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Step By Step- Where Are They Now?

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Step By Step ran for 7 seasons from 1991 to 1998. It was about a single father, Frank Lambert, who meets and quickly marries a single mother, Carol Foster. Frank and his 3 kids, J.T., Alicia (Al), and Brendan, have to move in with Carol and her 3 kids, Dana, Karen, and Mark. They have to learn to get along and try to be a family, when the kids clearly don't like each other at all.

The Dad and his 3 kids.

Frank and his kids J.T., Al, and Brendan

Frank and his kids J.T., Al, and Brendan

Patrick Duffy: Then and Now

Patrick Duffy: Then and Now


Patrick Duffy played single father of 3, Frank Lambert. He met and married Carol and moved in with her and her 3 children.

Duffy has been on many different tv shows, tv movies, and other movies. Some of the tv shows include Man from Atlantis, Dallas, and The Bold and the Beautiful. Some of the movies include Vamping, Strong Medicine, Children of the Bride, Texas, He's Such a Girl, and You Again.

The remake of his show, Dallas, ran for three seasons before getting cancelled.

Brandon Call: Then and Now

Brandon Call: Then and Now


Brandon Call played Frank's oldest son, J.T. He was kind of moronic.

Brandon had plenty of roles before Step by Step, but none after. Before the show he used his voice in the movie The Black Cauldron and he played in the movies Slickers, Jagged Edge, Warlock, Blind Fury, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, and For the Boys. He appeared in the shows Santa Barbara, St. Elsewhere, The Charmings, Baywatch, and Thunder in Paradise.

After leaving the set of Step By Step one day, Call got into an apparent traffic dispute and was shot 2 times, once in each arm. He wasn't seriously injured and made a full recovery. He finished the last season of the show, but hasn't acted since.

Christine Lakin: Then and Now

Christine Lakin: Then and Now


Christine Lakin played Frank's daughter, Al (Alicia). She was always the tomboy growing up and got along better with her brothers.

Christine has been one of the most successful since the show. She has appeared on one episode each of 7th Heaven, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Promised Land, Odd Man Out, Seven Days, Boston Public, Touched by an Angel, Rodney, Veronica Mars, One on One, CSI: Miami, The Loop, CSI, Bones, CSI: NY, NCIS, The League, Female Moments, Modern Family, The 5th Quarter, Station 19, and American Housewife. She's been seen in multiple episodes of the shows Opposite Sex, Sons & Daughters, Valentine, Rita Rocks, The Cleveland Show, Hellcats, Stevie TV, TripTank, Mr. Pickles, and Melissa & Joey.

She has recently been the voice of Joyce Kinney on Family Guy, as well as voiced one of the characters for The Walking Dead game. She also voiced several characters on the children's cartoon, Clarence. On top of all that, Lakin has also been in many movies, including Finding Kelly, Big Monster on Campus, Whatever It Takes, Buck Naked Arson, Going Down, Who's Your Daddy?, In Memory of My Father, The Cutting Edge:Going for the Gold, Georgia Rule, Dark Mirror, The Game Plan, The Hottie & the Nottie, Chronic Town, Patsy, Red Canyon, Race to Witch Mountain, Super Capers, Screwball:The Ted Whitfield Story, Life's a Beach, Valentine's Day, Elektra Luxx, Caught in the Crossfire, You Again, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, New Year's Eve, Jewtopia, Parental Guidance, The Frankenstein Theory, Small Town Santa, Helen Keller Vs. Nightwolves, Jimmy the Saint, and I Am That Man.

Lakin appeared in the Veronica Mars film, where she reprised her role, and starred alongside Jodie Sweetin and Beverly Mitchell in the show Hollywood Darlings on Pop.

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Josh Byrne: Then and Now

Josh Byrne: Then and Now


Josh Byrne played Frank's youngest son, Brendan.

Before the show Josh played on 3 episodes of Who's the Boss?, 3 episodes of The Family Man, and on the movie Mr. Saturday Night.

No one has seen or heard much from him since.

The Mom and her 3 kids.

Carol and her kids, Dana, Karen, and Mark

Carol and her kids, Dana, Karen, and Mark

Suzanne Somers: Then and Now

Suzanne Somers: Then and Now


Suzanne Somers played single mother of 3, Carol Foster, before she married Frank.

Suzanne is most well known for her role as Chrissy in Three's Company. She also had roles on the shows Starsky and Hutch and She's the Sheriff. She was in several movies and TV movies, including Ants, Happily Ever After, Zuma Beach, Yesterday's Hero, Nothing Personal, Totally Minnie, Rich Men,Single Women, Seduced by Evil, Devil's Food, Love-Struck, No Laughing Matter, Rusty:A Dog's Tale, and The Darklings. She was in several other movies when she first started but they were just small appearances that were uncredited.

She has also written several books and was a co-host on the show Candid Camera.

Staci Keanan: Then and Now

Staci Keanan: Then and Now


Staci Keanan played Carol's oldest daughter, Dana. She was a smart perfectionist.

Staci had recurring roles on 2 other tv shows, My Two Dads and Going Places. She has also been in a few movies, Lisa, Casey's Gift:For Love of a Child, Downhill Willie, Nowhere, Hidden Secrets, Sarah's Choice, Holyman Undercover, You Again, and Death and Cremation.

She made an appearance on Christine's Hollywood Darlings.

Angela Watson: Then and Now

Angela Watson: Then and Now


Angela Watson played Carol's other daughter, Karen. She was a high-maintenance wannabe model.

Angela played on a few episodes of the show Davis Rules and on the movie Final Approach.

Her parents stole the money she made on Step by Step and she had to take them to court to get it back. She then created the CAST foundation (Child Actors Supporting Themselves) which helps child actors and athletes with finances.

Christopher Castile: Then and Now

Christopher Castile: Then and Now


Christopher Castile played Carol's son, Mark. He was a bit of a geek.

Christopher was in the movies Hurricane Sam, Beethoven, and Beethoven's 2nd. He also played on a few episodes of Going Places and Empty Nests, and was the original voice of Eugene on Hey Arnold!.

Mr. Castille now teaches history at Downey High in California and is a professor of Political Science at Biola University.

Then Frank and Carol had a child together...

Emily Mae Young: Then and Now (most recent picture I could find; there aren't many.)

Emily Mae Young: Then and Now (most recent picture I could find; there aren't many.)


Emily Mae Young played Frank and Carol's daughter, Lilly.

Emily Mae Young was on 2 seasons of Step By Step. She was also in the movie Undercover Angel and on the tv movie Santa and Pete.

Most of you will remember her as the little girl from the Welch's juice commercials.

No one has really seen a whole lot of Emily Mae Young since 1999. As of 2020, she should be about 30 years old.

Sasha Mitchell: Then and Now

Sasha Mitchell: Then and Now

The Lambert's Cousin, Cody

Sasha Mitchell played Cody Lambert, the Lambert's goofy and kind of dumb cousin.

Mitchell appeared on the TV shows St. Elsewhere, Rags to Riches, Dallas, Love Boat:The Next Wave, JAG, NYPD Blue, and ER. He has also been on the movies Pleasures, Death Before Dishonor, Spike of Bensonhurst, Parent Trap:Hawaiian Honeymoon, Kickboxer 2:The Road Back, Kickboxer 3: The Art of War, Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor, Class of 1999 II: The Substitute, This is How the World Ends, Luck of the Draw, Gangland, The Failures, Dickie Roberts:Former Child Star, Slammed, Cyborg Nemesis, Abelar: Tales of an Ancient Empire, I Love You Both, Smoke Filled Lungs, Assassin X, and Drunk Parents.

He has several other projects reportedly in the works.

Jason Marsden: Then and Now

Jason Marsden: Then and Now

J.T.'s best friend and Dana's future boyfriend, Rich

Jason Marsden played J.T.'s best friend and later Dana's boyfriend, Rich Halke.

Jason has appeared on many many shows - some of which include Adventures of the Gummi Bears, The Munsters Today, Almost Home, Sonic the Hedgehog, Full House, Boy Meets World, The Puzzle Place, Extreme Ghostbusters, Jungle Cubs, The Weekenders, Static Shock, Justice League, W.I.T.C.H., Loonatics Unleashed, G.I. Joe: Renegades, The Fairly OddParents, and Transformers: Rescue Bots.

The list goes on and on though. He was also the voices of Kovu in The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride and Max Goof on A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie. You can check out the full list at He has 207 titles worth of shows, movies, video games, etc, credited to his name.

Bronson Pinchot: Then and Now

Bronson Pinchot: Then and Now

Carol's business partner, Jean-Luc

Bronson Pinchot played Carol's french business partner, Jean-Luc.

Bronson has been on many movies including Risky Business, Beverly Hills Cop, The Flamingo Kid, Second Sight, Blame it on the Bellboy, True Romance, It's My Party, Courage Under Fire, The First Wives Club, Slappy and the Stinkers, Out of the Cold, Second Best, Diamond Zero, The Wager, Mr. Art Critic, From a Place of Darkness, The Tale of Despereaux, Hooking Up, Good Clean Fun, You and I, and Virgin Alexander. He also had recurring roles on several shows, some of them including Sara, Perfect Strangers, and Meego.


Stephen Boyd on August 08, 2020:

I miss watching this show and all the shows of T.G.I.F.! I had a cousin that passed away on Christmas Day and her married name was Angela Watson!!

aquinby on July 08, 2013:

Wow, haven't heard about most of these people in forever!

Kacey Leigh on September 22, 2012:

I love this show and wish they would have all season on DVD. I remember watching it after school everyday!

someone on September 08, 2012:

I know where christopher castile is!!! He is working in Downey High School as a history teacher. Here in downey california. I know cuz im in his class. He told us about himself and told us the story of his childhood including his acting career. He said he stopped acting because he didn't like it. He said it took up much of his time.(for those wondering)

Alecia Murphy from Wilmington, North Carolina on September 01, 2012:

This wasn't my favorite show growing up- I just watched it mainly because of TGIF. But as with all 90s sitcoms it does hold a lot of memories for me. I'm somewhat surprised all of the kids didn't go into acting but it makes since. And Angela Watson's story is a cautionary tale for the downfalls of show business. Interesting hub, thanks for bringing back so many memories :)!

Melanie Chisnall from Cape Town, South Africa on August 11, 2012:

This brings back so many memories and was probably my favourite show when growing up. Thanks for sharing this! :)

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