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Some Internet Conspiracy Ideas That Wreak Havoc on Children's Films

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As a kid, do you recall going to Blockbuster to get a copy of Home Alone or bringing out the VHS video of your favorite Disney movie?

So put on your nostalgia goggles and prepare for a strange, wild ride down memory lane as some crazy movie theories involving serial killers, sad backstories, and connections to other film franchises like Star Wars are about to turn your memories of happy endings, perilous adventures, and great moments upside down.

Continue to read, I love to write about some internet conspiracy ideas that on kid's movies.

In The Nightmare Before Christmas, There Are Deaths


Even after all these years, The Nightmare Before Christmas is still one of the most imaginative children's films ever made. The musical sets, animation, and story have all come together to produce iconic characters and memorable cinematic moments that have become part of pop culture. The personalities stand out among all of the unique elements.

While they all appear to be one-of-a-kind creations from Tim Burton's head, there is a hypothesis that each character design has a deeper meaning. In fact, each resident of Halloween Town displays the terrible death they endured before being exiled there. After being burned, Jack Skellington has learned to deal with all forms of flames. Sally was dismembered, the bad scientist was poisoned, the mayor broke his neck, and the Oogie-boogie was skinned alive, and if that wasn't enough, check out the puppy in children. Zero was electrocuted, as evidenced by his blazing nose lock shock, and Barrel was frozen to death, drowned, and appeared to commit suicide.

You'll notice the small character features that indicate these horrific murders and the reason why these evil characters are in Halloween Town in the first place the next time you watch the movie.

Boo Is A Witch


Boo from Monsters, Inc. was one of the most endearing characters in the Pixar universe, despite the fact that she rarely spoke. When the little girl and Sully were forced to part at the end of the movie, many tears were shed.

Boo clearly never forgot about Sully, and many fans believe she spent the rest of her life seeking him. The next time Boo appeared in a Pixar picture, she would have an entirely different appearance. The film's bold protagonist pays a visit to an elderly witch whom many mistakes for Boo. Boo was able to travel through space and time in her never-ending search for the big guy by using the same magical doors that transported the monsters.

The carving of Sully at the witch's home is one of the most significant pieces of evidence. Boo also owned a cuddly teddy bear, which she adored. When Merida arrives in search of assistance, she transforms her parents into bears. Clearly, her favorite animal is Boo, and a crossover sequel starring Boo and a slew of other Pixar characters could illustrate her wacky adventures through these magical doors.

The Origin of Minions is Disturbing


Who doesn't adore minion characters? Through four films, including their own origin story in Minions, the small yellow monsters have brought chuckles. They discuss excellent stories and writing. While the film sought to show where the tiny animals originated, the rumored explanation is even more shocking and bizarre to consider.

Following the release of the first Despicable Me picture, which was fantastic, rumors began to circulate that the minions were actually developed by Nazis. Thousands of youngsters were taken during the Nazi assault. Several of them were subjected to medical experimentation, which resulted in their deaths. Rumors spread that the experiments' surviving progeny were molded into the minions we see on screen today.

This explains their strange speech patterns. When you contemplate their possible dark origins, the lack of two eyeballs in some, and their weird infantile shape that never grows into a full-sized human body, thinking about this kind of thing takes away some of the humor. Along with these claims, a photo of toddlers wearing helmets that appeared to be eerily similar to the minion head and goggle design began to circulate.

That image was eventually dismissed as a test image for submarines and underwater diving, but that hasn't prevented followers from researching the theory further.

Captain Hook Killed Ariel's Mother


Disney characters have always had mother issues for some reason. We saw Aladdin's mother die, we saw Bambi's mother die, Cinderella had to deal with a nasty stepmother, and Belle is raised by her eccentric old father. Ariel from The Little Mermaid is in the same boat. King Triton is raising Ariel without ever mentioning their mother.

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With the debut of The Little Mermaid, everything changed. Ariel's mother is featured at the beginning of the novel, and she is killed by bad pirates. Two theories have been combined to produce a terrifying result. Captain Hook assassinated Ariel's mother. To see the seeds for this theory, he had to go all the way back to the original Peter Pan. Peter meets mermaids while in Neverland. One of them has red hair and resembles Ariel in appearance. For years, rumors have circulated that this was her mother.

These rumors increased with the release of Ariel's beginning the mother character has similar looks in the first scenes of the movie. The theory is that hook hunted her down to get more information on the whereabouts of Peter Pan. Obviously, when she couldn't provide the information he used that hook to dice her up and sere some mermaid sushi to its crew.

The Fourth Witch In Hocus Pocus


Hocus Pocus has gained cult status over the years because of its catchy soundtrack, Halloween themes, and Bette Midler's outstanding performance. While the Disney picture focused on three primary witches, there has been speculation over the years that the film contained the fourth witch.

One of the key characters in the film, Alyson, has been described as a protective good witch who sets out to slay the Sanderson sisters before they can cause havoc in her village. It's understandable that Salem, Massachusetts, would be home to more than those three witches. The evidence quickly mounts to support the claim. Alisson's ancestors had lived in Salem for over 300 years, dating back to the Salem witch trials. Allison is the one who takes them to the witch's home and coerces Max into doing what she wants.

By the end of the movie, she was able to protect her town, destroy the witches, and erase the curse that had haunted Salem for so many years. If a sequel is ever done, this notion may be explored further, or maybe Allison will discover her evil witch side.

The Holocaust and Toy Story 3


Pixar movies are supposed to be happy events filled with wonderful characters, great comedy, and some of the most famous voices in Hollywood. The start of Pixar came with the release of the original Toy Story. After the first sequel, the franchise had a dark tone for Toy Story 3. On the surface, there were scary and intriguing scenes involving lots of bear stealth and a huge incinerator.

Many fans have identified the film's parallels with the Holocaust, despite the fact that Bo Peep had utterly vanished from the group without a proper goodbye or explanation. It may seem unlikely, but there are many parallels and linkages between those tragic occurrences. Annie has no choice but to leave his toys behind as he prepares to leave for college. The garbage and incinerator are reminiscent of the horrifying deaths and gas chambers that many people have experienced.

Yes, it's a bleak and depressing theory, but perhaps Toy Story 4 will be a bit more upbeat.

Shrek's Backstory For Donkey


There are so many crazy characters in the film Shrek that it's easy to forget about a wisecracking donkey who seemingly appeared out of nowhere. A number of the characters in the film are based on real fairy tales, and the donkey is entirely original. While the donkey enjoys butting heads and causing havoc, there is clearly a troubled past from which he emerged, as theories frequently point to the world of Pinocchio.

One popular theory revolves around a strange land in Pinocchio known as Paradise Island. On this island, young children are turned into donkeys, which is exactly what people believe happened to Duncan. Pinocchio's appearance in Shrek makes sense; many characters are surprised to meet a talking donkey, and he frequently alludes to his terrible past during an exchange with Puss in Boots. The donkey even claims to have a past in which he was subjected to childhood pranks and even flirted. That sounds like the behavior of a child to me.

He is currently working on a Shrek reboot. Perhaps the new film will dive deep into his past and whether he was truly once a human.

Bernard's Sad Life Story


On the surface, The Santa Clause is a great family film that focuses on the magic of Christmas, believing in Santa Claus and spreading a lot of Christmas cheer. When you break the elements down, it's really about a bitter divorce, a tough custody case, and the death of Santa Claus.

When Scott Calvin becomes the new Santa Claus, none of the other elves even bat an eye or more at the previous old man in charge. The only person that seems a little upset at the idea is the head elf known as Bernard. He may be upset for a good reason. Bernard was the son of Santa Claus that got killed. It all adds up really well with his attitude, his larger size, and the other elves' how he understands the Santa Clause and the magic of the suit so well. One of the biggest clues comes during his scenes with Charlie.

Bernard is very understanding and cooperative with Charlie, working with him to attempt to start his new life on the North Pole. He also gives him a special snow globe that gives him access to his dad anytime he wants. Bernard clearly used this same snow globe with his own father.

E.T Is A Jedi


Is E.T. a member of the Jedi Order? The Extra-terrestrial is a stand-alone film with no sequels or a large franchise. Despite this, many fans have discovered links to other well-known science fiction franchises. One Star Wars connections are two of the most significant Star Wars references in the original film. One video shows Elliot playing with movie action toys, while another has ET approaching a trick-or-treating child costumed as Yoda and saying.

Until Star Wars Episode One, everything seemed harmless. In 1999, The Phantom Menace was released. Throughout the film, alien species that look a lot like ET can be seen in the background of huge scenes like the Senate. This has led viewers to believe that Et is not only a part of the Star Wars world but also that the diminutive alien may be a Jedi. He certainly recognizes Yoda and has demonstrated similar force-wielding talents in the film. ET can bring flowers back to life, connect with Eliot through force, and fly bicycles through the air.

It's not quite the Millennium Falcon, but it's close. It would be fantastic to see more ET characters in the Star Wars universe, or for this notion to be investigated further.

Kevin Is Jigsaw


Kevin preparing and executing his ridiculous booby traps on would-be bandits is one of the most iconic scenes in "Home Alone." Mary and Harry's childish inclinations for holiday-themed violence may be endearing and entertaining to see. What would happen if Kevin became obsessed with hurting people and inflicting progressively more misery through his traps as he grew older?

Many hypotheses have surfaced that Kevin is the iconic Jigsaw from the Saw film franchise. Despite the fact that the timings don't quite match up, continuity is damned, there are far too many similarities between the two personalities to dismiss this killer scenario. Kevin, for example, clearly has anger issues and derives great joy from inflicting pain on his victims. After Marvin and Harry were finally apprehended, Kevin had a strong desire to torture and afflict those around him. The demands of society eventually drove him to set up his game and exact the vengeance he craved.

There are numerous examples in the Saw franchise, but one of our favorites is the wicked furnace from the first Home Alone, which is frighteningly similar to the Saw furnace trap. We'll have to wait and see whether Jigsaw, the next horror flick, makes any additional Home Alone references. We're confident that Jigsaw enjoyed Kevin's antics at the very least.

That's all there is to it. Which idea do you believe has the most truth? Are there any wacky ones that we didn't think of? Let us know what you think in the comments area.

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