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Shows on Streaming Service Britbox

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There are already some great streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Now TV, and the soon to be released Apple TV+ and Disney. What on earth will we do with another streaming service? Watch it in our millions will be the answer. Britbox has all the classic hit shows from the BBC and ITV lined up, and will take a large chunk out the streaming market, as people subscribe to watch what is some of the best drama and comedy production In the world.

Fawlty Towers

Is one of the greatest comedies to grace the televisions of BBC viewers. It revolves around a fictional hotel, set in the seaside town of Torquay, where Basil Fawlty and wife Sybil entertain guests. They do more than just entertain them, they sometimes make their life a misery, and Basil even takes his trying hospitality to a whole new level in comedy.

The show's characters are played wonderfully, with great comedy timing between lines and characters. Basil is played by John Cleese with an exuberant amount of insane energy, as he often rushes around from scene to scene, it can be difficult to even catch your own breath. The show has some of the most memorable one-liner quotes on TV and will make for popular viewing on Britbox.


The Line of Duty

Premiering in 2012, this show went on to win Royal Television Society Award for best drama series. There are 5 series, with a 6th series in the pipeline, just to keep fans gripped even more. The plot follows an Anti Corruption Unit 12 known as AC 12, with D.S. Steve Arnott playing one of the authorized firearms officers in the team. He refuses to help cover up an unlawful shooting by other members of the team and is then partnered with an undercover officer who goes by the name of D.C. Kate Fleming. The two work together to uncover more corruption within the team and department.

The activity is tense, and on point, and particularly sharp in places. You will have to run to keep up with the storyline, as it’s very fast-paced, and has many dramatic scenes in it, as well as many great one on one dialogue between the main key characters. You’ll love this drama if you enjoy action based storylines, and want to feel glued to your seat.


The Thin Blue Line

One of the mainstay actors in the 80’s & 90’s for BBC television was Rowan Atkinson, and here is portraying the role of a police station sergeant. One of the main storyline themes is the rivalry between the uniformed squad of police officers, and the CID team, led by Detective Inspector Grim, who mostly played Fowlers (Atkinson) antagonist. The storyline centered around the lives of police officers, and their peculiar habits and lifestyles, with many jokes about each other, back and forward.

If you are looking for something to laze your Sunday night too, you might want to check out this comedy-drama. It’s light and even though can be a bit patronizing on characters at times, holds the balance well between in your face comedy, and sharp wit.



Another classic show from the 80’s starring the infamous Rowan Atkinson. This series was unique as for each series, it starred the main character Blackadder in a different time period playing a different role from the last. The first season was more of a pilot, with particularly funny scenes showing Blackadder, in the middle ages, 1485 to be exact. Series two was where the show established itself, and this time it's set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603) where Atkinson plays the great-grandson of the original Blackadder. The third series is set in the 18th and 19th centuries, during the period known as the Regency, where Blackadder is a butler to a prince. While the final series sees Blackadder go to the trenches in the First World War.

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Overall this comedy is hilarious, with many of the main characters reprising similar roles throughout the series, so you become very familiar with each actor, and look forward to their on-screen presence. The humor is almost slapstick with lots of slapping, punching, kicking, and threatening, so you’ll need to have a dark funny bone to sit through this. This is my most favorite series to come to Britbox, and probably what I’ll be streaming first.


Vicar of Dibley

Following the 1992 changes in the Church of England that allowed the ordination of women, the small fictional Oxfordshire town of Dibley receives its first female vicar. It is none other than the great comedian Dawn French, and much hilarity takes place, as the vicar deals with everything that a vicar deals with including Sunday services, funerals, weddings, and confessions, as well as trying to master her own love life, and the lives of others.

All the main characters in the series, are in it for the complete 20 episodes, spanning 3 seasons, and there are lots of special guest appearances, as well as a number of shorts, most notably for Comic Relief. The sitcom won a number of awards and accolades, including British Comedy Awards three times, and the National Television Awards. If you love your comedy sitcoms to bring a tear to your eye from laughter and from crying, you’ll love the script and events that happen in this show and rest assured, this will be one of the most popular shows to watch on repeat on your Britbox subscription.


Happy Valley

This really special crime drama follows Sarah Lancashire, as she stars as Catherine Cawood in West Yorkshire town of Calder Valley. She plays the role of a police sergeant with a strong and tough personality and exterior. The series only lasts 12 episodes but has watchers gripped by the mix of traumatic family events, with police detective work, and Lancashire playing a brilliant role.

This is a really well-made drama, and almost feels like a documentary, the production value is that good. You really feel close to Lancashire's character throughout the series. She has to face some tough decisions and battles, and you can really feel the tension throughout as you watch. For people who have never seen this on TV, they will be streaming this nonstop on their Britbox subscription, and overseas viewers, especially in America will be jealous the UK has such gripping drama on their streaming service.


The Widower

Is an ITV new drama based around a man whose wife dies, and once detectives start sniffing around the death of his most recent wife, they also find that his previous wife has died under the same circumstances, years ago. This is a nail-biting drama as a murderer attempts to cover up his tracks and evade justice. Based on a true story this miniseries will have you biting your fingernails for the perpetrator to be caught


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