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Sitcom Episodes Involving a Séance

Give Them Any Seance and They'll Take It, Give Them Any Rule They'll Break It


Among the various things predicted to make a comeback in the new year, believe in them or not, are seances. Perhaps because of the great number of people lost to the coronovirus over the past two years, there will indeed be an increase in loved ones wanting to contact them from beyond.

Those small, dark gatherings around a table with a medium had virtually disappeared by the end of the last century, perhaps because of society's obsession with technology and away from the occult. Now that we know, thanks to the virus, that technology and science cannot answer all of our needs.

We survivors may want to once again explore the idea of communicating with loved ones who have passed on, and there is no website or smart phone app with that capability. Maybe it is time to give Madam Sofranie or some other medium an opportunity to connect us with the world beyond, just as they used to do ifor most of the 20th century.

Seances were so much a part of our culture that no fewer than a score of sitcoms based episodes on that very idea, including some of the most beloved titles. Here are ten sitcom episodes in which the characters participate in a séance.

1. I Love Lucy

Ricky's boss, Mr. Merriwether, is persuaded by Lucy to attend a séance to speak once again to his departed wife Tilly in a classic episode.

2. Gilligan's Island

Fearing that the castaways are getting sick of one another, the professor (portrayed by Russell Johnson) convinces Ginger (portrayed by Tina Louise) to act as a medium in “Ship Ahoax.”

3. The Simpsons

In the seventh version of “Treehouse of Horror,” Ned arranges a séance in order that he be able to communicate with dearly departed wife Maude Flanders.

4. The Monkees

Mickey, Davy, Mike, and Peter all participate in a séance, hoping to help expose a greedy relative from conning a rightful heir of a large fortune.

5. Family Guy

The title character unearths a Native American skull in “Petergeist”, and he subsequently holds a séance to ward off the bad luck that had befallen him since the bone's appearance.

6. Sponge Bob Square Pants

In “Seance Schmeance” the title character holds a séance not to contact a long lost friend, but to bring back a long-lost rare sandwich recipe.

7. The Andy Griffith Show

Believing “Opie's Three Wishes” to be due to the occult, Barney holds a séance in his room at the back of the courthouse.

8. Laverne and Shirley

A former Olympian is apparently haunting the apartment of the title duo, leading them to stage a séance in an effort to expel the spirit in an episode titled “The Ghost Story.”

9. Emergency

After her sister dies, a young woman decides to arrange a séance to prevent bad things from occurring.

10. Married with Children

Buck moves on to doggy heaven, so Marcy (portrayed by Amanda Bearce) holds a séance led by Father Guido Sarducci in hopes to contact the beloved pet in a show called “Requiem for a Dead Briard.”

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