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Shows to Binge on Netflix

Like any other teen, Kambi just has to binge a show or two on the occasion! She is excited to share her top favorites with all of you!

Truth be told, I actually don’t watch a whole lot of TV.

This includes Netflix. That being said, however, I do prefer it over cable.

Of course, I still greatly appreciate Netflix (along with Hulu and Amazon Prime, but this post is about Netflix so shush)! It’s such a great alternative to watching cable: no commercials, no waiting for your show to come on, and it’s relatively cheaper than cable and satellite. Before I go any further, I’m just going to say that I am not sponsored by Netflix. Sadly. That would be a dope sponsorship tbh.

Moving on to the actual post! I’m going to share with you my favorite TV shows I like to binge on Netflix as of 2018!


Voltron: Legendary Defenders

I’m going to stop you now before you try to tell me this is a kids’ show. Sure, it can be found in the kids’ section, but trust me when I say that it can accommodate all ages. So shut up. This has been an all time favorite show of mine for a while now, and it’s constantly being given new seasons, meaning the story just keeps going! The newest reboot of this show started in 2016, but the original series (Voltron: Defenders of the Universe) aired in 1984 with many other reboots and subseries in between 1984’s version and today's.

I absolutely love the characters and how they develop from Season 1 to now, each one becoming deeper and deeper within themselves! These main characters include the Paladins of Voltron (Shiro, Keith, Pidge, Lance, and Hunk) along with two of the last Alteans in the universe (Princess Allura and Coran).

If you’ve seen the show, you know that the way I categorized these characters are based on the FIRST SEASONS OF VOLTRON SO SHUSH.

I will have to warn that I have cried because of this show, but I promise that it’s a really really good thing to watch in your spare time!!

Nailed It

When I started to write this, Nailed It was fairly new so it might have popped up on your “What’s new on Netflix” bar at some point. This is a baking show, but it pokes fun at the fact that we, as humans, see something on TV or the internet and think, “pshh, I could do that”.

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Basically, the whole premise is to take three home cooks and put them through two rounds of baking--the first being much easier and shorter than the second. Their goal is to follow the instructions given to them to try to “nail” the masterpiece they are trying to replicate! Simple, right? Well, not so much. Of course, the judging comes down to who made it edible and who made it actually look like something. A very simple concept that can be hilarious to watch with their hosts, Nicole Byer, and Jacques Torres

The Office

How many of you expected this, eh? The Office is simply a comedy about office workers. Now, I know how boring that sounds. Office workers? Who wants to watch them work? I get it, I was a skeptic at first, too. But trust me, after I got into a few episodes, it was hilarious!

It is considered to have witty banter and has won the 2006 Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, so I like to think that that stands for something.

Beast Master

I’m going to assume that many, if not all, of you, have heard of the show American Ninja Warrior. Beastmaster is very similar to it, except that the entire course is in insides of a BEAST. These competitors, from all over the world, are clamoring inside of a monster in hopes to get to the end and earn the most points to win.

This show has competitors from America, China, Italy, France, India, and more! The diversity of people in one competition absolutely astounds me!

Black Mirror

A little twist in the list, if you will. Up until now, the shows have been appropriate to most audiences. This one, however, is not. With a TV-MA rating, it takes our human instincts, the higher-tech future we are striving for, and twisting it with dark intentions.

A doctor, able to find the exact source of pain, able to make an insanely precise diagnosis, takes a turn for the worse.

A mother, worried about her daughter’s safety, installs a chip in her brain which changes the entire game.

If you’re into these kinds of dark twists and painfully human interactions, I invite you to take a look. At your own risk.


This has been my five favorite shows to binge on Netflix! What kinds of shows do you enjoy watching? Tell me in the comments below!

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