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So You're In Love With a Pisces

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Pisces Compatibility

People who are born under the zodiac sign of Pisces are known to be shy and aloof, which is why they don't often make friends with people easily. But once you get to know this Pisces, you will surely get to like her. A person who is born under Pisces are known to be creative and dreamy in different ways. Usually you won't see this trait if they are still in the process of building their trust to you. But once you gain their trust, they will surely give you their entire trust.

People born under Pisces may become very impractical at times, especially when it comes to the matters of money. They also tend to think unrealistic things, which can get them into big trouble. But fortunately, they are too lucky to get into too much trouble often. The reason behind this is because they always make sure that they fix every problem that comes in their way, which is of course ideal.

On the other hand, behind the shy and aloof traits, they have a romantic side in their veins. They are very romantic with the opposite sex, which is why the opposite sex tends to fall in love with them easily. Pisces people always want to feel loved by people who are dear to them. They also want to experience the romance that they usually give to the opposite sex.

Now for the compatibilities of Pisces to other zodiac signs, below are some of the best and worse matches for Pisces.

Pisces with Capricorn

The romantic relationship of Pisces and Capricorn may not be that perfect, since the Pisces will always try to cheat with her partner. The reason behind this is because of the trait of Pisces who loves cheating. The Pisces will then start following the steps of the Capricorn, which is good for their relationship. When it comes to marriage, they will surely find happiness with each other.

Pisces with Scorpio

The Pisces and Scorpio will find attraction with each other almost immediately, because they will tend to experience love at first sight with each other. In this relationship, the Scorpio will be the dominating one, while the Pisces will agree to this kind of relationship. Marriage will surely be a success to both Pisces and Scorpio.

Pisces with Aries

The combination of Pisces and Aries may not be that smooth, because of the differences that they have. The good thing about their relationship is that, the Aries can perfectly dominate the Pisces, while Pisces will strongly give in to the dominant traits of Aries. Both of them will have a joyful pleasure time. If both of them managed to understand each other's differences they will surely have a happy marriage.

Pisces with Leo

The combination of Pisces and Leo will only make it hard for them to get along. Pisces can sometimes be quiet and behave, and the Leo will have a hard time understanding why the Pisces is behaving like this. The can cause problems and complications with their relationship, which is why marriage is almost impossible for both of them.

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Pisces with Cancer

The combination of Pisces and Cancer will blossom because of their imaginative traits. This trait will help their dreams to come true, which is why they will stick with each other no matter what. Their combination will surely make marriage ideal.

Pisces with Pisces

The combination of this same size will help them to work on their relationship well. They both have the same interest, which is why their marriage will become very interesting.

Pisces with Libra

Pisces and Libra may work out fine at first, but as Libra shows how he get along with people Pisces will be more aloof. This can cause problems even if they have real feelings for each other. Their marriage if ever may not work out fine.

Pisces with Taurus

The combination of these two zodiac sign will create a happy atmosphere. Taurus will help Pisces to make her dreams real. Their marriage will be happy and will surely last.

Pisces and Sagittarius

The combination of Pisces and Sagittarius may be good when it comes to bed. But outside the bedroom there is no good possibility because of the big differences that they have. Marriage is almost impossible for the both of them.

Pisces with Gemini

This combination will only create problems with each other. This is mostly because of the sensitivity of the Pisces. Marriage may work but big risk will need to be made for it to work.

Pisces with Aquarius

The combination of Pisces and Aquarius may work fine, but problems may arise because Pisces wants to become dependent to Aquarius. If they pushed through with their relationship and marriage, it will eventually work with Aquarius' patience.

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