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Songs of the Week That Have Tuesday in Them

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I'm continuing my hub series where I'm writing a hub each day about songs that use one of the days of the week in their title. This hub is on songs that have "Tuesday" in their titles The offerings here include a couple obscure songs from major artists. I'm only taking on five songs per hub so I might have missed yours. If I have, please let me know what your favorite "Tuesday song" is in the comments section.

If you would be so kind to vote in the poll as well... it would be much appreciated!

Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones


Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones

Album: Between the ButtonsArtist: The Rolling StonesComposer:Mick JaggerKeith RichardsRelease Date: January 13, 1967Highest Rating:

#1(US), #3(UK)

Although Mick Jagger was credited with co-writing "Ruby Tuesday" with Keith Richards the song was actually written by Richards who finished it up with Brian Jones, The song was released as a "double single", paired with the Stone's hit "Let's Spend the Night Together". It is one of the few songs that features the recorder as an instrument! The song has a gentle melody and a simple theme about a free spirited girl that Jagger calls "Ruby Tuesday" while also singing "Who could hang a name on you?" The national restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday, takes its name from the Stones' #1 hit.

Tuesday Afternoon - The Moody Blues


Tuesday Afternoon - The Moody Blues

Album: Days of Future PassedArtist: The Moody BluesComposer: Justin HaywardRelease Date: July 20, 1968Highest Rating:


"Tuesday Afternoon" was originally recorded for the "Days of Future Passed" album and ran 8 minutes and 23 seconds, it was later cut down to 2:16 and released a year later as a single.  The song was the second single from "Days of Future Passed", coming after the more commercially successful "Nights in White Satin".  Justin Hayward claims this song just came to him as he sat out in an English field in the afternoon, although apparently not a Tuesday afternoon.  The longer album cut of the song was a part of side two, labelled "The Afternoon" as the album took you from dawn to morning to lunch to afternoon to  evening and ending with night - taking the listener through a day.


Church on Tuesday - Stone Temple Pilots

Album: No. 4Artist: Church on TuesdayComposer: Scott WeilandRobert DeLeoRelease Date: October 26,1999Highest Rating:


Not a hit song from the Stone Temple Pilots 4th album, the No. 4 name has a double meaning as it also refers to a refined pure version of heroin. The album went Platinum despite the difficulties in promoting it due to the fact that lead singer, Scott Weiland, spent September 1999 to September 2000 serving his one year jail sentence for heroine possession. Weiland has claimed to be free of heroin addiction as of 2002 although he suffered from a DUI arrest and domestic violence issues which hurt his career. After a breakup in 2003, Weiland sang for the group Velvet Revolver as well as doing some solo work but STP reformed in 2008 and is still performing today. My favorite song by far on that album is Sour Girl but since this is a "Tuesday" hub I've had to settle with their lesser known song "Church on Tuesday".

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Tuesday Heartbreak - Stevie Wonder

Album:Talking BookArtist: Stevie WonderComposer: Stevie WonderRelease Date: October 28, 1972Highest Rating:


"Tuesday Heartbreak" appears on Stevie Wonder's fifteenth album called "Talking Book", released after Wonders tour with The Rolling Stones. In "Tuesday Heartbreak", David Sanborn is featured on alto saxophone. The album is said to be his departure from a strictly motown sound and reaches out with his signature 70's funk sound which is characterized by his amazing keyboard and synthesizer work. The album "Talking Book" featured Wonder's major hits "You Are The Sunshine of My Life" and "Superstition". The album gave Wonder the pure artistic freedom he wanted while keeping the record producers happy (as well as wealthy) with his commercial appeal.


Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning - Cowboy Junkies

Album: The Caution HorsesArtist: Cowboy JunkiesComposer: Michael TimminsRelease Date: February, 1990Highest Rating:

#11(US), #5(Canada Adult Contemporary)

The third album by the Canadian band Cowboy Junkies, "The Caution Horses" was labelled a major departure from their more successful second album, "The Trinity Session".  The knock was the Cowboy Junkies had sacrificed their distinctive sounds for a more commercial offering.  Whether true or not, "The Caution Horses" brought the Cowboy Junkies more airplay and was more of a commercial success than their first two albums.  The band formed in 1986 and still plays today.  They offer a unique blend of blues, country rock, alternative and folk.  The members consist of siblings Margo, Michael and Peter Timmins and fourth member Alan Anton.  They also wrote a nice little song with "Tuesday" in the title!

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RecordSteve on April 17, 2018:

Tuesday's Dead - Cat Stevens

J Beadle (author) from Wisconsin on October 22, 2013:

Hmmmmm... You and George should write a new set of hubs to catch the ones I missed!

Steve Brown on October 22, 2013:

Tuesday's Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd is a better song than any of there.

J Beadle (author) from Wisconsin on March 22, 2013:

I'll definitely give it a listen... Thanks for the comments on my songs of the week hubs, George.

George Greene Jr. from California PA on March 22, 2013:

I read your Saturday list first and you said it was the toughest! I am sure with the exception of Monday , Tuesday ,Wednesday and Thursday must have been a headache! I know what its loke to create these song lists as I have to do one every week for my radio show on the college I am at . if you want to listen its commercial free college radio so I am not promoting anything for profit.

Winsome from Southern California by way of Texas on August 18, 2010:

Just had to tune in to "Tuesday" since two of my favorite songs are about Tuesday. I struggled between the first two but just had to go for Moody Blues. I prefer the upbeat of the Stones but "Tuesday Afternoon" is such a masterpiece. Brilliant idea John about the "day" songs. I can hear the rumble of the creative John Beadle roll reverberating all the way to California. Rock on! =:)

J Beadle (author) from Wisconsin on August 17, 2010:

@Rob - Agreed. Sort of an unfair poll with two major songs "Ruby Tuesday" and "Tuesday Afternoon" being so much more famous than the other three.

Rob from Oviedo, FL on August 17, 2010:

Ruby Tuesday is a great song.

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