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Shopping Songs In Honor of Those Who Survived Another Black Friday

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Senior Made This Classic Shopping List


Since you are reading this, you should be grateful for two things. First, teacher or parent taught you how to read and, second, you survived another Black Friday.

Long known by that dark term for the day after Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping hours of the year have often been among the most dangerous. Congratulations for having made it through, hopefully without bankrupting yourself.

The best thing about Black Friday is that, almost invariably, the classic rock stations will spin the Steely Dan song by that very title. It leads off the Katy Lied album, and it really is not about shopping at all.

However, plenty of other tunes have been dedicated to shopping, or at least the places where such an act takes place. Here are the ten best songs with some form of the word shop in their titles.

1. Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Everyone alive during the summer and fall of 2012 was singing “I got twenty dollars in my pocket,” as this smash hit number one.

2. Shop Around by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

Captain and Tenille got a Gold Record out of it a decade later, but it was Smokey's version that really caught fire.

3. Shopping by the Barenaked Ladies

Ed Robertson penned this single as the highlight of Everything To Everyone, his group's first without co-founder Steven page.

4. Popcicle Shop by the Minus 5

Actually, Scott McCaughey may not have been referring to a confectionary on this track from The Lonesome Death of Buck McCoy, but probably to something that numbs without freezing

5. Shoplifters of the World Unite by the Smiths

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Louder Than Bombs, a remarkable double album filled with creative Morrissey-Marr collaborations, holds this track that became an anthem in the United Kingdom.

6. Shopping A To Z by Toni Basil

The singer made famous by “Mickey's” cheerleading video starts this musical list with apple followed by banana, finishing it a few minutes later with yams and zippers.

7. Shopping For Clothes by the Coasters

The shopper here enters the department and picks out a nice wardrobe for himself, only to end up failing the credit check.

8. Coffee Shop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Considering the album is titled One Hot Minute, the drink makes the song as fitting as bacon and eggs.

9. Shop Talk by John Prine

This is an underrated cut from the underrated album, Storm Windows.

10. Window Shopping by Hank Williams

Because of its theme this standard could have been called “Gold Digger,” but then it would not have qualified for this list.

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