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Strange Sexual Preferences of Gundam Villains

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Firstly, everything you will read here is just the author’s opinion. Nevertheless, dirty minds come into play whenever the Gundam world presents their villains. To begin with, a lot of anime characters seem to display certain forms of weirdness. A friend joke that being weirdos are what separates anime from western cartoons, and the Gundam universe is no exemption. Well, most of our heroes seem normal, but there are some that defies convention. Just watch Gundam G and you will see what I mean. The Wing characters are also a bunch of oddballs, and later series will challenge gender identities.

Then, there is the sexual preferences of the villains.

To the sharp eyes of the observers, and meme generators, Gundam villains have unique kinks. And at some point, they are creepy. Not all of them display the disturbing sexual behaviors that will catch the attentions of investigators and police forces, though their preferences differ. Though a lot of fans agreed that there are Gundam villains that love younger partners.

We are not sure what’s with the strange sexual preferences, and there are other ways to express evil. And it’s not exactly a claim to fame either. And upon a closer check, they are unintentionally funny. Or maybe, their desire to dominate left them with strange fetishes.

Char the Pedo?

Nothing malicious here.

Nothing malicious here.

The original Gundam anime, and the series that followed never shied away from violence. It’s a real robot series, hence the brutality is close to reality. But that never explained why we get innuendos in random episodes. A friend suggested that the bizarre death of Paptimus Scirocco had double meanings. It was just a running gag among the circle of friends, that an effeminate guy like Paptimus getting penetrated by an elongated object, courtesy of the girlish Kamille triggered our dirty minds. If that’s the case, just look how Char preferred his women.

Aside from being a talented pilot, and his rivalry with Amuro, Char is also known for dating younger girls. But young is an understatement. Char’s girlfriends are underage! It all started with Lalah Sune. Though said to be 17, there are rumors that she was 14 when the 20 something Char dated her. And the tragic death of his girlfriend may have affected Char’s future relationships, as he kept chasing younger girls. After Lalah, Haman Karn was next, and she was 13 when they first met. And during Char’s Counterattack, Quess Pariya was his romantic interest.

Char being an open pedo is just a hilarious fan joke, though we still can’t explain why the makers kept giving him younger girls. And by the way, did I mentioned that Haman Karn seems to have a pet crush on Judau? A guy who was younger than him. Looks like hanging out with Char has ill effects.

Boys, Take Cover

You know what is happening here.

You know what is happening here.

And now that Judau is mentioned, younger boys weren’t safe either in the Gundam world. On the bright side, hotter older women will be the ones turning them into men. An older Haman Karn chasing Judau was just a start. Judau once felt a dark malevolent energy coming from her, but that doesn’t stop Haman from expressing her attraction to the younger pilot. If that’s the case, she just inherited Char’s romantic interests.

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Years later, and fans will get the last major series in the U.C era. Victory Gundam was notorious in many ways. After all, an angry and depressed Tomino was the one who made it. And it seems that the oddities and the brutalities in the show were the epitome of angst. He basically channeled his rage into the series. The sad and violent deaths were just the start. But there were unintentionally funny moments like the bikini girls' assault, and Uso being brutalized.

Some fans claimed that they almost saw child rape in the show. Uso was in the bath when a Gundam villain entered. She was the fully naked Lupe Cineau. She meant to torture the hapless boy, but it ended up in a wrestling match with the naked and busty woman plunging the screaming boy in the bubbling bath water. In the end, she was groped by the struggling boy before escaping.

It was meant to be torture, but some fans suspected that Lupe had a thing for younger boys. And it was also implied that the blond Katejina had the same attraction.

Other Anomalies

The face that will haunt your dreams.

The face that will haunt your dreams.

And of course, the deeper we get the creepier it appears. Ginneas Sahalinn was the villain of the Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. He presented himself as a noble warrior, though in reality, he was a ruthless and manipulative person. He was also capable of atrocities.

And incest...

Fans implied that he had incestuous tendencies towards his sister, Aina, and we are thankful that he got killed in the end. The world would eventually move on from the U.C. era, but not before witnessing the rape of Uso (as described above).

90s and Beyond

It's a trap, again!

It's a trap, again!

Thankfully, the 90s Gundam series seem to abandon the strange sexual deviancies of their villains, though that doesn’t stop the dirty minded fans from making jokes. In Gundam G, the nude Rain Mikamura was happily displayed by Ulube, and my friend can’t stop grinning. Fans are also questioning if Guin Lineford of Turn A Gundam was really a goofball, or there are other motives on why he wanted to see Loran in dress. But then, he was an open homosexual according to Gundam official information, but to make a guy wear dress just because you like it is nothing short of creepy

And suddenly, it’s 2003, and here comes the SEED. A highly sexualized series in the Gundam universe. To be fair, it wasn’t the villains who were displaying aggressive drives here. It was our hero. Remember that brief bedroom scene involving Flay and Kira. It was SEED’s problem in a nutshell. Critics complained that the series focused too much on inappropriate scenes, drama and gore that the traditional mecha elements were ignored. And bear in mind that Kira and Flay was under 20 years of age when they played with fire! But at least the villains were more decent. The Char clone here, Rau Le Creuset seems to be too busy being evil to be a sexual deviant. But it was the gore that made up for the lack of creepy antagonists. The manner of deaths here, especially the female deaths reflect the kinks of the developers. Why would they give Natarle prolonged death scene?

And then, here comes Gundam 00.

The Creepy Innovades

WTF are you doing!

WTF are you doing!

Gundam 00 featured a lot of Bishounens, and Bishounens that looks like Bishojo. Yes, I’m looking at you Tieria. Well, Tieria’s kind was meant to be prettier than average human, too pretty in fact that fans suspected that there is something going on when no one is looking. And the suspicions were further aroused by Tieria crossdressing, and Ribbons hanging out with Alejandro Corner. Alejandro called Ribbons his little angel, though the relationship was more on greed and power rather than attraction. He hoped that he could access VEDA through Ribbons, and this led to his downfall in the end with him being used by Ribbons. Innovades are genderless after all, so relationships were not worth the sweat. And when the special edition of Gundam 00 came out, a scene involving Ribbons and Alejandro hugging destroyed the notion of Innovade celibacy.

It means they are doing it!

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