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Stop Criticising Movie Tastes (A Personal Tale)

Film Fanatic with over 1’000 films watched (and always growing)


An Introduction

We live in a time of keyboard warriors,where ‘Likes‘ are the currency of worth and how many followers you have is king, and as a result we forget we are real people with real feelings.

It is becoming increasingly popular among movie fanatics to criticise others preferences in films and before anybody starts revving up the caps lock key ready to hurl ‘Snowflake’ or the like. I am not talking about embarking on an healthy debate as to why Fight Club is a far superior film to Barbie and the Nutcracker (or not as the case may be and nobody is suggesting Santa Clause 3 was snubbed for an Oscar.

I’m talking about hurling abuse at Joe Blogs because his favourite film is Thumbelina and his favourite Director is Micheal Bay.For all you know his favourite film is Thumbelina because it reminds him of sitting down on rainy days to watch it with his long passed mother and a scene from a Micheal Bay film could of been the only reason that day not to give up on life…and even if he just likes them so what?

Now I’m proud to say the film lovers community as a whole is very respectful and the vast majority can discuss the pros and cons of films,Directors,Cinematography like adults but I am talking to the handful of individuals who choose to poison the Well.

A Personal Story

Now I speak here from experience

I remember creating a poll approximately a year ago about the best films ever made and I had the ‘AUDACITY’ to put An Interview With A Vampire in that poll. OH THE HORROR!! Well one Particular ‘Gentleman’ took exception to this and proceeded to ask me if “I was serious?” And “was this poll created by a child?”. There was a few other choice words sent my way but are probably not appropriate for this article but if by some miraculous act of God said ‘Gentleman’ happens to stumble across this article, yes I was serious and the child part is open to debate.

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My point is as as an avid film lover my confidence was knocked big time.This was the first time I’d put myself out there in the film community and immediately felt like my voice didn’t matter.

Still a lover of films I continued to grow my knowledge of the film industry,expanded my repertoire and embarked on my ‘Road To 10’000 Films’ challenge through the Letterboxd app (Currently at 1’065,a long way to go but I’ll pat myself on the back lol) all behind the scenes. But still I felt like I wasn’t living up to my full potential, I told myself I have a voice and something to add to the movie commentary and I was going to shout it from the rooftops. So I wrote an article about revisiting one of my all time favourite movies This Is England (2006) on this very site, and then….Nothing…

I wrote several articles after that but they always remained unpublished and were ultimately deleted. Because somewhere in the back of my mind was those ‘Gentleman’s‘ words that my opinions didn’t matter and were wrong. But no more,I will continue from here on out to write articles and voice my opinions on the films that matter to me..poor you guys Right?

A Final Message

So if you identify as the ‘Gentleman’ (or Gentlewoman) in my story please next time you think of throwing verbal abuse at someone because they think the remake of CATS is a masterpiece,stop for a second and mull it over because even though some my tell you your words don’t affect them they probably do. Your opinions matter but so does everyone else’s.

And if you identify with my story,keep doing what your doing.Your voice matters and the world needs more people sticking up for Micheal Bay (poor sod). We need more diverse opinions on films because that’s what keeps the conversations going.If we all agreed what would be the point.

A.N - I was wrong Interview With A Vampire definitely did NOT belong in that poll…

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