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Sitcom Characters Who Engage in Burglary

His Boy Elroy Is Elated When Dad Uses Stealth to Acquire Astro


It is not often when we associate good in anything regarding the Federal Bureau of Investigators, but its latest report actually has some uplifting data. Like most crimes, burglaries have decreased nearly 40% over the past twenty years.

Also revealed in the report are facts concerning burglaries, such as where they are most prevalent. The ten states with the highest percentage of burglaries are all in the South, with New Mexico leading at 13 out of every 1,000 being victimized.

The fact that New Mexico is also located in the West contributes to another datum, for each of the first eight states all are in the Mountain or Pacific Time Zone. That info might make the coming winter a little more bearable for the trio with the least burglaries, Maine, New Hampshire and New York.

Residents in those three states, therefore, might find some extra humor in sitcoms that make light of burglaries, than those who dwell in New Mexico or Louisiana. Here are eleven classic sitcoms featuring episodes in which a character becomes involved in either a real or fake burglary, and nearly half of them are animated series.

1. George Jetson in The Jetsons

In “The Coming of Astro” the space family patriarch has to pretend to be a burglar in order to keep the new pet dog, whose indecipherable voice would a few years later be recognized as Scooby-Do.

2. Fred Flintstone in The Flintstones

An earlier episode had Bedrock's finest fearing a burglar, but Fred himself became “The Prowler.”

3. Al Bundy in Married With Children

Shoe salesman Bundy (portrayed by Ed O'Neill), who once ran for four touchdowns for Polk High, tries to score with Peg (portrayed by Katey Sagal) by pretending to be the Kissing Bandit.

4. Homer and Lisa in The Simpsons

Father and daughter find themselves sneaking in to the Springfield History Museum, even though Homer commits similar crimes in other episodes.

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5. Rob Petrie in The Dick Van Dyke Show

In “The Cat Burglar” Rob is not the true burglar, but the police suspect he is committing the crimes as a publicity stunt.

6. Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy

“The Fur Coat” is the episode when Lucy believes a rented mink coat is actually a gift from Ricky, who in an effort to not disappoint her plans a bogus robbery involving the garment.

7. Dwayne Schneider in One Day at a Time

When the nosy custodian (portrayed by Pat Harrignton) is fired over a pay raise, he disguises himself as a burglar in order to prove that the building is less safe without his presence.

8. Thurston Howell III in Gilligan's Island

Business baron Howell (portrayed by Jim Backus) sneaks into his own hut, hoping to win back his Lovey (portrayed by Natalie Schaefer).

9. Stan in American Dad

Title character Stan Smith (voiced by Seth McFarlane) takes up a burglar-like role when he tries to smuggle immigrants into an empty warehouse, thus the premise of the episode called “Paco.”

10. Max Flush in Bob's Burgers

Otherwise known as Tim Jones, this character turns into a burglar in an effort to steal the “O.T.: The Outside Toilet.”

11. Mike, Mickey and Davy in The Monkees

Peter is kidnapped and forced to paint a forgery of a valuable piece, which his three bandmates must rectify by breaking into the art museum.

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