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Some Wrestlers Who Were Reprimanded for Deviating From The Script

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However, if any other member of the roster decided to go off-script in any capacity, then they will be punished or even perhaps fired but which wrestlers were they as Wrestlemania looks at Some WWE Wrestlers who are punished for going off-script.


One of the criticisms of modern WWE programming is that the product is far too scripted fans often complain that promos feel unnatural and they seem written by someone who doesn't even seem to know too much about wresting.

After almost the greatest promos and segments of all time have elements of unscripted material in them but now it's rare to see a WWE superstar go off-script.

It's a dangerous endeavor for them to make, as the implications could have a significant impact on their position on the card, or even result in their release. Now, there have been a few situations where a superstar has gone off script and the segment has improved as a result, but these occurrences are still rare, especially because the WWE prefers an overly scripted approach for all of their main shows. However, which were the best off-script moments? Continue reading as Wrestlemania examines WWE performers that deviated from the script.

Gail Kim Eliminated Herself


Gail Kim won the women's championship in a battle royal against six other challengers in her WWE debut bout. Unfortunately for the Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer, this is not the case. She has an infamous role in wrestling history over another battle royal, one in which she purposefully eliminated herself from a battle royal and, eventually, from the WWE.

Kim was working a battle royal to determine the number one contender for the Divas Championship when she eliminated herself in just under a minute sliding under the ropes and walking out. At the time she denied trying to get herself fired and stated. I wasn't being a mark for myself I was being a good employee when you are told to get out of the ring in less than a minute. I just did it the fastest way possible so really I saved some time!.

However, she would go on to Twitter and announce she had quit the WWE with fans later learning the WWE kept her at home until her contract ended her frustrations with the WWE were conveyed to former WWE writer Kevin eggs in a 2017 interview when she discussed how the women's wrestlers were told to refrain from showing up the male wrestlers.

It wasn't politically right to say out loud, and they wouldn't say it straight up, but they would tell us that Vince doesn't like it. I won't mention which agent said it, but they would say that Vince doesn't like it. I recall a particular match I had with Jillian Hall on 'Superstars.' We were given seven minutes, which was unusual at the time; we were normally given three minutes.

Now I heard WWE has announced a money-in-the-bank match for the girls. I honestly feel like Triple H has done so much for the girls because he started that whole thing in NXt with the Four Horsewomen. When I left WWE, he was one of the people who were so positive. He told me, you're talented, and don't let anyone else tell you any different. I was very flattered and glad that he respected women's wrestling.

Sting VS Jeff Hardy


Jeff Hardy's personal demons have been well documented and sadly they've also appeared in the ring on one occasion Hardy was working the main event match in TNA Wrestling when he showed up in no condition to perform that might be wrestling slang for high as a kite. He was scheduled to face sting at the 2011s victory rope pay-per-view in what should have been a dream match but instead, it turned into a nightmare Eric Bischoff who was working in TNA at that time recalled the incident in 2018.

WWE network's special on the Hardys. Hardy's music playing and there's still no Jeff. And at that point, I started getting a little bit concerned. And I remember looking over to my left and I saw people literally helping Jeff into the backstage area. Against my better judgment, I let Jeff walk by me and I watched him go to the ring and I knew. I just knew it wasn't going to work. It really wasn't my call. I just took it upon myself and I called it. And on my way out to the ring. I thought I'm either going to help this guy out of the ring or I'm going to knock him out.

The precarious situation saw Bischoff stall for time announcing that he'd made the match a No Disqualification match and that he was gonna keep things fair. However, when Bischoff extended his hand testing the stinger pummeled him killing time while Jeff wanted the ring teasing that he was gonna throw a t-shirt to the fans not since Jake Roberts staggered out to the main event at heroes of wrestling had a wrestler look so bad. fortunately, Sting was able to end the match quickly saving himself and Jeff from possible injury due to Hardy's state.

He saw the moment as a turning point and told Colt Cabana in 2017. '2011, with Sting, I was taking somas and I went out there f----d up, and, man, I couldn't even wrestle. For the first time in my life, I went too far. I couldn't wrestle my idol, basically, Sting, and he had to do the right thing and shut me down and pin me. that deal with Sting, man, honestly, was the best thing that ever could have happened to me.

Years later Sting discussed the incident during his appearance at the Will's Comic-Con. Jeff was in a bad way, he was deteriorating as the day went on, by the time our match rolled around it became clear that he couldn't compete so I had to take him down quickly. He has since turned it all around, I love Jeff, I love his work, I hold nothing against him, and wish him all the best.

Frontier Martial Arts, Shawn Michael, 1999


Shawn Michaels had retired from in-ring competition in 1998. he continued appearing in the WWF in an on-air role capitalizing on his popularity he also appeared in frontier martial-arts wrestling 10th-anniversary show on 23rd November 1999. Refereeing the main event match between Hee-jin Hatabusa fans who've seen the match recall Michaels flying on autopilot as he refereed the match at one point he refused to make a three count, calling a 10 count despite the match being No disqualification.

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And another berating the wrestlers for making sloppy cover fans I'll have to judge for themselves whether the Heartbreak Kid phoned it in or not, but Wrestlemania cautions you against watching the video as Michaels wear short that doesn't even belong on Pamela Anderson.

Goldberg VS Brock Lesnar


Two Wrestler's biggest Ozma in what could have been another dream action instead turned into a sleepwalking demonstration. In 2004, Both Lesnar and Goldberg worked what plans knew was going to be their last match before leaving the WWE. No one was happy that day in Madison Square Garden for the match, with the fans booing both meant mercilessly and both men wrestling with all the enthusiasm as a fan going into a velocity show.

When Goldberg's contract is about to expire and the beast exiting the WWE to try his hand at professional football. The fans shouted you sold out in between boos, making the 13-minute math seem even longer. The match is the only saving grace who's watching special referee Stone Cold Steve Austin, delivers stunners to both wrestlers after Goldberg Pindell now.

Chris Benoit VS Eddie Guerrero 2005


Another dream match ruined by a wrestler going through the motions was the battle between Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, the WWE's ECW one-night-stand pay-per-view. The event that laid the foundation for WWE's ill-fated attempt to relaunch Extreme Championship Wrestling under the WWE umbrella, Word has it that Guerrero was upset when he learned he had to put Benoit over in the match.

Although both of us were close friends Guerrero was upset because he was concerned that he'd lose some of the momenta from his recent Hilton, but putting the Canadian Crippler over. Things hit a breaking point when Guerrero suffered a nose injury bleeding in the ring. After the match Benoit reportedly had some harsh words for Guerrero and fans recall seeing Guerrero telling Benoit one in the ring. Perhaps apologizing for his behavior in Guerrero's defense he was working in tremendous pain at the time as encountered by hardcore holly in his memoir the hardcore truth.

One of the saddest things I've ever seen in Eddie backstage, lying down in the trainer's room on one of the tables, hurting so much that he couldn't tell if he had to go to the bathroom or not. He would just lay there backstage on the table at the house shoes until 10 minutes before his match, when he'd take some energy drink, or something with honey, then drag himself all the way to Gorilla.

Sadly Eddie would pass away five months following the pay-per-view.

Hulk Hogan VS Shawn Michaels

In 2005, the WWE had the opportunity to book a dream match between the Hulkster and Shawn Michaels. Two icons from their respective errors while Hogan may have lost a step in the ring he was still a huge star and fans knew Shawn Michaels would help make up for any shortcomings on Hogan's part in the ring sadly, what we got instead was a complete shambles and an insult to the Shawn Michaels went out of his way to oversell for Hogan making a mockery of the match.

The sport wrestling legend has it that Michaels was okay because, the Hulkster asked him to work Heel because he learned that a two out of three series was just gonna have Hogan winning it what exactly happened is still subject to debate, but is what both men had to say. In 2014, if Michaels told a Manchester audience. We were going to do a best of three and at the last minute, Hogan backed out. So that day, and I will admit this. I poked the bear all day. I already knew what I was gonna do. I was gonna go out there and do business, but I was gonna make him earn it, just to be a pain in the butt all day. And that was something I did just for my own enjoyment. It wasn't right, it wasn't professional.

Hogan claims he nixed the three-match series after the Heartbreak Kid cut the following Pro mode. The night after Summerslam during an episode of Monday Night Raw.'Here I am, And as much as it hurts me to have to admit this, last night, Hulk Hogan was the better man, But you had to be there to appreciate it, it was amazing, it was incredible. He was catlike, he was agile, he was nimble, he had a catch can style that even yours truly, The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, quite honestly couldn't figure out.


I mean, his ring prowess was in so many ways and on so many levels, superior to mine that I simply could not compete and when it was over. even I, the evil Shawn Michaels, found myself falling victim like so many before me, to the vicious leg drop. One, two, three. Hogan explained his side of the story in a 2015, interview claiming he was ready to go before Michael's insulting promo. 'I thought this was going to be the business interview, but when he came out, Shawn said sarcastically, he was too fast, he was too young. I went I'm out.

I just told Vince, It's not business. So I pulled the plug on that deal. That's where it ended up, and it wasn't a creative control thing, I said, I just don't want to if it's going to be a clown show now from this point on. I thought this guy really wanted to dig and draw some money.

Rhyno VS Tajiri

Although many of the events on our list are pay-per-views, this case of a wrestler flying on autopilot occurred at a mere house show. The Beast Rhyno was working in long Island against Tajiri, when the fans began a boring chant Rhino recalled a notorious Knight and his response to the fans.


So, they were chanting boring. So, obviously, they're watching the match, right? So, I go, you want to see boring? licked that reverse chin lock-in and did it three times. An angry Vince McMahon came out microphone in hand and stopped the match midway through.

Anyway, I thought Vince was working because I couldn't really hear him when he was talking. I couldn't really hear because of the way that the speakers are set up. For Vincent Tajiri returned to the locker room and recalls the following exchange with the WWE chairman.

So, I talk to Vince afterward and he says. If they're chanting boring, they're bored. you can't argue with the guy when he comes back with an answer like that. And I understand what the agents told me. So I said, Well, one of your agents told me that if they're chanting boring, just sit on the hold. At least I had Tajiri stand up and kick him. He's like, Well obviously, that agent wasn't a top guy. Top guys save their money, they don't need to work and they don't become agents. Nowadays, you've got some guys that have really done some serious money and are agents and stuff. but, there was no arguing. Despite the match ending Reiner recalled.

I actually got a really good payoff, too. I think Vince felt bad because I did get a really good paycheck for that match. I was like, I wish he would have come out after the first reverse chin lock. In this rare case phoning it in paid off.

Brock Lesnar VS Dean Ambrose


A no-holds-barred street fight between the lunatic fringe and Brock Lesner at the 2016 showcase of the Immortals teased a brutal matchup. But instead, the WWE Universe will have thirteen mundane minutes as Brock dominated most of the match providing little of the innovative brawling action fans had come to expect from Ambrose.

Artistically, Brock didn't want to do anything, if we're going to be perfectly honest. Brock's gonna brock. he's all about brock. I had a vision for that match to be the craziest thing imaginable, you know what I mean, and I was trying to pitch everything to everybody and had every idea. I put so much effort in and so much work in, and other people did too, and I was met with laziness. I kept thinking at the end of the day, Once we get in the ring, it's all going to be okay. We'll figure it out once we get in the ring. We went out there, whacked each other with weapons, I got suplexed a bunch of times.

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