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10 Shows Like Young and Hungry

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Are you a big fan of romantic-comedy shows? Young and Hungry could be one of your favorite. If you can’t get enough of that comedy and romance of Josh and Gabi, then we recommend you the best shows similar to Young and Hungry.

Young and hungry revolves around the world of Josh, and entrepreneur, a rich guy who meets Gabi, who is a youthful food blogger. Their worlds collided when Josh turned Gabi into his personal chef. Gabi, being overly desperate in taking her job as serious as can be, she well prepares with a range of meals. There comes a time where Gabi prepared a romantic dinner for Josh and his girlfriend and found herself in an awkward position. Then she realized, she was not only allured for the job but Josh. The story goes on how Gabi took the opportunity for employment, and much better, love.

The show best fits for teenagers and even for loyal, romantic comedy fans. If this story keeps your inner sitcom affiliate shaking, then here are some couple of shows that you can watch with almost the same genre.


10 Similar Shows like Young and Hungry

  1. Sean Saves the World
  2. Chalet Girl
  3. Selfie
  4. Mom
  5. Kitchen Confidential
  6. Freddie
  7. See Dad Run
  8. Men at Work
  9. House of Payne
  10. Melissa and Joey

#1 Sean Saves the World

This is an American sitcom or situation comedy starring Sean Hayes. The show was first aired on October 3, 2013, and ended on March 24, 2014. The story comes with a really quick story with only 13 episodes and just 1 season. On January 28, 2014, it was publicized that Sean Saves the World will be cancelled after 13 whole episodes. The film was aired on NBC as the episodes go.

The show being a success was made on-demand on DVD sets from the Universal Studios. The sad part of this series is that it never made another season nor any news about it. Overall, the storyline is great with having the protagonist, Sean, which is a divorced gay father was with her 14-year-old daughter and have to balance his successful yet demanding career amid taking care of his kid. The show is a good example for parents and provides tips on balancing career and being a single parent.

#2 Chalet Girl

The film is having both genres of Young and Hungry, both comedy and romance. The rom-com film was filled with a sporty type of story in where the protagonist, Kim, plays the snowboard from her father’s ski resort. She was aiming to join a competition that includes a large price. She was fearful and then she met Johnny, her boss and led to something more than just a competition to win.

Like the show, Young and hungry, Chalet girl provides the same type of story in where Kim fall in love with her boss in getting ready for her competition. Chalet Girl was launched in 2011 and provided a good romantic comedy in history.

#3 Selfie

The show Selfie was first launched in 2014. This was an American romantic comedy series. The series starred both John Cho and Karen Gillian. Emily Kapnek produced this for the Warner Bros Television. The show was aired on ABC, and it lasted for only a year, the show was cancelled on 2015. The story revolves on how Karen, was a subject for a viral video, made a compromise with a marketing expert, John, to restore her image once again.

The show was completed with a total of 13 episodes that equals to 1 season. The story is very similar to Young and Wild. Per episode was 21 to 22-minutes long. The show was great that it was nominated for “Favorite New TV Comedy” on People’s choice award back on 2014. If you’re getting bored and you think Young and Wild is the only rom-com that passed your standard, Selfie is a great movie to start with.

#4 Mom

The show was first aired on September 23, 2013, and premiered on CBS. This show was created by Chuck Lorre, Gemma Baker and Gorodetsky. The show was quite long that it is still updating in the present. The last update, according to the creator was the seventh season is to be aired on September 26, 2019. The show was good, and there is so much to look out for.

The setting is filmed on Napa, California wherein the mother and daughter duo are dysfunctional. They were both addictive to alcohol, as sober like what people say on the idea that they were the only one trying to survive that lead them to become alcoholic.

The show was a great success that has high ratings, and the wonderful plot is accrediting them. They are retained in the top 5 best comedy films in the US for the adults. It is the best series to watch.

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#5 Kitchen Confidential

Kitchen confidential is another American sitcom television series. The show was first aired on September 16, 2005, on Fox. The story was based on Anthony Bourdain’s book, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly that was a New York Time bestselling book. The show ended up too early on December 5, 2005.

Long bound, the series got a good show. Even though the series got cancelled, it still maintains a 13-episode series that is good for 1 season. It had to be a beautiful story until some issues with the film shake off.

#6 Freddie

The show was first aired on October 5, 2005, up to April 12, 2016. Freddie is an American Television series that was co-created by Conrad Jackson and Prinze. In the series, the main character, Freddie Prinze (as of co-created) was based on its real life story. His story was inspired oh how Freddie grows up with a house that was filled with women. Along with his lifelong friend, Conrad Jackson made the series come true.

The television series was composed of 21 episodes in 1 season. The genre similar to Young and Hungry, situational comedy was a good movie that can be referred.

#7 See Dad Run

See Dad Run was first aired on Nick at Nite on 6th of October, 2012. The television series was cancelled March 17, 2014, with a total of 50 episodes and 3 seasons.

The story goes with David Hobbs, soon becomes a stay home dad to make his wife, Amy Hobbs a successful soap-opera wife. His life revolves on taking care of his 3 children and find it difficult than anything else. The plot of the show essentially focused on family and comedy.

#8 Men at Work

This is an original American sitcom television series that was aired on TBS. Breckin Meyer created it along with it actors Michael Cassidy, Meridith Hagner, Danny Masterson, Adam Busch, and James Lesure. The series was first aired on May 24, 2012, and was cancelled on May 11, 2014. It gained a total of 30 episodes of 3 seasons.

The plot goes on how Milo who was heartbroken about his relation with his girlfriend. Due to his loneliness, he tried to enter dating along with his three best friends who are also his co-workers. The show follows with a romance and an intensely humorous theme that will surely laugh your way out. It is a good show for people who want to forget a time in their life and continue having to laugh about it.

#9 House of Payne

Tyler Perry’s House of Payne was created and produces by no other, Tyler Perry. Again, it is an original American sitcom television series the revolves about the family of Curtis Payne and, a patriarch and his wife, Ella. The series was first aired on TBS on June 21, 2006, and cancelled on August 10, 2012. The show has a remarkably 254 episodes that were more or less 8 seasons altogether.

The show delivers a different type of message, featuring dark themes and addiction. The storyline is serialized. Herewith, it still a good comedy show. This series will take you a lot of time laughing on your couch.

#10 Melissa and Joey

This show has a romantic comedy genre. This was an original film aired on ABC family from the year 2010 and ended in 2015. With a total of 104 episodes and 4 seasons. The story plot goes on a local politician, Mel Burke along with Joe Longo in whom Burke hires to babysit for her niece and nephew after she was left broke in a Ponzi scheme. The plot is witty that keeps in the hearts of the viewers.

The popularity of the film keeps on high gross amount and also nominated and won different types of awards starting from 2013 up to 2015. The show is one of the best situational comedy to watch that will let you forget that you were a Young and Hungry fan.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed our range of shows like Young and Hungry it will be interesting to know which one you choose to watch next - let us know in the comments. Plus, if you have some additional suggestions that we haven't mentioned, then let us know as well we would love to check them out.

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