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"Spencer" Movie Review

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Spencer was a beautiful, tragic tale that perfectly captured the hell that Diana's mind was enduring, the stress of her world weighing on her more and more. This was a film that guarantees speechlessness and a deep wishful desire to turn back time, reach in, and save her from her fate, from the pressure of royalty. What people think royalty is is blasted wide open, bravely revealing the ugliness underneath the power.

The film follows Diana over a 3-day period in which she spends the Christmas holiday with the entire royal family. The film focuses more on Diana's mental state and how royal expectations and Charles' infidelity were beginning to make her unravel.

If Kristen Stewart doesn't at least receive a nomination for Best Actress at the Oscars, that will be the snub of the century. Kristen was remarkable as Diana. She perfectly captured Diana's voice, posture, and mannerisms. Perfecting Diana's voice alone must have taken weeks, let alone getting everything else perfect.

Timothy Spall and Sean Harris were also both brilliant with their performances, both supportive of Diana in their own limited ways, trying to reach out in the only ways they knew they could.

Director Pablo Larrain has completely outdone himself. While Jackie focused on a grieving widow, Spencer focused on a damaged woman in mental turmoil. Completely different subjects and subject matter united by one brilliant mind.

Larrain's brilliant use of symbolism and metaphors is part of the reason this film was such a powerful triumph. I may write a separate article going into detail about that so that I can keep this review spoiler free. What I will say here is that there's more depth than you might realize going into it.

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The music was just another level of brilliance that brought heartbreak and power to the film. The music swelled as Diana's mind began to unravel. The louder and more intense the music became, the more the viewer felt what Diana must have felt.

In conclusion, this film is almost certainly going to be an Oscar contender in several categories. The acting, directing, cinematography, makeup, and costumes were all spot-on perfect and should be celebrated along with Diana's memory. I give the film a 4 out of 4.

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