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10 Songs From God's Pov

I've been a huge fan of Christian music ever since I started listening to it when I was 9 so I will share some of my favorites with you.

There are quite a few songs that I've heard that shares how God feels about us. I believe that God inspired these Christian artists to write these songs to give us hope when there feels like there is none.

Song List:

1. You're Not Alone-Meredith Andrews

2. More-Matthew West

3. By Your Side-Tenth Avenue North

4. Never Gone-Colton Dixon

5. Whispers in the Dark-Skillet

6. My Dear-Matty Mullins

7. Drops in the Ocean-Hawk Nelson

8. After The World-Disciple

9. Right Beside You-Building 429

10. Never Let You Go-Manafest

He will never leave us

He will never leave us

1.You're Not Alone-Meredith Andrews

Only the chorus is in God's Point of View but it is such a good song that I had to include it. Meredith Andrews says that she believes that God sent this song to her when she was going through a tough time. It is a constant reminder that he will never leave us or forsake us.

2.More-Matthew West

Written as a "love" song from God to the humans he created, it was named Radio & Records Best Contemporary Christian Song of 2003. Another very interesting fact that I just learned about this song was astronaut Rex J. Walheim requested this to be played at the Day 5 wake-up call aboard NASA's last Space Shuttle flight in 2011.

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3. By Your Side-Tenth Avenue North

This song is a reminder from God that he is the only thing we need and he will never leave us. It was also given the Dove Award for Song of the Year in 2010.

4.Never Gone-Colton Dixon

Only part of this song is from God's perspective but I'll still include it. Colton Dixon says that this song summed up his time on American Idol. There were times when he felt like he was so alone and he asked God if he was still there. He heard God answer that he was never gone.

5.Whispers in the Dark-Skillet

My favorite song by one of my favorite bands. Radio & Records magazine named this the most-played Christian rock song in 2008. It's from God reminding his creation that even when it looks like you are alone, He's always there.

6.My Dear-Matty Mullins

This is a very emotional song for me. I've played this song so many times when I felt alone. Matty Mullins says this song is about God wanting us to trust him and form a relationship with him.

7.Drops in the Ocean-Hawk Nelson

The frontman for Hawk Nelson, John Steingard says that this song is written for people of this generation. He wants to remind us that God's grace extends to everyone, no matter what they have done. There isn't a checklist that we need to follow, he saves us no matter what we do.

8.After the World-Disciple

A song that reminds people that God has always loved us and will always love us even after we are long dead.

9.Right Beside You-Building 429

God's simple message to us that he will always be right beside us, no matter how tough things get.

10.Never Let You Go-Manafest

Another song that reminds that God is always there for us and we should never give up hope, no matter how hard things get

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