTube
'Mirror' Dance Practice (Random Speed Ver.) - V Live | YouTube
'Mirror' Dance Practice (Part Switch Ver.) - V Live | YouTube

'Hellevator' MV

© 2018 Fact Fact no Mi

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