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Review of the Album "Destiny" by Finnish Power Metal Band Stratovarius

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Stratovarius is famous also for having Jens Johansson playing the keyboards

Stratovarius is a power metal band from Finland that is really awesome! They have the guitar playing talent of Timo Tolkki on the album "Destiny" which is the album that we will be reviewing. Destiny was released in 1998 but even today in 2021, it is an excellent power metal album for fans to listen to. Some of you may be turned off by the accent of vocalist Timo Kotipelto. Playing on this album is Jens Johansson. Heavy metal fans will remember Jens from the 1980’s when he played keyboards for Swedish guitarist Yngwie J. Malmsteen. Playing bass guitar on this album is Jari Kainulainen and playing the drums is Jorg Michael. I have the Japanese version of this album. it has the song called Cold Winter Nights which is from the album called Intermission.

Track listing for the album Destiny

  1. Destiny
  2. S.O.S.
  3. No Turning Back
  4. 4,000 Rainy Nights
  5. Rebel
  6. Years Go By
  7. Playing With Fire
  8. Venus in the Morning
  9. Anthem of the World
  10. Cold Winter Nights

The song Destiny (important message in the song)

Destiny, S.O.S., and No Turning Back are all songs that address living life to the fullest, remembering our destiny and setting great goals

"Destiny" is a song that is trying to convey the message that although we control our lives we cannot forget about what our destiny is. There is life and there is death but in between that, we have a mission or a purpose in this life that we must serve to our best capacity. We must remember to live with faith and never lose hope. Stratovarius has songs with inspiring messages and Destiny is one of these songs. The next song called "S.O.S." is on a similar theme. There are so many days left in our lives on earth that if we waste them, they will be gone and the beauty of life will be gone. If there is one message that listeners can be inspired by, it is that life is precious and we must live it fully. "No Turning Back" is a fast power metal song that is about the fact that you have to be the architect of your own life. There is no turning back once you are convinced that certain choices need to be made.

The Song "Years Go By"

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Analysis of the Songs 4,000 Rainy Nights and Years Go By

"4,000 Rainy Nights" is about someone that feels pain in his heart because of the anguish he feels. He wishes that he could go back to the times in which he felt much better. He is separated from the one he loves so dearly. She gives him hope when things are dark and bleak. He is waiting for the rain to fall as if the rain is the thing that will liberate him. "Years Go By" is a ballad and it is the best song in the album. This writer was thinking about the song while in bed. One of the main messages of the song is that if we just open up our minds and look out into the stars or the vast universe, the answer that we seek is there for us to find. Don’t let years go by before you find out that you wasted your life. Timo’s singing is the most powerful in this song that I have heard. A writer such as myself knows that he has to write to express himself to the world because he has that innate talent and gift.

"Venus in the Morning"

The album is a great power metal release that has the ballad Venus in the Morning

"Venus in the Morning" is about someone that wakes up very early in the morning looking into the stars that are shining. He is alone just like the one he loves and he wants to heal her pain. Sometimes we miss someone so much that it hurts from the inside. We must learn to live for today. That does not mean that we must not make plans. I made plans to write this article which you are reading now. But at the same time, Stratovarius is a band that is creative enough to deserve coverage. "Anthem of the World" is a nine minute plus song that tries to convey the message that we must let go of hate and forgive others. That is one of the most difficult things to do if we have been hurt badly. The song also encourages wisdom, strength, courage and peace. Overall, Destiny is a solid power metal release and I can find little that is wrong with it.

The song called Cold Winter Nights

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