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Song Titles With "Third" for the New King Charles

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The Jim Backus Character Is The Most Famous Fictional III


He may not have the business acumen of one Third, nor was he blessed with the musical talent of another Third. Nevertheless, Charles III now has an honor bestowed on neither Thurston Howell III nor Loudon Wainwright III; he is the King of Great Britain.

Even the most devout fans of Gilligan's Island know very little of Thurston Howell the Second, having only limited references in that classic sitcom. Wainwright the Second, on the other hand, had been a well-respected writer long before his song recorded such hits like “Dead Skunk” and “The Swimming Song.”

As for the new king, much is known about the predecessors who shared his name. Charles I was beheaded, and Charles II was defeated by Oliver Cromwell. He was restored as king after having been exiled, and his highness sired twelve illegitimate children during his reign.

Hopefully, the tenure of Charles III will leave a better legacy than I or II, now that he has completed a 57-year run as Prince. Charles can now move on from any allusions to Purple Rain or “When Doves Cry” or “Little Red Corvette” or “Raspberry Beret,” although he may now get pelted with references to Elvis Presley the King.

Listening to “Hound Dog” or “Teddy Bear” does not really seem regal enough for someone of the stature of Charles III, so I suggest he stock his music library with songs about Thirds. Here is a list of ten tracks with “Third” in the title, none by Loudon Wainwright III or the rock band Third Eye Blind or the bluegrass group Third Time Out.

1. Third Time Lucky by Foghat

Mostly known for “Slow Ride,” this post-Savoy Brown quartet landed its only other Top twenty single with this hit from 1979's Boogie Motel.

2. The Third Hurrah by Jethro Tull

Ian Anderson uses the Warchild theme on this track, which has been virtually forgotten because of album mates “Bungle in the Jungle” and “Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day.”

3. Third Stone from the Sun by Jimi Hendrix

His guitar playing best described as out of this world, it is appropriate that Hendrix include this science fiction instrumental on the debut record Are You Experienced.

4. Third Rate Romance by the Amazing Rhythm Aces

Sammy Kershaw's cover version was a bigger hit, its sordid innuendos of cheap sex finding great appeal among classic country audiences.

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5. Third World Man by Steely Dan

Conspiracy theorists are now in vogue, but back on 1980's Gaucho when Donald Fagen and Walter Becker included paranoid Johnny such folks were considered mentally unbalanced.

6. Third Rock from the Sun by Joe Diffie

Extramarital affairs, car wrecks and dirty politicians make up this country classic, in which “All of the chaos makes perfect sense when you're spinning around.”

7. Third Eye by Tool

“I think drugs have done dome good things for us” is the opening line of the song, which predates the “Semi-Charmed Life” alt rock band by a few years.

8. Third Uncle by Bauhaus

Debates still arise as to the meaning of this cryptic Brian Eno song, aggressively adapted by the German rock ensemble.

9. Ghost Man on Third by Taking Back Sunday

“It's a shame I don't think they'll notice” sings Adam Lazzara, leaving it up to the listener to determine if an unnoticed runner that close to scoring is a good or bad thing.

10. Third of May by Fleet Foxes

Whatever the circumstances were, the character hiding under the stairs is rueful about an event that occurred three days into the fifth month.

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