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Sonic the Hedgehog 2

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The sequel to the 2020 video game adaptation is a bright and breezy affair that's largely innocuous and forgettable.

The movie continues the adventures of the lovable inter-dimensional hedgehog as he balances life as part of a human family and his fledgling dreams of being a real-life superhero. He's an immature teen who clearly needs time to grow, but the looming threat of an old foe and the appearance of a new inter-dimensional being force him into action.

The sequel doubles down on the Sonic-inspired action, delivering the high- tempo fantastical chaos fans expect. These energetic sequences are well crafted, but are frustratingly dulled by needless sub-plotting and generic exposition. Notably the film is more tonally balanced than the first, allowing the established players freedom to experiment and improvise. There are some genuine moments of good-natured humor, but the movie is inherently superfluous. It's lightweight cinematic fare that, while colourful, is neither engaging nor affecting.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is an affable and inoffensive sequel that holds few surprises and is unlikely to win many new converts. It succeeds only as a middling and moderately diverting piece of cinema.




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