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Songs From Season 1 of Nbc's "Life"

Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews

Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews

"Life" starring Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi, was an underappreciated detective drama that ran on NBC from 2007 to 2009. It had a perfect mix of humour, character development, great acting, Zen-related musings about life, engaging drama, realistic weekly crime cases, and of course, great music.

The show introduced audiences to a number of little known or underappreciated artists including Eastern Conference Champions, The Frames, Gram Rabbit, Cat Power, Caution Cat, Benjamin Diamond, Shannon Penn, Will Derryberry, Shivaree, Flight Crash Companion, Jim Noir and Hayden.

Many of the songs that were used in the original airing of the show do not appear in the DVDs, online streams or international iterations due to licensing issues. The songs that were not used in the original airing are noted as "NBC Rewind" below.

Also, check out my other pages (on the right) which include a summary of the show and a list of memorable zen-related quotes, and a list of the top 10 songs from Season 2.

Season 1

Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi in "Pilot: Merit Badge"

Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi in "Pilot: Merit Badge"

Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot: Merit Badge

  • Single Sedative by Eastern Conference Champions (Charlie tries not to get attached to his new car; he then pulls over Jennifer's new husband)
  • NBC Rewind: Last Hero by Negative
  • Jique by Brazilian Girls (Charlie running upstairs to meditate with a beautiful woman)
  • Dream Awake by The Frames (Charlie adds to his conspiracy wall)

End Credits Theme by Jon Erhlich & Jason Derlatka

Season 1 Episode 2 Tear Asunder

  • John 2:14 by Shivaree (Charlie tries to arrest the groom by the pool) NBC Rewind: Down Again (aka "Down Once More") by Velure
  • Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd (Ted sings while on the phone)
  • Black Honey (Who Made Who remix) by Mainline (Dani in a bar)
  • Little Miss Saturday Night by The Old Nationals (Charlie and Bobby Stark's wife talk at the barbecue)
  • Hunted By A Freak Mogwai (Charlie adds to his conspiracy wall; at the firing range)

Season 1 Episode 3 Let Her Go

  • Mr. Fate by Benjamin Diamond (Charlie talks to Carl Ames)
  • NBC Rewind: Dogs by Denny Earnest
  • Here We Kum by Molotov (Charlie & Dani at the car shop; SWAT raid)
  • NBC Rewind: No Nadie by Abaco Music Library
  • Polaris by Bostich (Charlie driving and seeing a coyote in the middle of the road)

Season 1 Episode 4 What They Saw

  • Bloody Bunnies (Superficiality) by Gram Rabbit (Crime scene, beginning of episode; Charlie searches for clues)
  • NBC Rewind: Goin' All Night by 5 Alarm Music
  • Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime by Beck (Charlie adds to his conspiracy wall; last song of the episode)
  • NBC Rewind: Seven by Will Derryberry

Season 1 Episode 5 The Fallen Woman

  • Face The Day by Ren Stewart (Charlie and Dani at Roman's club)
  • Land Of Jail by Gram Rabbit (Charlie & Dani find and arrest Roman)
  • NBC Rewind: It Is Only Love That Lets You Down by Gene Love Jezebel
  • Are You The Messenger by The Source (Charlie and Dani at a tattoo parlour)
  • Haiku Ten by Sigmatropic (Featuring Cat Power) (Charlie, Dani and SWAT search the dog cages for Roman's victim)
  • NBC Rewind: Waterfall by Nectar Music Group
  • In The Sun by Donna De Lory (Last song of the episode)
  • NBC Rewind: Tell Me by Shannon Penn

Season 1 Episode 6 Powerless

  • Buena by Morphine (Officer down training exercise)
  • NBC Rewind: Denial by Rod Oliver
  • Going, Going, Gone by Stars (Featuring Emily Haines) (Dani listens to 911 calls)
  • NBC Rewind: Vivid And Blue (aka "Clear And Sad") by Velure
  • Get Lucky by New Young Pony Club (Charlie and Dani arrest Rick)
  • NBC Rewind: Time To Move On by Athena Marie
  • Go by Sparklehorse (Featuring The Flaming Lips) (Charlie helps Dani as she stumbles out of her home)
  • NBC Rewind: Get Out Of The Sticks by Caution Cat
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Season 1 Episode 7 A Civil War

  • Daft Punk Is Playing At My House by LCD Soundsystem (Charlie and Dani at the convenience store)
  • NBC Rewind: CIA (aka "FBI Warning") by Punsapaya
  • Sweet Hour of Prayer sung by Christina Hendricks (Originally by William Walford) (Olivia sings for Ted; criminals dump a body from their car)
  • Ay Dey by Haale (Daria playing Prince of Persia)
  • NBC Rewind: Kele Lao by Hooshere
  • Trans Fatty Acid (Kruder & Dorfmeister remix) by Lamb (Charlie gets an IT assistant to look into the spreadsheets again; Charlie and Dani go to the Farmer house)
  • NBC Rewind: Sarah by Ketamine Suns
  • Pictures of Matchstick Men by Camper Van Beethoven (Olivia & Ted wake up; end of episode)
  • NBC Rewind: Who Are You? by Caution Cat
Damian Lewis and Adam Arkin in "Farthingale"

Damian Lewis and Adam Arkin in "Farthingale"

Season 1 Episode 8 Farthingale

  • One by Aimee Mann (Charlie and Dani arrive at Farthingale's house)
  • NBC Rewind: Arrogance by Beth Thornley
  • The Puzzle by Ketamine Suns (Funerals for Carl Ames and Farthingale)
  • NBC Rewind: Isn't It Scary by Caution Cat

(Other sources say that All I Need by Radiohead was playing in the final scene of episode 8 although this is unconfirmed)

Season 1 Episode 9 Serious Control Issues

  • This Voiceless Cry by Harri Lake (Dead guitar player)
  • NBC Rewind: Silent Anymore by Lisa Witty
  • Broken Boy Soldier by The Raconteurs (The police find Ray)
  • NBC Rewind: Some Days by Drug Opera
  • Ooh Child (Alternate Version) by Beth Orton (End of episode)
  • NBC Rewind: All Better Now by McKinley

Season 1 Episode 10 Dig A Hole

  • Ride by Liz Phair (Charlie and Dani find a body)
  • NBC Rewind: Gut Girl/What Glows by Gush
  • Ooh La La by Goldfrapp (Forensic investigation)
  • NBC Rewind: Perfect Disaster by Caution Cat
  • Fleur de Saison by Emilie Simon (Ryan & Sean's party)
  • 2Night by Marco Cimino (Ryan & Sean's party) (Unconfirmed song)
  • Hello Hello I'm Back Again by Shivaree (Charlie and Dani chat with Constance)
  • NBC Rewind: Never Giving Up On You by Shannon Penn
  • Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones (Elevator kiss; Charlie looks at Jack Reese's file)
  • NBC Rewind: Closer To The Edge by Del Bombers

Season 1 Episode 11 Fill It Up

  • El Rodeo by Kyuss (Charlie visits Pelican Bay Prison)
  • NBC Rewind: Alarm and Trip by Alan Reid
  • Ahead of Time by Teddybears (Featuring Daddy Boastin') (Charlie and Dani are called to a domestic disturbance)
  • NBC Rewind: When You're Lost In Someone Else by The Beauty Above
  • Shoot Out The Lights by X (Charlie goes to Kyle Hollis' house) NBC Rewind: Killer In Me by D'amato
  • Sorry by Gram Rabbit (Charlie exchanges his car for a new one)
  • Who By Fire by Leonard Cohen (Charlie interrogates Hollis; snake hunt)
  • NBC Rewind: Betrayal by Rod Oliver
  • Down Boy by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Charlie shoots the fake cops after the car crash)
  • NBC Rewind: Bury This Winter by Gush
  • Finally by The Frames (Charlie arrests Hollis; finds the Hollis house empty)
  • NBC Rewind: Her Strangest Memories by Flight Crash Companion
The stars of "Life", Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi

The stars of "Life", Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi



Missy Smith from Florida on August 11, 2015:

Thanks charliecrews38. I will look those suggestions up. Also, thank you for the compliment on Dark Vs. Light, and maybe one day I will find my humor side in my poetry. I write from whatever comes to me and from my emotions, so they tend to stay on the darkside. :)

charliecrews38 (author) from Melbourne, Australia on August 11, 2015:

Hi Missy, thanks for your kind words, I'm always looking for new music to listen to and television shows and movies are a great source of indie music, i like the two Lynyrd Skynyrd songs that I've heard, free bird which I heard on television and sweet home alabama from forrest gump of course, i didn't know they were from florida, i've always hoped that Lynyrd Skynyrd was a person's name, if you haven't already heard it I would recommend the song in the sun, originally by joseph arthur whose songs have appeared in shows like scrubs, house, true blood and the o.c., also if I'm not mistaken Mogwai is a post-rock band from Glasgow, Scotland

I think your poem about dark vs light was well written but a little too dark, any chance of a lighthearted, humorous poem :), i also like your article about the beginnings of pokemon all of which I had never heard of, thanks for visiting and following me

oh and I would also recommend the tv show life, the main character/actor is just a joy and he has a great outlook on life

Missy Smith from Florida on August 10, 2015:

Hello, charliecrews38. I have to say, I really, really, loved your article here. I love music, so this was very interesting to me. Because, like you, I like to get out of mainstream and listen to bands that you may not hear unless you catch them on a television show or something like that.

When I listen to Itunes radio, I listen to the singer/songwriter station the most, and I love it.

I didn't recognize any of these singers but maybe two. I know, of course, Lynyrd Skynyrd; they actually come from right here where I'm at in Jacksonville, Florida. Although, I think they claim they're from Alabama. Nope, they are all buried here as well.

I didn't know the Mogwai song you posted here, but I have caught a few of hers on YouTube I believe. :)

My confession is; I don't watch this show, so my purpose in visiting this hub was purely for the music.

This is a very impressive put together hub. It is very easy to read, with lots of information. I loved it!! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for following me! :)

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