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Sitcom Characters Who Impersonate Celebrities

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Most fans of The Office cherish the scene in which Jim Halpert imitates Dwight Shrute, his annoying co-worker. The former in another episode voiced a great impression of the office advertising veteran Stanley Jackson who, happening to enter as the deed was proceeding, found it completely inadequate.

While mimicking fellow characters seemed to be a specialty of the long-running NBC series, other sitcoms have managed to pull off impersonations of celebrities in certain episodes. Here are ten examples of shows which feature a regular character pulling off an impression of a famous person, excluding those appearing in episodes about Halloween parties.

1. The Flintstones

Rockabilly star Rock Roll loses his vocal ability due to an allergy from eating peppers, so Bedrock's most well-known citizen dons a wig, lip-syncs, and dances “The Twitch.”

2. Alice

The show's namesake (portrayed by Linda Lavin) must perform as the famous singer in “Too Many Robert Goulets.”

3. Will and Grace

Jack (portrayed by Sean Hayes) annoys his friends with his obsession of Cher, and he is laughed at as he impersonates the real diva while she stands in front of him. He was convinced that the woman is a drag queen, feeling quite chagrined when he discovers that the person is indeed the real Cher.

4. Full House

In “Mad Money” Jesse (portrayed by John Stamos) does his impression of who else but his idol, Elvis Presley.

5. Happy Days

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The episode titled “Joanie's First Kiss” has the Fonz (portrayed by Henry Winkler) pretending to be popular disc jockey Wolfman Jack, who later makes an appearance.

6. Good Times

Buffalo Butt Goodman the maintenance man (portrayed by Johnny Brown) goes on stage as Louis Armstrong in a play written by the Evans daughter, in an episode aptly titled “Write On, Thelma.”

7. The Golden Girls

This sitcom shares a celebrity with a prior one, as Dorothy (portrayed by Bea Arthur) and Sophie (portrayed by Estelle Getty) impersonate Sonny and Cher in an episode called “An Illegitimate Concern.”

8. Married With Children

“Take My Wife, Please” could be the title of any of the shows, given Al Bundy's attitude toward Peg. In it the iconic 70s band The Village People cannot appear at a local show, so it is up to Peg, Bud, Kelly and Jefferson to impersonate them through the anthem to the YMCA.

9. The Simpsons

Homer, in order to protect Bart's idol from Fat Tony and the mob, goes in disguise as Krusty in “Homie the Clown.”

10. I Love Lucy

While impersonating Groucho's brother, Lucy is taken aback when the title man appears in person on “Lucy and Harpo Marx.”

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