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Spencer (2021) film review

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Definitely not blown away by this film. I think it’s because the script wonders around with a lot of metaphoric imagery. It also makes our main character just quite melodramatic at points in the beginning and the end. A good part of the film we’re given stuff that makes the audience understand why she wants to escape but not who she is.

There’s a saying “show don’t tell”. That usually works but you got to give or tell enough information for us to care really. We don’t know her, at least I had no idea what Diana was like at all. It seemed like you had to know her or have seen stuff about her before going in.

The middle part really does show us why we should care and why her reactions were justified. Because this is a Fable and didn’t actually happen, it kind of goes off the rails a little towards the ending. The narrative isn’t strict like a regular film and makes it a little confusing on when and how she does the thing she does. There’s a lot of dream like stuff that happens in this part and rest of the film but the ending is where it really just throws them at you. There’s part at the end where she does stuff, trying not to spoil, and I had no idea where the events correlated with each other. When or where the dreams were happening. Where did the dreams end and reality began. It was jumbled up and the bird shooting scene was just kind of funny. Felt a little tatrumish. The ending of the film just felt anticlimactic too and didn’t lead to much.

She really does a great job in the film, which isn’t shocking for me since she’s been great in her smaller movies she’s been in.

She really does a great job in the film, which isn’t shocking for me since she’s been great in her smaller movies she’s been in.

Overall, this is an okay film because of its frustrating narrative structure. Don’t mind a little Indie but not enough here for me to care a lot about our main character. Stewart does well except for a small head moments she does in the film that was irritating. Her performance isn’t as awe inspiring as I’ve heard people say, but damn good in parts of this film. Just wish the film was a little more structured. Not a straight forward biopic but better put together emotional showing of what made Diana, Diana. As it stands, it shows us a character who feels trapped in a cage and them trying to get out without telling us who she is and why she’s in the cage. Maybe I just needed more information going in which is something I don’t like doing. Doing homework before watching a film just shows what the film failed to do.


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