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Spree (2020) Movie Review

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Social Media is a Killer

Spree follows the psychotic mind of Kurt Kunle a rideshare driver as he tries to grow his social media following in anyway he can. In his mind, he has to do this by killing people for his live audience, but when this does not grow his audience he goes to more drastic measures. This horror-comedy is an enjoyable rollercoaster throughout.

The inspiration of Kurt Kunie comes from the uber serial killer and Mister Anime from YouTube who killed his family but before he did so posted to YouTube to an audience of people. The resemblance between him and Kurt is uncanny both having the same hairstyle and sense of style.

The performance from Joe Keery who plays Kurt Kunie drives this movie for me and shows how seasoned of an actor he is. If you know him from Stranger Things as Steve, he is drastically different than how he is in Spree.

The sick thing about the movie is how I can see this actually happening. People never think what they see on the screen is real so even with people dying in front of them they would choose to leave troll comments and donations, instead of taking it seriously. The comments in general were one of the more subtle funny parts of the movie and I had myself rewinding just to read them again on multiple occasions.

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I think how the movie tried to slip in political messages at points was a bit unneeded, like with Frederick being a republican stereotype and about gun control. I am glad this only happens slightly and does not take away from the movie overall.

When the movie showed both Jessie and Kurt, it was hard to focus on both at the same time which was annoying. I also think Jessie was an awful choice for a final girl as she is an obnoxious person in general. I think if there was a different final girl, this movie could have been a lot better.

With those points said I still would recommend watching this just to witness the shock factor alone and giving this movie more credit had some gore-filled kills.

Overall Score: 7.5 out of 10

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