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10 TV Shows Like Bones (Keeping You on Edge)

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Heads up Bones fans! Those looking for good television shows like Bones which you can binge watch while savoring your favorite snacks, you're with us! Here, let us share with you the top 10 shows you should stream asap!

Bones is one of the most successful and longest-running one-hour television shows of Fox. It was inspired by the real life and novels of Kathy Reichs. The story is about Dr. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist who is working at the Jeffersonian Institution while writing her books. She can be able to read clues left on the bones of victims – a unique ability that led her to assist law enforcement on investigations where the remains of a victim are badly burned, decomposed, or destroyed.

Knowing about a story that focuses on solving homicides and murders might give you an assumption that Bones is more on serious scenes or dramatic moments. Well, it's not. Do you like jokes, sarcasm, or mockery? This series has everything you need for total distraction. A great distraction actually for a boring night or weekend.

So, ready to discover your inner interest in solving various cases? Here are the best television shows like bones which have comedy, romance, and crime we highly recommend. Enjoy watching people!

TV Shows Similar to Bones

  1. Castle
  2. Cold Case
  3. The Finder
  4. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)
  5. The Closer
  6. Numb3rs
  7. Without a Trace
  8. Elementary
  9. The Mentalist
  10. Rizzoli & Isles

This ABC's hit show is not just another police procedural attempting to follow the footpaths of Cold Case or CSI. It is about Richard Castle, who is a best-selling mystery writer. The story gets interesting when psycho killers begin murdering people the way Richard killed off folks in his books. This eventually led a certain detective Kate Beckett to ask the help of Castle in solving the murders.

Everyone can probably relate to the protagonist. He is childish, easily revolted, somewhat immature, and appears to be always deeply caffeinated. What's more, the cast members are fantastic. You'll find yourself rigorously interested in the antics of Martha or high school and college adventures of Alexis. Plus, the emphasis on family is genuinely heart-warming.

Another television series we recommend watching similar to Bones is the Cold Case, which tackles DNA, major unsolved crimes, and detective work. Lily Rush is a hard-working Philadelphia homicide detective who specializes in cold cases. Meaning to say investigations which are not being actively pursued by the department anymore. Lily was partnered with Detective Chris Lassing and later with Detective Scotty Valens.

What makes Cold Case a good movie to watch? The fact that it builds complexity using creating excitement with idealistic plot points and clichéd dialogue as well as altering numerous characters. All cases are completely and gracefully solved by the end of the episode — a must-watch television series for those looking for a bit of thrill.

Witty, funny, and will keep you guessing. That's how can I describe the American procedural drama TV series The Finder. Michael Clarke Duncan and Geoff Stults lead the cast of this Hart Hanson's creation. Walter Sherman, played by Geoff, can find things. It started when his brain got dinged by a bomb. Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan), on the other hand, aided Walter throughout. The two built a loyalty you haven't seen on television.

The characters entertain. You watch them solve every case in the sense that you're also part of the team except for emotional and silly moments all through the episodes. You might also be enticed with the cuteness of Willa, a plucky teen who makes all the things more wrapped and enforced.

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One great reason why you should NCIS is that it is full of charming story curves and clever remarks. It juggles several moods: warmth, fear, humor, grief, etc. The relationships of characters are not just romantically. They are also relationships between co-workers and siblings, government agencies and countries, and of course, children and parents. Yes, you'll learn from each character aside from involving yourself in solving various crimes.

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs plays the lead part. He is in charge of on-the-ground operations. Then, here's Gibb, a serious guy who possesses intensity and experience to help the team. Zida David and Anthony DiNozzo are the two primary investigators. While the Team Gibbs members tease and mock each other to the point that they sometimes get in trouble, they love ad fight for one another in ways that are real, human, complex, and entertaining. Something that some viewers can relate.

A smart, strong female in a complex role, Atlanta police detective Kyra Sedgwick heads up an LAPD special murder unit in this TV series. The cases are complicated, the working bonds tense, and the dialogue fast-paced. Kyra is sure to amaze viewers with her stellar interrogation and detecting skills.

She is indeed a pleasure to watch, though of course, we shouldn't forget the role of other characters who also made the story enjoyable to watch. Dead bodies and blood are not uncommon. Semi-graphic description of violence and crime are peppered all through the action as well.

If you want a primetime crime drama with a bit of twist, Numb3rs might be what you're looking for. Here, a team of FBI investigators and agents make use of forensic evidence and mathematical formula to help solve crimes in the area of LA. Charlie is a mathematical genius and professor whose ability was taken advantage by his brother and an FBI agent Don Eppes. Charlie depends on mathematical probability and equations while Don handles the evidence in all the cases. This duo makes the perfect team.

Sorry to disappoint your expectation people, but you won't find geeks in this show that wear pocket protectors. Charlie is a down-to-earth, modish genius who uses his extraordinary ability to solve numerous cases, including murder mysteries.

Without a Trace is a competent, efficiently shot television series with a talented cast of characters. It is a decent crime drama that you might eventually fall in love watching all over again. FBI agent Jack Malone plays the lead along with his FBI agents. They serve as grumpy guardian angels for the residents of New York City. They make sure that every case is solved, the perps are punished, and the missing people will be found even if that means working round-the-clock.

The predictably sensational storylines involve teenage sex rings, child abductions, and accidental infanticide. Sexual themes, drug use with repercussions, and moderate violence make this series only an ideal show for elders. It doesn't display the stab of channel-mate and the level of blood.

To start with, this crime procedural drama series will get you hooked with its Rube Goldberg machines as an opening theme. It is a NY-based Holmes with a female version of Dr. Watson. Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller make it a double act to competing Sherlock. In this version, Sherlock Holmes recovers from drug addiction. His brilliance makes him a valuable asset in the NYPD.

They are only intended for adults since Elementary focuses on unpleasant faces of human behaviors like abductions and murders. But teenagers who are ready enough to handle serious topics might also want to spend time watching the whole series. Crime details and dead bodies are fair game. You'll also meet plenty of classic characters that offer interesting tweaks from the original versions.

Patrick Jane is an ex-phony Tav psychic. His ability to gather ends and odds of human behavior and then to utilize them to formulate incredible facts to catch criminals continually enrages and astonishes his California Bureau of Investigation cynical colleagues. Well, Jane is not just a person with a special skill. He is also hilarious, always doing something to amuse the viewers. This gives you the thrill of what he will do next.

And, here's Lisbon, the witty, awesome, and energetic counterpart of Jane. Unlike other crime dramas, The Mentalist only has one big problem that needs to be solved. It is catching Red John, who happens to be the killer of his family. I like the struggle between Red John and Jane or between good and evil.

Rizzoli & Isles is an adult-oriented crime drama series packs some gorgeous ghastly scenes which involve murder, rape, and torture. The story is about a street-smart detective named Jane Rizzoli who works in the homicide division of Boston and a book-smart medical examiner Maura Isles. They are close friends, professional colleagues, and strong women who team up to solve some of the ghastliest murders happening in Boston.

The other characters continue to lure more viewers as well. For instance, Vince Korsak is a huge animal lover, an aging detective who brings comic relief and experience. Barry Frost, on the other hand, is grounded and lovable partner whose back story you'd surely love to learn. Overall, every character is enthralling, and the writing is superb.



What are you going to watch next from the list of tv shows like Bones? If you have any other recommendations for similar shows then please do let us know in the comments section below.

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