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Sing Review

Steven Escareno is an amateur film critic who writes about movies in his spare time.


Stevennix2001's Rating:

7 / 10


  • Animation is great. It's nowhere near the quality that "Zootopia" had earlier this year, but it's still pretty good quality animation though.
  • The voice acting was amazing. Each actor really put a lot of effort into their performances, in spite of how generically written their characters were.
  • Humor was pretty funny.
  • Songs were good. I especially liked how each character had their own set of songs that fit the mood and tone for each of them individually.
  • Cinematography was good.
  • Overall pacing was good. Sure, some parts of it felt a bit rushed, but it was OK for the most part.
  • 3-D cinematography was great. Definitely worth seeing in 3-D if you can afford it.


  • Parts of the movie felt rushed considering it focuses on too many characters, so a lot of backstory and development was cut out for time constraints, which hinders the emotional impact this film might've had for some of these subplots.
  • Even if you haven't seen any of the trailers, the plot isn't too hard to figure out, as you'll accurately be able to guess what happens, after watching it for about ten minutes.
  • A lot of the characters are basically generic stereotypes of what we've seen before, in various films.

Don't Let Fear Stop You From Doing the Thing You Love

Like Secret Life of Pets was earlier last year, Sing is a lighthearted feel good animated film for kids that's entertaining, and fun. The story takes place in a world full of anthropomorphic animals, where a koala by the name of Buster Moon (who's voiced by the talented, Matthew McConaughey) is hosting a singing competition in hopes of bringing life back to his struggling theater. Needless to say, his plan works, as animals from all walks of life enter the competition, in hope of fulfilling their dreams. But instead of competing for a thousand dollars like he thought they would, it turns out a slight misprint in his ads show he's giving away a hundred thousand dollars instead.

Long story short, this puts Buster in a bit of a bind, to where he's forced to kiss some old lady's a** for the money. You have a shy socially awkward elephant girl that can sing, but she's too fearful to sing in front of an audience. You have a British ape that wants to sing, but his father wants him to run the family business. A lonely housewife that yearns for excitement outside of her mundane life. A street rat that wants to win for the money, but secretly wants to show off his musical talents. And last but not least, you have a porcupine girl who wants to write her own songs, but she's constantly being held back by her controlling egocentric boyfriend, who we later find out cheats on her. Gee...I wonder how all these story arcs are going to turn out?

Unless you've never seen a movie in your life, or you're the dumbest person on the planet, then chances are you already know how each of these stories play out, even before you see the film. Granted, the trailers do give away most of the story anyway, but even if you've never seen any of the trailers, then you already know how all these subplots turn out. Every cliche is left unturned, and every character is basically a generic stereotype that you've might've seen in other movies before.

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And since the film tries to be an ensemble story trying to cover all these characters, a lot of these subplots do tend to feel a bit rushed at times. For example, we never learn the full story behind the rat, who can sing. Sure, we get the general idea that he's sort of a huxter conman archetype that says he only wants money, but later turns out to be one that has a soul for music. He even gets a rat girlfriend, who we never learn the name of. He basically abandons her, when he's being chased by bears because he cheated in a poker game. Yet she comes back later to save him at the end? Even though we're never given any reason why she would care about him, and we got little to no development on their relationship? Yeah, it's probably safe to say this film might've been better off focusing more on one story instead of several.

But for what we got? It's not half bad. Sure, the film is cliched, and generic. However, it's executed so well that it's almost forgivable. The voice actors involved put a lot of effort into their characters, and the humor was spot on for the most part. Sure, parts of the story felt a bit rushed, but the overall pacing was still nice. It still allowed us to have moments to connect with some of the key characters, while still keeping the story moving fast enough to match it's quick comedic timing.

And even though I don't usually care for jukebox musicals, this was probably one of the few that I can genuinely say that I liked. Each song matches the tone of each character perfectly, and they're sung rather well.

While I doubt seriously that Sing will garner any movie awards, I do think it's worth checking out. And if you decide to see it in 3-D, then you won't be disappointed.

© 2017 Stevennix2001


Ced Yong from Asia on January 16, 2017:

I watched this with my mum and we both loved it. (We still joke about it too) I think sometimes, predictability isn't that a bad a thing in movie. In some ways, it's a selling pt.

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