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Sienna Miller Hot Pics and Vids

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Sienna Miller

British model and actress Sienna Rose Miller was born in New York City on December 28, 1981. Her father, Edward Miller, is an American banker, and her mother, Jo, is from South Africa. She moved to England as a child and attended the Heathfield school in Ascot, Berkshire and later moved back to New York to study for a year at the Lee Strasberg Institute. She has one sister, Savannah, who is a fashion designerand two half-brothers, Charles and Steven. She currently models for Pepe Jeans, and she posed for Vanity Fair magazine's 2006 Hollywood issue topless and smoking a cigarette.

Early Life and Career

Sienna's parents parted when she was 6 years old and she moved to England with her mother who took on the job of running London's Lee Strasberg drama school.

She had a privileged upbringing and she was sent to Heathfield School, a boarding school in Ascot, Surrey, for most of her adolescent life. It was a life Sienna enjoyed but during her time at Heathfield, she also discovered within herself a passion for the arts, no doubt inherited from her mother. She enjoyed singing and modeling, but it was really theater that she took pleasure in the most.

During her study at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York, Sienna got involved in some stage productions, such as "Independence", "The Striker", and a project from an Oscar-winning director, Anthony Minghella, entitled "Cigarettes & Chocolate." It was also in New York that she was spotted by the owner of Select Model Management, Tandy Anderson. A series of promising contracts followed, including those of Coca-Cola, Italian Vogue, Wrigley's, and Prada, yet she still aimed to reach her dream of becoming an actress. Signed to PFD talent agency, she successfully obtained her first role in "South Kensington" (2001) alongside Rupert Everett and Elle Macpherson.

By 2002, Sienna's career underwent a significant development as she was included in the cast of "High Speed" while also appearing as a guest star in Fox's TV series, "The American Embassy." It was not until BBC's drama comedy of "Bedtime" (2001) that she began to draw public attention which led eventually to her securing a seven year contract with Paramount Pictures.

Sienna with Her Parents

Sienna with Her Parents

Sienna with Jude Law

Sienna with Jude Law

Alfie, Jude and Stardom

After a short-lived role on the TV show Keen Eddie, actress Sienna Miller's fledgling film career heated up with a small but memorable appearance in Layer Cake, a gritty British crime film. Then came the remake of Alfie, which fatefully introduced her to Jude Law.

The co-stars started a tumultuous affair and Sienna split with her boyfriend, David Neville, a model whom she had dated since 2001. The news of her becoming Law's new girlfriend created a sensation as Jude had just officially divorced his wife, Sadie Frost. This undoubtedly propelled her to receive more publication and automatically brought her name to the surface. With this increasing status, she gloriously earned a supporting role in Lasse Halstrom's "Casanova" (2005) opposite Heath Ledger.

On Christmas Day of 2004, they became engaged. However, on July 18, 2005, Law issued a public apology to her for having an affair with Daisy Wright, the nanny of his children by his former wife (actress Sadie Frost). At the same time, Miller was rumored to be having an affair with Law's friend, Daniel Craig. Despite attempting to salvage their relationship, Miller and Law separated. They reunited briefly in 2006 before separating again, this time, it seems, for good.

After finally calling it quits with her one-time fiancé, Miller emerged from the shadow of her love life with an edgy film role in Factory Girl, playing Andy Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick. Like her Sedgwick character, Miller, a former model, wields considerable fashion influence, popularizing such looks as jean vests and leggings.

Sexy Clips

Sienna Miller Hot Pic


Up to Date

She currently stars opposite Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert DeNiro in the fantasy epic Stardust, and opposite James Franco in the horror comedy Camille, Interview directed by Steve Buscemi, and the film version of writer Michael Chabon's novel, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, also starring Peter Sarsgaard.

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She is also working on The Edge of Love, a biopic of Dylan Thomas in which she plays his wife Caitlin. After that, has is slated to star in Hippie Hippie Shake a new Working Title production directed by Beeban Kidron and Importance, a contemporary re-working of Oscar Wilde's A Woman of No Importance. She's a busy girl and a very successful one.

Sienna Miller Hot Pics


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Sienna Hot Bikini Pic


Sienna Trivia

  • - Sienna has reached Grade 5 in Piano.

  • - For Sienna's A-Levels she got an A in English and Theatre Studies and a B in History.

  • - She has honours in the Lamda Acting

  • - Sienna has a distinction in grade 8 singing

  • - Sienna has honours in the Gold Medal Jazz Dance Award

  • - Sienna claims to have only been in love twice. [Hint - Jude & David]

  • - Sienna is good friends with Keira Knightley - Keira was apparantly so nervous about the Oscars in 2006 when she was nominated, that she spent the afternoon being comforted by Sienna!

  • - Sienna has to sleep on the right side of the bed

  • - She dips her French fries into chocolate milk shakes

  • - She's never had a "sex dream"

  • - Sienna does not drive

  • - She admits she is very clumsy

  • - Her dogs are called Porgy and Bess

  • - Sienna loves the 60's

  • - She loves vintage clothing

  • - Her favourite labels/shops include Balenciaga, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Topshop.

  • - She doesn't like reality tv

  • - Sienna describes herself as "enthusiastic, sensitive, stubborn, funny, insecure, loving, happy"

Sienna Hot Pic


Sienna Miller Hot Pic


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