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10 Fantastic Fantasy TV Shows Like Grimm

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Are you looking for horror and supernatural genre? Grimm is one of the best choices that is recommended by that genre. The film carries a lot of achievement along the way. The film revolves in an American fantasy police setting that goes with occult detective fiction.

The television series was created by David Greenwalt, Stephen Carpenter and Jim Kouf. It was aired on NBC by the Universal Television. It debuted on 28th of October, 2011. The film lasted almost 6 years for it ended on March 31, 2017, with 123 episodes and over six seasons. The series was a huge hit that the fans can’t seem to get enough of it.

The series provides both thrill and horror for the viewers. It has been awarded for being one of the best police drama in history. The show was so addictive that people are still looking forward to a season 7, which is quite impossible.

Now, if you are one of those fans who couldn’t get enough of the show, here are some shows related and similar to the Grimm. What’s the best way to suffice your horror and supernatural hunger than getting all the thrill you want? These are the top 10 movies similar to the Grimm that you might enjoy watching.

Shows Similar to Grimm

  1. Sleepy Hollow
  2. Law and Order
  3. Haven
  4. The Listener
  5. Primeval: New World
  6. iZombie
  7. Lucifer
  8. Van Helsing
  9. Supernatural
  10. Once Upon a Time

Similar to the genre the Grimm has, it provides a world of supernatural drama. It is also a series that was first aired in September of 2013. The drama was set on a small town of Sleepy Hollow. Provides all thrill genre that comes very addictive to the viewers.

The popularity of dark fairytales that comes in demand with the fandoms. It gives mass interest perfect for all viewers and especially those with affiliation to fiction. The start of dark fairy tales become successful way back in the year 1990. People couldn’t get enough of the engaging films that take fiction into a new world. Sleepy Hollow is perfect for thrill genre-thirsty fans. The show was a complete success.

The story was based on Washington Irving’s novel about the Legend of the Sleepy Hollow. Another story Irving created with the almost comparable genre was the Ichabod Crane that started back in 1781 who was a double agent that beheads a horseman. Ichabod Crane was made a reality in the year 2013, and provide a story wherein he learns that this Headless Horseman is quietly reaping havoc.

Overall, Sleeping Hollow manages to provide a total of 62 episodes that is over 4 series. Sadly, the end part was canceled on May 9, 2017. The best part of this show is that it gives the detective and the supernatural elements that are similar to the Grimm.

Law and order was more a police drama show. The show was aired in 1990 and provided 20 impressive episodes. Although the number or episodes Law and Order provide was quite short, the story provides the best experience for the viewers. According to some articles, the movie franchised a gold mine for the show. The popularity of Law and Order gave birth to different offshoot television series that provides the similar themes of the characters present.

Some of the following series are the Criminal Intent, Special Victims Unit, Trial by Jury, LA, True Crime lastly, Hate Crimes. The movie was, indeed a huge success. Overall, the whole show, including the offshoot gave more than 1000 hours to watch them. This is long enough to keep your Grimm addiction pass through for months.he best part of this show is that it covers all part of crime investigation. If you are more into investigation genres, then this show will keep you company for a very long time.

Similar to the Grimm, this is another supernatural drama that you can look up to. It gives a television series movie that will keep you company for quite some time. The story was based thoroughly on the novel of Stephen King, The Colorado King. This series follows with strange events that are happening in the town of Haven in Maine.

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The series was aired on July 2010, and gave entertainment for the views for more than 5 years. The show was final in December 2015. The series provides a 5 season show with a total of 78 episodes. Every episode was made with 1-hour longevity.

This series is another Sleepy Hollow adaptation film. The film created by Michael Amo follows with a supernatural drama genre that you will surely enjoy watching. It debuted on June 2009. The show runs for about 5 years, with 5 seasons and a total of 65 episodes and ended on August 2004.

The story flows with a paramedic man, Toby Logan who somewhat discovers that he has the power of telepathy. His supernatural powers make himself to work with the law enforcement and track down bad guys every time he was sent to give help.

This was originally based into the successful British series, Primeval and later gave an American adaptation. The story was short with only 1 season and a total of 13 episodes. But besides that, the show remains to be popular with the viewers.

The story goes with a Canadian Special Project group that deals with supernatural incidents.

This series were first aired on March 2015. The story was based on its original comic book, iZombie. The series lasted for 3 years with four ongoing seasons. The series stopped airing on 2018, and now, there is news that it will continue in May 2019.

The story centers about a woman that practically turned in to a zombie. The new life of being one of the undead has given her changes in her life. She soon abandons her family that includes her fiancé for the new life she is currently having.

The up top Netflix film that becomes very popular to the whole world. The series was first aired on January 15, 2016, and still ongoing. The TV series follows with a detective drama that is still ongoing until now. Currently, the series is on its fourth series and with total episodes of 67.

He was a devil that resides in California, but quite unhappy. He soon decides to renounce to be the Lord of Hell in Los Angeles. Until he found himself involved into some murder case, soon he was helping a detective, Chloe Decker to solve the case.

If you are so caught up with Grimm, this is likely the best film that you should watch. Like Lucifer, Van Helsing is now on its fourth season. This has a genre with fantasy horror on TV series. It debuted on September 2016.

It bothers with getting between and balance humanity and vampires, where the vampires tend to rules for both of the creatures and extinct the humans. Not far from the story of the Grimm.

Vanessa, the descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, soon discovered that her blood could change vampires into humans. She has now the task to save humanities and restore vampires to its original form. Will she able to get the vampires to be at peace with the humans in no time?

As far as concerned, Supernatural is named as one of the most successful fantasy series. It is renowned for getting the grossest in all supernatural films. Going to its 14 seasons, with a total of 297 episodes will surely keep you company for a long time. The series was so popular that every release, over 2 million viewers are watching it per day.

The story follows with two brothers who are hunting down supernatural beings, either ghosts, demons, and monsters. The movie was very addictive and gave exciting and unpredictable episodes and monster. This is perfect for supernatural-genre fans. If you are a massive fan of Grimm, try watching this, and you will be a Supernatural fan in a flash.

The series was first aired on October 2011. The series ended in 2018 and gave 7 years of service in the supernatural movies.

The shows gives a little of Alice in the Wonderland and a bit of Grimm tales. The movie provides the best series that will let your Grimm fandom into a whole new level. The story gives character similar to the fairy tales you have back on like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. You will surely be excited about getting involved in this film. There is perfectly something special to look up to this series.


Hopefully, you have got some more ideas of what tv shows to watch next that like Grimm from the list above. Of course, if you do have any other shows like Grimm that you think should be included on this list - then by all means - please do include them in the comments section below and we will be sure to include them going forwards.

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