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Ten Favorite Songs About Home

A Good Home is Like a Lighthouse

A Good Home is Like a Lighthouse

The 10 Best Songs About Home

  • Take Me Home Country Road-- John Denver
  • Homeward Bound-- Simon and Garfunkel
  • Home-- Three Days Grace
  • Home-- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
  • Home-- Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert
  • Home-- Zero 7
  • Home-- Sheryl Crow
  • This is Home-- Switchfoot
  • Hey, It's Good to Be Back Home Again-- John Denver
  • Home Where I Belong-- BJ Thomas

Heading Home


Almost Heaven...

Take Me Home Country Roads

That place where we know we belong. It's the place we long to be when we've been "someplace else" too long. We can picture the hillsides and landscapes. We can hear the streams and the storms. We know the turns and the bends in the roads. We know the paths so well, we could make our way to anyplace or home from anyplace, all in our minds. We could be riding a bus, plane or boat to unfamiliar or less than welcoming places or circumstances; or we could be laying on a hotel bed looking at the ceiling, dreaming about being in that place we know so well. We know home better when we're away; and we don't always appreciate it enough when we're there.


Homeward Bound

This is the place we cannot be. It's the place in our past we cannot return to. We recognize our loss in leaving, but we can't go back. The life we've chosen as an escape from the mundane and parental has become our captor. We are in a "pretend" cell of our own creation; and home has become only a string of fond memories of simple and quiet times with people whose love we didn't cherish enough. This home is a dream that will never come true, because our captivity will always be our choice. Today we dream, but tonight we'll play the game again. We may dream of heading homeward, but this "pretend life" has us in bondage.

This is not a home...

This House is Not a Home

The home described here is not the "House" we're in, and we have a choice to make. This is the realization we come to when our plan for life shows us just how bad we are at planning. This is why some people to "play the game and pretend". This is the point where we make a choice. We take the road home, or we 'sing our song again".

"This house is not a home..." It's nearly a cliche`. But it is also the most important life event for every human. When we know what home is... when we know that what we have is not home... well, at that point we have choices.

Wherever I have you...

"Home"... is wherever there is you...

This home is where we aren't alone. This is where someone else is with us. It isn't just a house... not by any means. It isn't even a place with a name. It can be anywhere. It's wherever our love is. Oh, it can be a cell if what we love is fruitless and meaningless. But it isn't a place. It's where our love lies for someone or something, other than ourselves. Could be good for us...and could be bad.

Where is your love. Who or what have you given your love to? Where your love is, there is your home. You will find one where you find the other. Again, could be good... could be bad.

I Want to Go Home

Let me go "Home"

This is the romantic place called home. This is where we run when we don't feel loved anymore. This home is where wounds are treated, and where wrongs are righted for us. This home is in someone else's eyes, hands and lips. This is where words only sound truthful when written, and "spoil the mood" when spoken. This is where we last touched the most precious thing to us on the planet.

For this home, there is no substitute. There is no comparison. This is the gift of love that was placed in someone's hands to be given only to one other person. This is the bond, that when broken makes "home" a four-letter word.

Take Me Home

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Won't you take me home?

This home is anyplace where a person can be alone. Alone is what we call "home" when interaction is more than we can handle. This home is what we are calling to in desperation when we have reached break-point. It's meaning is nearly irrelevant. We just know that there is someplace else that we should be at the very moment when we can't take anymore.

It isn't necessarily an affectionate home. This is simply the baseline. A non-chaotic harbor. We might stumble into it ourselves, or someone else may carry us there. However we get there, we do not pass "Go" and we do not collect $200. We might even go to jail on the way, but this home is "the last resort".

Home... It's tearing us apart...

Home as we know know it...

This is the home that we came from and that lives with us always. Through time we've changed changed so much that we don't belong there any longer. Maybe we just feel like we don't belong there anymore. Whatever the case, home becomes alien, and everything that was once important to us becomes expendable.

Home reflects the hearts of those within it; and when a heart is drawn away from home, life changes for everyone involved.

This is where I belong

This is home, and I can't go back...

This is the home that we find after a life-changing event. This is where we were clearly meant to be. This can be in the middle of the world we've lived in all our lives, or in a place we've been dreading to see for years. Something has changed in our lives enough to shift our view of it completely; and it has become obvious that we belong there.

This home overflows with acceptance and fulfilment. We are accepted there because we've accepted. We are fulfilled because we ourselves fill a void there. This is the home we've dreamt of, and we might find it without even leaving the house.

Hey, it's good

It's good to be back home...

Home at it's best. This is the kind of home that we may or may not haven grown up in. It really doesn't matter. It's what we want to feel when we walk through the door. It's the welcome we want to be given after a day of work on the assembly line, at the office or on the road. It's the home we work for, and the love that fills it. This is the "Hallmark Home".

But let's not mistake it for fantasy. This home is very real. It lives in the heart, and through commitment to family we spread it before them every day like a holiday feast.


Home where I belong

This is the home where we all came from. This is the place where our very souls were conceived, and this is where we'll be welcomed back to after our last breath. This is what we wish for our loved ones when they pass, and this is what fills the hole within us when we feel an emptiness.

This home is an eternal one. It won't be shaken down by an earthquake, or blown away by a storm. It won't be voted down by legislators or removed to make room for a freeway. This is the home of our creator, and it's the best place for us.

Our changing View of Home

No matter how we view it, how far we are from it, or how often we see it, home is a very real place to all of us. After considering these ten views, please take a few minutes to list and rank your own. You may not see these songs the same way I do, and you may have a song list that describes home better.

What is home like for you?


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