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Some Will or Won’t Want The 20 DVD Box Set of The Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Baffler Meal Complete Collection


Fast Food Is Funny

Three crime solving entities living in New Jersey battle worldly and other worldly threats that beset humanity. All are food-based yet possess human attributes — the worst aspects of human attributes to be blunt — with one resembling a package of French fries, another a Milk Shake and the final a wad of meat.

Now let’s pretend we were at a “pitch” meeting and the topic was the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. “We got these great 3 fast food characters, a Milk Shake called Shake, a container of French fries called Frylock and a kind of mystery meat called Meatwad. And a cool theme for them too. They live in New Jersey and fight crime and solve mysteries — how about it?” So Adult Swim thought it over and said “Sure.” But little did the suits know the only crimes being solved were what these three food guys caused, because they didn’t fight crime or solve mysteries, but just hung out in their neighborhood for the most part and bothered Carl their neighbor.

Sure over time some other characters showed up, including what looked like pixelated Atari sprites, among others, but mostly the three food guys made their own trouble and then tried to clean it up unsuccessfully. That this could go on for years may make you scratch your head or pound it on the floor in wonderment, but that’s how it is. So now there’s a DVD box set of the entire series of all those years and episodes, plus added other stuff and it’s called Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Baffler Meal Complete Collection.

Were DVDs Created For This?

Physically we’re talking about a box that holds a plastic clam shell case that has double-disc inserts; this means that 20 discs can be stacked inside with 2 on a side of the insert. DVD’s may be old hat now, but still they hold a lot of stuff on them, which helps since there the full 138 episodes contained within. And the sound is Dolby audio so it’s clear, which also makes sense since the animation is defo old school and not high end CGI (except on minor occasions). And while there’s little cussing, the episodes more than fulfill the old saw of the Three Stooges: you either love what you’re watching or wish you were vomiting instead (or are). Because there’s a lot of stupidity and disgusting crud in both the intent and visuals — these guys will get under your skin fast because, well. They. Are. Not. Good. So to condense years into quick personality profiles, Shake thinks he’s the leader and the smartest of all time and the exact opposite is true, Fries is the “adult” who has no clue what that really means and Meatwad? Meatwad is like a kid with a lit firecracker whose fuse keeps going out just before explosion. Until it doesn’t. Which he’s holding in his hand. That the Meat can turn into an igloo or hot dog shouldn’t impress anyone. Guess what? It doesn’t. Oh Frylock can shoot lasers from his eyes and he floats, not having feet (actually none of them really do except Shake sorta), but does that make him a better food? No, because you’re known by the company you keep and you can see what’s working here.


11 Seasons To Glom Over

Now if the 11 season episodes was the full extent of what you got in this box set, no it isn’t. There’s the first theatrical film, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters, plus a lot of audio talk and behind the scenes and other bonus stuff as well — over 30 hours to either delight or make your head want to explode (having toyed with the idea of putting that lit firecracker in one’s mouth — bit don’t do it because we really mean don’t do that). All of this is not rated (but the movie is R) because it’s cute but because it’s crude. Really.

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Don’t You Remember The Name By Now?

Yes The Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Baffler Meal Complete Collection is not for everyone, in fact it’s hard to say who it is for. Us obviously ’cause we’re weird. That the creator of Space Ghost Coast to Coast came up with this shows there is no God. Just short episodes that involve human sized talking/walking fast food. There’s subtitles for those not understanding English but don’t expect French or Spanish to make more sense just because it’s text. For more info on Warner Bros. Discovery who admit to this, go to

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