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Sour Patch Bounce Sets The Stage For Tony Sour’s


Fresh out of the box with and advance single from an upcoming unnamed album Canadian DJ Tony Sour amps it up with his Sour Patch Bounce. It’s a speaker splitting little ditty from a Vancouver musician that’s an impressive calling card. While in all honesty I can’t say I haven’t heard before a few of the samples that Sour sews together on his debut, but he does do it with a hot mess of swagger and style.

Mixing a mildly distorted bass line against synth pads and tweaked out patches the Pacific coast record producer manages to grab our attention from the opening measures of his track. To say the least, Tony marches to the beat of his own drum machine. Unlike most newcomers he’s not trying to sound like last week’s club hit and that’s refreshing in the world of turntable titans. N’est ce pas?


The Bounce is exactly what the word implies. Almost a hip-hop like texture to the rhythm that should insure it will cross market on the radio and with music consumers of eclectic tastes. The tempo is timed to guarantee that even the laziest table ‘tater gets up off their butts and gets down on the dance floor. The lyrics are goofy, but likeable, and the overall vibe is deep in the feel good pocket. Just the kind of tuneful tonic to pick you up after a hard day on the grind and to put that breath of fresh air in your slacking sails again.

Club kids and party people alike will want to share this joint with their significant others and social media friends. Hey, when you find something positive out there why not pass it around to your bros, hos and homies. It’s the right thing to do and you’ve got to do right by your peeps. A’ight? A’ight! #theBounce

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