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10 TV Shows Like Power

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Have you watched the TV Series - Power? Well, this TV Series is a mindblower for its exceptional casts, settings, and movie flow. Here, we explore TV Shows like Power.

Power tackles the life of Ghost, a drug dealer, and a vulnerable businessman. Ghost has a power in which he hides behind his dark business. Due to his business, death threats keep on coming in his life. While he and his colleague (Tommy Egan) had planned to launch their nightclub, Truth had come over and brought its problem. Truth is the reality in this TV Series.

Ghost is about to quit his dark and inhumane business. However, a lot of hindrances stops him from quitting. One of them is his terrifying, cartel boss named Lobos. Also, his wife Tasha who had lived in luxury with shoes and high-quality liquors wants to continue the overflowing supply of money to support her Caribbean vacation costing a life.

Will Ghost be able to surpass these hindrances and to embrace changes in his life finally?

Power is an addictive, gritty, and complex series that provides a lot of plot twists without neglecting the exceptional characterization. All of the casts have their portrayal of their characters, which adds to the overall quality of this TV Series. As of now, Power is waiting for its Season 6 which leaves an extreme excitement to the viewers, waiting if Ghost will be able to surpass the hindrances trying to make his life miserable.

On the other hand, have you heard about some TV shows and movies related or similar to Power? Well, if you want to know more, read further and make a lot of discoveries!

TV Shows Like Power

1. McMafia

2. Gomorrah

3. The Shield

4. Boardwalk Empire

5. Peaky Blinders

6. Ozark

7. The Wire

8. Narcos

9. The Sopranos

10. Breaking Bad

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If you want to experience an action filled and thrilling TV Series, McMafia shouldn’t be missed out. This TV Series tackles the journey of a British-raised boy named Alex Godman, the son of a Russian mafia boss, Dmitri Godman who is trying to get out from an organized crime world. This TV Series aired its premiere in 2018, and it is based on one of the best-selling novels published by a British journalist named Misha Glenny in 2008. This novel is entitled “McMafia: A Journey through the Global Criminal Underworld.”

Co-created by James Watkins and Hossein Amini, this TV Series is a must wast for its talented cast and exceptional script.

Recently, McMafia had announced for their comeback for their Season 2 which makes the gangster enthusiasts more excited and determined to watch the next coming scenes of this one of a kind TV Series.

The TV Show Gamorrah mainly encompasses an action genre. This action-filled TV Show had rooted in the famous novel published by a journalist and Italian author-Roberto Saviano. This TV Show mainly tackles the exploits named Ciro Di Marzio, who at the same time a member of Savastano clan.

This clan is owned and ruled by Pietro Savastano- a high-ranking drug lord who has a lot of dark businesses and purposes. In this TV Show, Ciro is aiming to navigate and locate the dangers behind the criminal world while he fights against the brutal civil war. This show is a must-watch due to its exceptional and excellent characterization, acting, directing, writing, atmosphere, and pacing.

If you are looking for something that has an extremely intense feeling and violence, The Shield by Shawn Ryan is the best for you. This movie encompasses eye-tearing violence through its exceptional scenes and castings. The story surrounds about a Detective named Vic Mackey, a Los Angeles Cop who dirty secrets behind his career and had followed the exploits under his command in LA.

This movie is perfect for those who love to watch suspense and action filled movie. The Shield is a movie that you shouldn’t miss.

If you are looking for a crime drama and law-related TV Show, Boardwalk Empire is the one just for you. Boardwalk Empire had rooted from the original work of an American lawyer and author named Nelson Johnson. The movie adaptation was empowered and applied with exceptional characterization, script, setting, and stunts.

This movie is all about a politician from New Jersey named Enoch Nucky Thompson. This movie was shot in Atlantic City. Thompson works both in the law and with the gangsters in the Prohibition Era.

Martin Scorsese is the director of this movie which had resulted in an excellent and recognized as one of the most viewed movies in the American Film Institute. It had received varying awards and recognition due to its gangster-inspired theme. Also, its excellent elements which comprised its outstanding appearance had made this TV Show a must watch and hard to end TV Show on HBO.

If you are searching for an oldie yet golden TV Show, Peaky Blinders is highly recommended. This show was filmed in a 1920s inspiring theme which follows a titular gang leader and his exploits named Thomas Shelby. This TV Show expresses an exceptional TV drama and action, aided by the charismatic appeal of Murphy in every scene he took. Another plus point for this TV Show is the contribution of George Steel in cinematic photography which boasted the TV Show higher among others.

As the most recent premiered TV Show, Ozark had provided a unique and suspense-filled theme. This TV Show talks about a financial planner named Jason Bateman and his wife, Wendy Byrde, who are both dragged in a troublesome and illegal situation. They are pushed to launder a huge amount of money as appease for a drug boss costing about $500 million in five years. The story revolves around the journey of the couple towards facing the challenges and troubles connected in their situation.

If you are looking for a mafia drug and law inspired TV Show, you shouldn’t miss The Wire. David Simon had created this excellent narrative, expressing the varying fields between drug dealers and law enforcement in Maryland, Baltimore.

The main casts of this TV Shows are Sonja Sohn, Lance Reddick, and Dominic West who portray the characters excellently and professionally. This TV Show had provided the viewers with an engaging and eye-opening perception towards its main topics- law enforcement and drug dealings. This encompasses and portrays varying aspects of society, such as politics and society in an urban setting. Although this TV Show was often reviewed and watched by some viewers, it still provided a lot of lessons and suspense experiences, which further widens the perspectives of its viewers regarding drugs and politics.

Recently in 2015, TV Show entitled Narcos was published which revolves around the criminal exploits of a drug lord from Colombia named Pablo Escobar. As a drug lord, Pablo Escobar must face varying challenges and problems in his field of dark and shadowed career. Pablo Escobar seeks and explores other kingpins who had plagued their country in several years.

Narcos provides its viewers with a one of a kid and suspense-action filled TV Show which they can fully enjoy. This TV Show had paved the way among other American shows and gained a lot of charismatic appearances, especially on Netflix.

Not literally to sing a soprano, this movie is a one of a kind TV Show produced by exceptional directors, staff and casts. This movie is an eye opener towards mental health awareness and issues. This movie tackles about an Italian American mobster named Tony Soprano. Soprano followed his life as he exerts a lot of effort to maintain the balance between his professional and personal issues, which had resulted in mental health deficiency. The soprano was urged to seek professional mental health and psychiatric assistance such as legal and regular counseling.

Soprano premieres on HBO, and it has 8 seasons since its debut year way back from 1999 to 2007.

This exceptional movie had received a lot of recognition and awards such as 21 Emmy Awards and 5 Awards from Golden Globe. The Sopranos had grown to an excellent and profound critical analysis due to its highly remarkable directing, writing, accompanied by excellent casting performances.

Breaking Bad is a neo-western drama crime movie that surrounds the life story of a high school chemistry teacher named Walter White and essayed by an inoperable lung cancer patient- Bryan Cranston. This movie tackles the life of White, which is currently suffering from an extreme financial shortage and wrecked marriage. Given this, White was pushed to manufacture and sell methamphetamine to secure the lives of his beloved family.

Due to the charismatic appearance of Bryan Cranston and with the other casts, this movie is a must watch, and anyone shouldn’t miss the opportunity to watch it.



Hopefully, you have found out what tv shows like Power you are going to watch next from the list above. Although if you know of any other shows that are similar to Power that we might have missed, then please do let us know in the comments below.

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