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Song Titles Offering a Jury Verdict

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Jeff Beck Has Been Guilty of Bending Strings Behind a Wide Assortment of Artists


No middle ground exists, so it was either going to be an Alice Cooper song or one by a former Beatle. The jurors in the historic case against a police officer in Minnesota had to come to a unanimous decision, which ended up the same as the title of a song on the Alice Cooper Goes To Hell album.

Clear video and a parade of witnesses all offered evidence, after which the twelve members of the jury had to vote. So hopefully their verdict was not affected by that rock song, nor any others declaring a verdict.

The song titles that could have swayed, but hopefully did not sway, those twelve peers comprise the following list. Each one has either “Guilty” or “Innocent” in its title, and you can judge for yourself the best of the bunch.

1. Not Guilty by George Harrison

Ten years after his famous trip to India with his band mates, Harrison on this bluesy track from his self-titled album was citing words like “Sikh.”

2. Not So Innocent by Keith Emerson

The keyboardist of the famous trio made several solo discs, which resulted in a handful of singles like this one.

3. Innocent by Taylor Swift

Allegedly this single from Speak Now is directed toward Kanye West, who had interrupted her acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in 2009.

4. Sweet and Innocent by Donny Osmond

With his brothers he had scored smashes like “Down By the Lazy River” and “One Bad Apple,” but he topped the charts as a solo act here.

5. Innocence in Paradise by Squeeze

Perfect is this title for an album called The Knowledge, which is the British band's most recent.

6. Guilty Party by the National

This melancholy tune set the tone for Sleep Well Beast, so it made sense to release it as the first single.

7. Guilty as Charged by the Temptations

These R & B legends were admitting to no crime, just a serious case of love.

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8. Guilty As Sin by Lucy Kaplansky

Every Single Day from 2001 offered some of her excellent folk, and this track serves as solid evidence.

9. Innocent Man by Billy Joel

Christy Brinkley was supposedly the inspiration for this title track and the rest of the album, which presented a startling contrast to the rock format of Glass Houses from the previous year.

10. Innocence Maintained by Jewel

Spirit, the album home of this single, predated the pop songwriter's breakthrough “I Was Meant For You.”

11. Innocent Bystander by Dan Hicks

Folk-rock peer Rickie lee Jones helps out on this single, which has its actual title “Moody Richard.”

12. The Innocent Age by Dan Fogelberg

Edith Wharton wrote a similarly named novel, which shares a theme with this classic by the folk-rock friend of the Eagles.

13. Innocent Victim by Jeff Beck

Between stints with the Yardbirds and Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger and Diana Ross and Bon Jove and ZZ Top, the influential guitarist made some solo stuff like this one.

14. Guilty Partner by New Order

Technique came at the alt rock band's peak, giving fans this enduring tune along with its equally solid album mates.

15. Mr. Guilty by Loudon Wainwright

“You've been had, I'm a cad,” the folk singer sarcastically admits in this live track from the Unrequited album.

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