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10 Great Similar TV Shows Like Hart of Dixie

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Do you want to watch a show away from action, mystery, or thriller? If you are looking for a light-themed show, there are so many recommendations we can give such as Hart of Dixie.

Hart of Dixie has a genre of comedy, drama, and romance that can lighten up your day. This show has originated in the USA. With the humorous style of this show, you’ll be able to experience watching with a plastered smile on your face. It also has a sentimental, touching and semi-serious style that can carry you away as you start watching the show. You’ll be able to feel the emotions imparted on the show with its realistic style too. If you are a teenage girl trying to have inspiration in your life, why not try Hart of Dixie?

Hart of Dixie tells the story a teenage girl, Zoe Hart, who is very passionate about her dream- which is to be a heart surgeon. For four years, she had been residing in New York. Because she lacks in experience, she had been rejected for a position at the hospital in the city for she still has a lot of things to learn in terms of dealing with the patients and their families to be an effective heart surgeon.

Experiencing the night of her life, Zoe learns that the man she referred to as her dad is not her biological father. Her biological father is the half-owner of a general practice located in the small town of Bluebell and Zoe inherited this. Zoe finds herself then living her life in this small town together with the people who dislike her for being ‘big city persona’. As she struggles with the medical practices, she’ll be in the middle of a love triangle that will make her life more complicated.

This show can give a lot of inspiration, especially to the youth, as they start facing the reality of life. They can witness how passion and love can drive a person and how truth can be hard to face at first. If you want an inspirational show, Hart of Dixie is very recommendable. This show has attracted a lot of viewers as it debuted. Though Hart of Dixie didn’t have much love from the critics, this show gave a guilty pleasure to the viewers since it is a light and good show to watch. If you have loved and been inspire by this movie, here are some recommendable shows like Hart of Dixie. You can watch these shows on trusted movie sites and apps.

TV Shows Similar to Hart of Dixie

  1. Everwood
  2. Royal Pains
  3. Private Practice
  4. A Young Doctor’s Notebook
  5. Doctor Foster
  6. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
  7. Call the Midwife
  8. Northern Exposure
  9. Frasier
  10. Grey’s Anatomy

Everwood is also a light-themed show that talks about a Doctor’s life, Dr. Andrew Brown, who is a world-famous surgeon with a happy life. Aside from his successful career and happy life, he has a nice relationship with his family and loving marriage. Everything changes after the death of Dr. Brown’s wife. Together with his two kids, Delia and Ephram, he has decided to leave his life and success of his career as they move to a small town of Everwood. With the new environment, they are in. They will learn how to adjust and move ahead in their lives without his wife.

This show presents that life isn’t always as good as you thought it could be. We can face so many struggles in life and even in the peak of our success, something life-changing event might happen. This is a very recommendable movie if you want to be inspired and witness how the family adjust with their new lives.

Royal Pains is a comedy and drama show that will make your heart melt and brighten up your day. It has realistic scenes, humorous style that will make you laugh and sentimental scenarios that can make you cry. The story revolves a young lad names Hank Lawson, who works as an emergency room doctor in a known and big city hospital. He has a nice life with a good career until a life-changing event happened to him. He has accused of the death of a relevant person in the hospital.

Some misunderstandings caused this accusation- making Hank’s life change with a blink of an eye. He became jobless and has a blur vision of his future not until a friend of him invited him for work. At his friend’s resort in Hamptons, he became a “doctor for hire”. Even he doesn’t want to work with the rich brats. He accepted the offer for he badly needs a job. A new door of good opportunity opens to him, and his life will change again as he starts serving for less privileged people.

Private Practice is a show with comedy, drama and romance genres. It has the same styles as Hart of Dixie. The story centers about the life Addison Montgomery as she decided to leave the hospital in Seattle. She decides to join a private practice in Los Angles, which is the Seaside Wellness Center.

With this show, viewers will be able to learn in handling personal and professional relationships. There are so many viewers who suave for this show though it didn’t excel like other shows.

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A Young Doctor’s Notebook is a British drama-comedy that centers with the life of young Russian doctor who played by Daniel Radcliffe as the younger doctor and Jon Hamm as the older version. The setting is at the Russian revolution time and Russian Civil War, where the doctor revisits the life of his younger-self and be aware of a lot of past struggles.

The story shows that the stupid mistakes we have done with our past life and will enable us to learn and build who we are right now.

Unlike Hart of Dixie, Doctor foster has a darker theme that centers with the life of a woman with a successful career, Gemma Foster. She is happy with her career and married life not until she suspects her husband of infidelity. She finds a hair on her husband’s clothes and starts finding out the truth with her own self. She doesn’t want to confront her husband; instead, she wants to verify the truth with her own bare eyes.

With Doctor Foster, you’ll be able to learn about the value of relationship and be able to realize that trust is an essential ingredient to live a worthy life.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, focuses on the life of Michaela Quinn, also known as Dr. Mike. This show is set in the post-Civil War era and revolves with the life of the doctor moving to the borderline of Colorado Springs right after her father dies. She will experience degradation for the community she is in isn’t comfortable with having a woman doctor in the place.

Michaela’s life will be more complicated with her outspoken behavior, humanitarian thinking, sympathizing for barmaids and showing support to minorities in the town. She will learn how to earn the trust of people surrounding her and maintain the love of her life. She doesn’t want to lose.

Call the Midwife is a British period drama that talks about the life of a newly qualified midwife, Jenny Lee. She’ll be part of a team of midwives who work on London’s East End. Call the Midwife is a show set in the late 1950s.

Jenny lee thought that she’s going to work in the hospital, but instead, she finds herself working with the midwife-nuns and being part of a nursing convent. This movie showcases an extended storyline of historical memoirs of Jennifer Worth.

If you are looking for a fantasy show at the same time a drama-comedy, Northern Exposure is very recommendable. The story is about a fresh graduate New York City physician, Dr. Joel Fleishmann. This show is very similar to Hart of Dixie and provides light-themed scenes.

You will find a lot as Dr. Fleishmann be torn with choices regarding his career life.

If you have seen ‘Cheers’, Frasier might be familiar with you since it is a spinoff of this show. Frasier is about the life of Frasier Crane who comes back in Seattle right after experiencing a lot of struggles and devastations with his married life. Throughout the 11 seasons run, this show has received tons of love and support from the viewers.

If you are looking for the best drama like Hart of Dixie, Grey’s Anatomy is very recommendable. Most of the viewers love this show with its dram and romance genres. It has been the longest-running medical drama in the USA with captivating and sincere styles.

This show centers with the life of Meredith Grey, who is an expert and talented doctor. She acknowledged a residency program in Seattle Grace Hospital and followed her life with so much passion for her career. Grey’s Anatomy, sometimes, has intense scenarios that left its viewers enthralled.

What do you want to watch next?

What do you want to watch next?

Hopefully, from the list of shows similar to Hart of Dixie above - you have found the perfect TV series to watch next. Of course, if you know of any other shows like Hart of Dixie that we might have missed - then please let us know in the comments section below and we will be sure to add it to the list above.

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