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10 Hilarious Similar TV Shows Like Parenthood

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Can't get enough watching Parenthood? Missed your weekly laughing session with your whole family or sets of friends? Not to fret - we'll give you 10 interesting shows similar to Parenthood that are guaranteed to give you a satisfying TV watching experience!

Being a parent is hard. First-time parents specifically know the struggle because they are still adjusting to the parenting process. Fortunately, there are books, internet, and TV shows that prove to be of utmost help when it comes to efficiently raising kids.

Parenthood is an hour-long comedy-drama show highlighting the modern challenges of raising children and addressing problems that affect both parents and kids. For all heart-wrenching cries, there's a correspondingly blissful stint of laughter that viewers got to experience.

Parenthood's over, but you can still fill that Braverman-sized hole in your heart. If you're looking for realistic, touching, and humorous TV shows like Parenthood, find your next favorite here!

TV Shows Similar to Parenthood

  1. This Is Us
  2. Gilmore Girls
  3. Brothers & Sisters
  4. The Fosters
  5. Friday Night Lights
  6. Transparent
  7. Switched at Birth
  8. Modern Family
  9. Life Unexpected
  10. About a Boy

A shameless tear-jerking comedy-drama television show by Dan Fogelman. This Is Us is usually compared to Parenthood, especially with its texture and tone, with characters sharing the same birthday. Jack, who is played by Milo Ventimiglia, is a nervous expectant husband with Rebecca (Mandy Moore) as his wife. Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz), Toby (Chris Sullivan, and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) also made the show more compelling.

Recurrent twists, strong acting of every character, and touching writing made This Is Us as one of the highest-rated dramas programs in 2017. Here, you can find relatable moments for families we have now, plus the painful, funny, and tender confrontations and conversations. The family it portrays is supporting and loving in spite of the numerous flaws. There are several contents you wish was there physically.

Gilmore Girls is a fun coming-of-age drama specifically ideal for teens. Created by Amy Sherman-Palladino. The story revolves around the relationship between Lorelai (Lauren Graham), a 32-year old single mother, and Rory (Alexis Bledel), her teen daughter. They act more than just mother and daughter, more like best friends. Lorelai identified the need to turn to her wealthy parents, played by Richard and Emily Gilmore (Edward Herrmann and Kelly Bishop) when her daughter was accepted to a prominent private school for financial assistance.

The loan marks the beginning of Rory's high school adventures and the start of a new family dynamic. Coming of age problems, romance, family dynamics, and relationship issues are often the themes. Highlights positive messages and empowered, strong women — a great TV series for parents to watch with their teens.

Proudly produced by Job Robin Baitz, Greg Berlanti, and Ken Olin, Brothers & Sisters is a well-written, well-cast, and well-acted sprawling family drama any family can watch aside from Parenthood. Our siblings are whom we rely on most, other than parents, during the family tragedy, and this is what the show is all about. This TV drama series focuses on one family, the Walker’s, and how is life in Pasadena California and Los Angeles.

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) is a conservative radio host, Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) is a corporate executive, Justin (Dave Annable) is an Iraq War veteran, Kevin (Matthew Rhys) is a gay pro bono lawyer and Tommy (Balthazar Getty) who works for their dad. Each plays an essential role in the lives of their parents. The plot has taken a few radical turns and twists over multiple seasons, which will surely draw in recognition from adult viewers.

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The Fosters is an American family-oriented show that is pleasing to the eyes to watch. It highlights the lives of the Foster family. Consists of a lesbian couple along with their five foster/biological/adopted kids. This tackles various essential issues, including racism, abortion, and LGBTQ issues. Lena (Sherri Saum) is a school vice principal and Stef (Teri Polo) is a cop.

Everything about The Fosters is distinctive. There are tensions between two matriarchs, crises, and trouble among kids, which every family can surely relate. It is a traditional show that seems very modern. Watching it is not only about getting fuzzes and warm and then sobbing on your sofa. You might learn something!

Another drama TV series we recommend to try watching with a bit of similarity to Parenthood. It is a story of the team coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) with his wife Tami (Connie Britton) and juvenile daughter Julie (Aimee Teegarden) as well as a high school football team in Dillon. The Taylor family have difficulties juggling their professional and personal lives.

Also highlighted in the story are the challenges they need to face living in a small town of Dillon, including economic sufferings, racism, abortion, school funding, family values, and drugs. This affecting and addicting American TV show was developed by Peter Berg, with Jason Katims, Brian Grazer, Sarah Aubrey, and David Nevins as executive producers. Friday Night Lights did a great job in emphasizing faith in humanity.

Transparent is an American comedy-drama series made by Jill Soloway. The story centers a newly-out transgender woman Mort (Jeffrey Tambor) and her dysfunctional siblings (Gabby Hoffman, Landecker, and Jay Duplass). The story itself feels very real. Perhaps it is partly autobiographical. It explores gender identity and family dynamics.

The series is more than just being trans. All major characters transition, with various themes including finding acceptance, family closeness, and adult siblings who rely on each other. What could happen if you found out that your super dad is a transgender person? Discover humorous events in this Transparent TV show. Relationships and sex are a crucial part in the series, though generally, the content is better. Most suitable for mature teens and adults.

As you have guessed it, Switch at Birth revolves around the story of two teenage girls (Bay and Daphne) who eventually discovered that they were switched at birth. The two shocked upon learning the truth about their birth during hospital mix-up. Why we recommend watching this TV show is that it is family-oriented and is not afraid to discuss tough topics, like privilege and ableism.

It promotes family-friendly themes such as responsibility and respect. One of the main characters is deaf. Her struggles to integrate into social settings and a hearing family raises awareness of the tolerance difference in the society and culture. Except for scenes like teen rebellion, teen drinking, etc., but the overall messages of communication, respect, and responsibility are what you'll love most about this series.

It is a poignant comedy. The brilliant family sitcom premiered on ABC. The story spins around love, cohabitation, baby adaptation, and same-sex marriage. There are three families portrayed, including a post-mild lifer and his second wife and stepson as well as same-sex couple and their adopted daughter. Contains safe sex conversations, stereotyping, and a few rare sexual moments intended for humorous scenes.

Superb casting and brilliant show. It relates to some families in the same situation. Modern Family was able to balance the bad times and good times during hilarious scenes. Watching it won't be a waste of time. It always ends on a heartening note that reflects the lovely flaws of family relationships. Overall, Modern Family has 10 seasons and 220 episodes. A must-watch show if you want to spend an hour or two on your sofa.

Some teens would surely relate to the main character of the TV series Life Unexpected. It portrays the life of Lux (Britt Robertson), a teen who was given up at birth and has spent nearly all of her life in foster care. When she turned 16 years old, she finally got the chance to meet her birth parents Cate Cassidy and Nate Bazile (Shiri Appleby and Kristoffer Polaha).

While it was ended shortly, Life Unexpected gained satisfactory reviews from critics. Well-acted plus there lots of smart dialogues. It gives a perceptive look at the dynamics between an intelligent yet unsettled teenager and her biological parents. This show can help enlighten teenagers with continuously growing issues such as teen pregnancy.

Most probably the most appealing and entirely amiable pilot NBC has produced. It is a comedy TV show about a bachelor and songwriter Will Freeman who is living a carefree life until he met the single mother Fiona and her eleven-year-old son Marcus when the two moved in next door. Sensing that his mother is unhappy and getting through bleak episodes, Marcus sees Will as a solution to see his mom's genuine smiles again.

Although retreaded on the famous movie, About a Boy still has freshness on the story itself. The warm connection between Marcus and Will is so sweet, I must say. It is good seeing adults and children relating to each other warmly and genuinely. And, that's what this show highlights.



What did you think about our selection of tv shows like Parenthood? Is there any you like the look of? Let us know if you think there should be additional tv shows similar to it that you think we've missed - whether it be on Amazon Prime, Netflix or any other channel, we'd like to know.

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