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Squid Game Sweeping the World

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Squid game sweeping the world

From secondhand products to candy to hacking. The squid game fever that has been invading the world for weeks has arrived in China.

The ban on Netflix did not prevent the South Korean series from becoming very popular, thanks to illegal streaming sites.

The 9-episode Squid Game series depicts hundreds of characters participating in a children's game competition that wins 45.6 billion won ($38.5 million) while all the losers are killed.

The 9-episode Squid Game series depicts hundreds of characters participating in a children's game competition that wins 45.6 billion won ($38.5 million) while all the losers are killed.

Residents of China are unable to watch “Netflix” due to its ban from the authorities.
But even if America's giant platform were available in the country, the Squid Game would undoubtedly have difficulty escaping the scissors of Chinese censorship because of extreme violence.

For a few weeks, the "squid game" has been igniting discussions on social networks, especially among Chinese youth who are fond of modern technologies, to the point where it is impossible to work online.

In Shanghai, people flock to photos in front of a new store that sells crispy dalguna cakes, made famous by the squid game, taking a central position in a challenge to participants.

The series' protagonists reveal that the most terrifying game in the series is "Glass Bridge", which involves players jumping alternately on a glass bridge that is split into two slits, one of reinforced glass capable of weighing an adult and the other of plain glass.

Although the actors played this game from a bridge only one meter high, this did not prevent them from getting terrified.
Korean actress Huyeon Jung, who played Kang Sae Byok, described the bridge game as a horror, and was endorsed by series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk as the most dangerous and scary game of filming.
Hyuk said that a height of 1.5 meters might make you frightened, and that the glass the actors jumped on made them nervous.

6 hidden messages reveal the end of the series

The contestants' bedroom

They are among the most visible signs in the "squid game", revealing the course of events before they occur, and revealing each game in order through graffiti.

Death of the main characters

One of the main characters, Sang Woo, is warned to die; just as Woo killed himself at the end of the contest, he was about to do the same in the second episode before being called back into the game.

Saibok is slaughtered before the final game, in the same way she tries to slaughter her deceived partner, and Jang Deok-soo dies after falling into Glass Bridge, the way he escaped from his chasers in Episode 2.

The old man

It is considered one of the series' biggest surprises, as no one predicted that the old man and number one player in the game, "Oh Il Nam," was behind all the deadly games, but when focused, there are many clues to that twisted, shocking ending.

The gameplay

As clear evidence that "Oh Il Nam" was behind the games, this was demonstrated by his bizarre knowledge of each game and his love for it as he had chosen them all, so he had a brilliant strategy for winning each game despite being sometimes on the weaker team, and the riots that took himself away from it and even appealed to his followers behind the cameras to stop the game.

The reason for entering the game

The series featured a dramatic story that revealed the motive for borrowing money and accumulating debts, and thus getting back in the game, except for the old man, who was suffering from a brain tumor without mention of any need for money to pay medical bills.

Contestants' file When police officer Jun Ho found the players' files, we noticed that the file started with player 2, even though there was no player 1 file, and since it was the originator of the player's file.

Realistic "squid game" challenges, similar to the famous Netflix series, were held in Abu Dhabi, without the deadly penalties in the Korean fantasy drama.

The Korean Cultural Center in the Emirati capital organized the first event of this style, Tuesday, with the participation of 30 people, but the event attracted more than 700 requests, according to the center.

The event saw 4 challenges presented in the series, including the "Green and Red Light" games, the "Dalgona Challenge", the "Glass Balls Challenge" and the "Ddakji Game", which includes flip coloured paper as shown in the series.

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