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Song Lyrics with Scripture References

Discovering Christian Music is never-ending. Just when I think I can't find a better song, there is one more!

Is Christian Music inspired by Scripture Verses?

Is Christian Music inspired by Scripture Verses?

My Introduction to Christian Music and Worship Leading

My tryst with Christian Music started just as I was about to finish schooling. I was attracted to it musically and lyrically. After a couple of decades, I now lead worship at church once in a while and am always looking at songs at a much deeper level. I choose songs that are musically singable. Each of the worship sessions I lead usually follows a theme with different songs fit in to meditate deeply on this theme.

The True Meaning of a Worship Song

Since I usually use a theme for the worship sessions, I have a good look at the lyrics of a song. As I spend time in prayer, the songs that fall in place are usually songs that have a lot of scripture references.

In this hub, I'm putting out 3 videos I created which have the lyrics of the songs with scripture references for each line. A song which can have Bible verses easily linked to its lyrics is something that draws my attention.

Stars - Skillet

Choosing a Skillet song for worship is not the easiest thing to do. But ever since I listened to this song, I was moved by the lyrics and also the fact that this was not a difficult song to sing. Musically, I love that it has an acoustic version with simple chord progressions.

Is it scriptural? The main chorus starts off with a reference to Psalm 147: 4 and also Psalm 8:3 which speaks of God creating and naming the stars while putting them in place. It then refers to Psalms 73 where words of comfort mention God holding you.The chorus also draws parallels to Jesus who had the power to calm tempestuous seas (Mark 4:35-41) and hence He has the power to calm the storms in us (Philippians 4: 6-7)

The two verses of the song also are quite Biblical. The first verse speaks of Gods creation and His power, while the second verse dwells on how God longs to love us and be close to us with nothing having the ability to separate us - all written in scriptures.

The bridge is simple and refers to Isaiah 41 and I John 4.

Overall, there are definitely scriptural inspirations in this song lyrics. The lead singer and songwriter John Cooper says this about the song:

John Cooper - on Stars

John Cooper - on Stars

Here is the lyrics video of the "Stars" by skillet with appropriate Bible references for the lyrics.

You can download the powerpoint and see the verses here.

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Our God - Chris Tomlin

This is an extremely popular song and it gets sung in Church quite often. The lyrics in the chorus are simple - almost like that of a Sunday School song. The Chorus is an obvious Biblical truth (Our God is greater, stronger, higher, healer, awesome in power), that there is no dearth of Bible verses from both the Old and New Testament that state this too. There's plenty of Psalm references here and other scriptures all the way to revelation which you can identify the chorus lyrics with.

The verse (sung twice) talk about a couple of miracles Jesus performed (turning water to wine and opening the eyes of the blind) and go on to speak of how there is none like Our God - something that is mentioned multiple times in the Old Testament.

The bridge about God being for us again has several scripture references - If our God is for us, then what can stand against us?

Overall, this is a typical Chris Tomlin song which is very rich and musically excellent. It has some great elements in it that make it a popular Praise and Worship song and the fact that there are several Scriptures that it refers to make it so meaningful.

You can see the full lyrics with Bible references along with the power-point here

No Longer Slaves - Bethel

This became my favorite song when I was going through some tough times and I sang it at worship in Church so many times that people would almost expect the song when I stepped up to lead worship! This was also the first song I tried scripture hunting for.

The chorus is just a single line and draws from multiple references as the concept of freedom from slavery and fear while being a child of God is addressed a lot in the New Testament. (Romans 6: 16, 17; Galatians 4:7; Romans 8:15, 16; John 1:12).

The two verses and bridge have entirely different Biblical truths woven into them. The first verse talks about the freedom through Christ, while the second verse expounds on our identity in Christ. The bridge is a finale to the song and uses the story of Moses splitting the Red Sea and proclaiming how Christ sets us free - so we are a Child of God!

The beauty of the song musically is in how it starts off gently and then builds up to the bridge and ends. The lyrics too keep pace with this and at the end I always feel refreshed and stress-free.

You can see the lyrics with Bible references and the power-point here

Foot Note

I haven't reproduced the lyrics here as it is likely to result in copyright issues and have hence described the lyrics. The youtube videos I have embedded are authorised and copyrights are as per the artists and record labels.

God Bless and do leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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