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64 Songs About Dirt, Dust, and Mud

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Celebrate dirt, dust, and mud with a songlist of pop, rock, and country songs. Whether you're driving on roads, kicking up dust, or enjoying muddy tires and boots, sometimes the fun in life can be found in getting dirty.

Celebrate dirt, dust, and mud with a songlist of pop, rock, and country songs. Whether you're driving on roads, kicking up dust, or enjoying muddy tires and boots, sometimes the fun in life can be found in getting dirty.

Grime Time

Some people don't mind a hard day's work involving dirt and grime. They eagerly work their hands in the soil, getting it under their fingernails and allowing the dust to mix with the sweat on their brow and body. They don't think twice about going four-wheeling in the mud with friends for relaxation. After all, it all washes off, right? Other folks, however, quickly reach for soap and a towel because . . . well, eww.

Regardless of how much you tolerate getting dirty, dirt is a more comprehensive part of your life than you probably imagine. Soil is significant for plant growth, from crops to trees. It supports entire ecosystems. We also use it for building and construction, from producing glass to gypsum, clay bricks, concrete, cement, and other fabrication materials.1

Additionally, for thousands of years, we have made clay pottery using dirt. Since the ages of the ancient Romans and Greeks, people have bathed in mud (or simply applied mud masks) to draw out the toxins from their bodies. Moreover, clay soils appear in cosmetic foundations and blushes.

Other consumer products that contain dirt components include fertilizers, toothpaste, and sunscreens. Finally, many important antidepressant, antibiotic, antiparasitic, and antifungal medicines have been derived from bacteria and fungi that naturally colonize the soil. Our lives are intricately connected to the dirt.

Celebrate how beneficial the soil is with a playlist of pop, rock, and country songs. We have a long list to start you off!

1. "Buy Dirt" by Jordan Davis (Featuring Luke Bryan)

A young man receives some candid advice from his 79-year-old grandfather in this endearing 2021 ditty that hit the top of the country chart and crossed over to the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. The old guy's sage guidance for being happy in life is to

  • "buy dirt"
  • find the love of your life, and
  • start a family.

He also recommends doing something you enjoy for work and saying your prayers because life goes by before you know it.

2. "Mud on the Tires" by Brad Paisley

The proud new Chevy truck owner in this 2003 country song wants to take his new wheels for a test drive. He's aching to get some mud on the tires and break it in. The young man knows just the right spot down by the lake where the dirt road runs out. That's where he and his girlfriend can throw a blanket down, build a campfire, and enjoy the moonlight. Then, with a little luck, they might even get stuck.

3. "Dirt Roads Scholar" by Dean Brody

This catchy 2009 tune is a country boy's answer to any city slicker's college degree and pedigrees. The narrator and his buddy are on Spring Break when they happen upon some sorority girls who inquire what school the guys are from.

The narrator astutely replies:

I'm from the dirt road poison ivy league of campfires, guitars, and river swings
Got the good life down, and if you hang around we can get a little dust on that collar
'Cause I'm a genuine, certified dirt road scholar.

4. "Dirt on My Boots" by Jon Pardi

If you're like the farmer in this 2016 country song, then you wear the same footwear for field work as you do for dancing uptown. The song's narrator has been on his tractor all day in the sun, but he's looking forward to getting cleaned up and spinning his honey all over the dance floor. Tonight they will dance the dust and dirt right off of his boots. Yee-haw!

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5. "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen

"Biting the dust" is a phrase that means collapsing face down in the dirt, either dead or in utter defeat, as in an old American western film.

This 1980 disco and rock song made Queen a global sensation. The band's biggest hit, "Another One Bites the Dust" references a mobster-style shootout in the city. The gun battle claims a number of victims but leaves the narrator standing on his own two feet, even as bullets precariously rip and ricochet around him.

The song has been recommended by the American Heart Association for training medical students how to perform CPR because the tune has a quick tempo of 112 bpm. The optimum number of compressions needed to jump start a heart in cardiac arrest is 100-110.

6. "The Dirt Road" by Sawyer Brown

While the fast lane can be full of adventure, life has a way of sneaking up on those who choose short cuts by opting for the easy path. The dirt road instead reflects simple values, gratitude, and oftentimes long hours working with your hands.

The guy in this 1992 country hit recalls how his father worked hard for his money and paid his dues over the years. Although the dirt road is not a painless path, putting in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay has taken the family where they needed to go.

7. "Dust on the Bottle" by David Lee Murphy

To please his girlfriend, the young fella in this 1994 country tune buys some aged moonshine from an old-time local. It's been down in the elderly man's cellar long enough to be covered in dust and cobwebs. He persuades the young man to ignore the grit and grime and concentrate more on the superb contents inside:

There might be a little dust on the bottle
But don't let it fool ya about what's inside
There might be a little dust on the bottle
It's one of those things that gets sweeter with time.

Many years later, the couple is still happily together. The husband retrieves the dusty bottle of moonshine saved from all those years ago and recalls the words of wisdom.

8. "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas

This 1977 rock ballad gets philosophical like few popular songs do. The narrator describes how fleeting life is and how our priorities and aspirations are utterly meaningless, regardless of what they are.

Dreams are futile, and nothing lasts forever in this vast world. Everything is transitory, here today and gone tomorrow. He's basically saying, "Dude, what's the point of anything? Nothing really matters."

9. "Dirt Road" by Kip Moore

Singer Kip Moore isn't asking for much in life—or the afterlife, for that matter. In this 2016 country ditty, he wants to make sure that heaven has a dirt road that leads to a fishing hole. There he is eager to kick back under the moonlight with his girlfriend and drink a few Bud Light beers.

But wait. I wonder if his girlfriend plans on spending eternity fishing and drinking beer in heaven?

10. "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" by AC/DC

It isn't physical dirt and grime that is the topic of this 1976 classic hard rock tune but rather moral dirt. A hitman offers to clean up any dirty interpersonal messes in your life by eliminating the source of your trouble. Call him to fix the troublemaker, including those who cause problems with infidelity, sexual harassment, and persistent nagging.

For a small fee, this handy criminal will clean up your messy problem person with the help of concrete shoes, cyanide, TNT, neckties, contracts, or high voltage. "Dirty deeds done and they're done dirt cheap." Some people really do love their work.

11. "Dirt" by Florida Georgia Line

You know you came from it
And some day you'll return to it.

Celebrating that humble substance known as dirt, this 2014 country crossover single describes red dust clay that fills the southern US. The narrator notes that it's something you grew up on (probably making mud pies, if you were like me).

They note the variety of applications for it, including that you can take a shovel to it, plant your roots in it, and on a hot day seek shade from a tree that grows in it. Moreover, you can plant a cornfield in it, build your house on it, or party with friends after the big game on it. One day we'll all become part of it.

12. "Muddy Water" by Trace Adkins

Sprinkle, pour or dunk? We're talking about approaches to baptism, and in this tune the broken man goes all in (the river, that is) when he commits himself to Christ.

After living a long time under the harmful and mischievous influence of the devil, the narrator in this 2008 country song returns to his hometown for redemption. He seeks forgiveness, so early one Sunday morning the narrator makes his way to the church at the end of a dirt road to be baptized. After walking out to the riverbank he is washed clean in the muddy waters through full-body immersion, committing himself to God.

13. "Dust" by Eli Young Band

Sometimes a girl's just had enough. When she's sick of her hometown where dreams are born to die, then that girl has to take herself to a different, more hopeful place. When she's had enough of her disappointing boyfriend and their stale relationship that's going nowhere, that girl knows in her bones that she has to surround herself with different people.

With a full tank of gas, she takes the keys to her hand-me-down Ford and leaves nothing but dust in her rearview mirror as she bolts out of town. This 2014 country tune speaks to the rebel in all of us and the need to grow.

14. "Devils and Dust" by Bruce Springsteen

In this harmonica-heavy rock ballad from 2005, Bruce Springsteen depicts a veteran of the Iraq War who struggles both spiritually and emotionally with his experiences on the dusty battlefield. In addition to taking incoming fire himself, the soldier watched a buddy die "in a field of blood and stone." The horror of war messed with his ability to trust, clarity of mission, and even his faith.

15. "That's Why I Love Dirt Roads" by Granger Smith

If you're young and have lived in the sticks, then you probably learned to drive on unpaved roads. You've gone parking with dates or drinking with friends on those same dirt roads. Perhaps you even lived on one.

In this country track from 2020, a man waxes sentimental about both the magic and the usefulness of dirt roads. He advocates that they are quiet, untamed places where one can talk to God as one wanders the winding curves and the beauty stirs one's soul. That's nothing any city dweller can get from a paved street of asphalt.

16. "Every Time You Throw Dirt on Her (You Lose a Little Ground)"

In this 1981 country song, the gentleman cowboy, George Strait, portrays a man who witnesses the poor way that a husband treats his wife in a bar. The husband publicly ridicules her, telling jokes at the lady's expense. Additionally, he rudely points out her mistakes. These days we'd recognize his behavior as emotionally abusive.s

As George looks on, he cautions the man that he is harming his wife, his marriage, and his own integrity:

A lady like that can come here and get
Somebody who knows what he's found
Every time you throw dirt on her
You lose a little ground.

17. "Dirty Laundry" by Don Henley

Before anyone ever heard of fake news we had dirty laundry. Secrets and lies of the rich and famous were often exposed in tabloids and on gossip news shows. What's more, every local news channel seemed to have a bobblehead anchor who jumped to conclusions without doing their homework. This 1982 rock song highlights the media's insatiable appetite for invading the privacy of celebrities and laying bare the salacious details of notable people's divorces, arrests, and grisly deaths without regard to the human consequences.

18. "Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)" by INXS

The one thing that unites us as humans is that we came from dirt and shall return there, according to this 1986 rock release. We are intricately connected to the earth. No matter how high we climb with our plans, goals, and accomplishments, eventually our fates all end the same.

19. "Dirty Diana" by Michael Jackson

Diana is a seasoned groupie in this 1987 rock song, a dirty, dangerous woman who has an affinity for the boys in the bands. She's attempting to use her body as a ticket to the coveted world of fame and fortune, however Michael Jackson won't be seduced this time.

Whereas Diana is a dirty girl fueled by untrue motives and tricks, the narrator has a tenderhearted significant other waiting for him at home. The singer thus desperately attempts to resists the groupie's aggressive come-ons.

"Dirty Diana" was a worldwide hit, topping the US Billboard Hot 100. It was a favorite song of Princess Diana, although not written about her.

20. "High Speed Dirt" by Megadeth

What a painful way to become one with the earth. Skydivers whose parachutes fail to open hit the dirt at a very fast rate of speed, often with fatal results. Skydivers call this tragic result "high speed dirt," and it's the topic of this 1992 Megadeth release.

If you've ever been skydiving like I have, then you know the natural thrill, the unforgettable exhilaration that comes from jumping out of a plane and plummeting through the air. There is the fervent hope that the parachute will open as planed but always the fear that it won't. The danger is definitely an excitement intensifier. .

The narrator in this song leaps from the plane and feels his adrenaline light up his body. However, he seems to have no plans for a parachute. Was his equipment failure intentional? He's high speed dirt alright.

"Life is hard. Then you die. Then they throw dirt in your face. Then the worms eat you. Be grateful it happens in that order." - David Gerrold, American screenwriter

"Life is hard. Then you die. Then they throw dirt in your face. Then the worms eat you. Be grateful it happens in that order." - David Gerrold, American screenwriter

Even More Songs About Dirt, Dust, and Mud

SongArtist(s)Year Released

21. Miles and Mud Tires

Granger Smith


22. Red Dirt Road

Brooks & Dunn


23. Dirt We Were Raised On

Jason Aldean


24. Dirt

Dean Brody


25. If Dirt Were Dollars

Don Henley


26. Dustbowl Children

Alison Krauss


27. Dirt Road Down

Travis Denning


28. Dirt Road Anthem

Jason Aldean


29.Must You Throw Dirt in My Face

Merle Haggard


30. Where Grass Won't Grow

George Jones


31. In Dust We Trust

The Chemical Brothers


32. Dirt Road in 'Em

Aaron Pritchett


33. Dust

Tim McGraw


34. Dirt in a Hole

Robert Plant


35. Mississippi Mud

Hank Williams III


36. Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands

Bill Andersong and David Allen Coe


37. Mud

Whiskey Myers


38. The Dirt Whispered

Rise Against


39. Piece of Dirt

They Might Be Giants


40. Mud Digger

Colt Ford


41. Digging in the Dirt

Peter Gabriel


42. Cities in Dust

Siouxie and the Banshees


43. Dirt Road Diary

Luke Bryan


44. Dust Bowl

Natalie Merchant


45. Dust

Fleetwood Mac


46. Kickin' Up Mud

The Lacs


47. Mud Lovin' Rednecks

The Lacs


49. Mud

Neal McCoy


50. Kick the Dust Up

Luke Bryan


51. Muddy Waters

Johnny Cash


52. Drinking Muddy Water

The Yardbirds


53. Dirt

Waylon Jennings


55. Dirty Fingernails

Modest Mouse


56. Muddy Mississippi

Reba McEntire


57. Dirty Water

Foo Fighters


58. I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water



59. Dirty

Tyler Farr


60. Muddy Water

Aretha Franklin


61. Dirty Dishes

Scotty Cleary


62. Dirt Road Prayer

Lauren Alaina


63. Dust N' Bones

Guns N' Roses


64. Ridin'

Chamillionaire (Featuring Krayzie Bone)



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