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Songs With “Hook” in Title, a Tribute to Mac Davis


The Late Mac Davis Reeled In the Most Popular "Hook" Song Ever, Earning a Texas Street In His Name


Known for both his acting as well as his musical success, Mac Davis passed away Tuesday at the age of 78. His face became familiar after his starring roles in films such as North Dallas Forty and Cheaper To Keep Her, which also led to his hosting his own TV show.

His career in music is probably best exemplified by numerous songs, some made popular by other artists like Elvis Presley and Nancy Sinatra. The most enduring of Davis's covered compositions are “Memories”, “ A Little Less Conversation” and “I Believe In Music”, the last of which was a hit for Helen Reddy, who sadly passed away just hours after Davis.

As for his own success as a singer, Davis is clearly associated with his number one hit “Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me.” The drug metaphor in its title made an unlikely chart topper in 1972, but it has since enabled other “Hook” songs to enter the pop culture.

Here are ten of the best-known tunes with some form of “Hook” in their titles.

1.Hook in Mouth by Megadeath

“A cockroach in the concrete” is the unpleasant image opening this track from So Far, So Good . . . So What?, one of the few album titles with an ellipse.

2. Hook by Blues Traveler

On this single from the Four record, the noun refers to a musical hook.

3. You Got Your Hooks In Me by the O' Jays

Along with “back Stabbers” and “Love Train” this catchy tune is one of the most well-known in the R&B group's discography.

4.Hooks In You by Iron Maiden

Guitarist Adam Smith left the band before No Prayer For the Dying, which spawned this single back in 1990.

5. Hooked on You by Bread

Other than the title track and the Griffin-Gates collaboration “Change of Heart,” this love ballad is the best cut on Lost Without Your Love.

6. Off the Hook by the Rolling Stones

A phrase that once referred to telephones, what with the current obsession with cells, now would be lost on nearly every milinnial.

7. Hook or the Worm by Hunter Root

Sixties psychedelia, folk-rock, and prog-country are all apt descriptions of this current artist, usually just defines as alternative.

8. By Hook or by Crook by Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks

This idiosyncratic artist, who passed in 2016, is one of the few performers to collaborate with both Elvis Presley and Elvis Costello.

9. Hook of Love by Steve Knightley

Sharing not a beer but rather a musical partnership with one, he and Phil Beer made up the duo Show of Hands.

10. Captain Hook by John Cale

The legendary artist performed this tune live for the Sabotage album, released nearly a decade after he left the Velvet Underground.