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Sheena Snively


Loud and Proud!

This petite blonde beauty from Hamilton Ontario is known for her in-your-face behavior during interviews and punked-ish comedic skits as a co-host on MTV LIVE (Weekdays at 6pm & 11pm). She also has her own reality bites program called Jersey Shore at Sheena's House (Thursdays at 10 p.m. on MTV) which spoofs another popular American reality show, Jersey Shore.

MTV Live

If you have not heard of the Gemini-award winning MTV Live, it is Canada's nightly talk show starring Daryn Jones. It is described as "Hilarious. Spontaneous. And sometimes... down right dangerous.Comedian Jones leads a gang of misfits that include pop culture junkie, musician and co-host Nicole Holness, the-boy-who-never-wanted- to-be-on-TV Paul "The Intern" Lemieux, and local loud mouth Sheena Snively, who keeps everybody on their toes."

Jersey Shore at Sheena's House

Sheena Snively headlines her own MTV event, Jersey Shore at Sheena's House featuring Sheena and her equally outlandish family. "The weekly pre-show features a series of highlight clips from past episodes which are dissected, scrutinized and analyzed and a look forward to that night's episode."

The loud and proud funny girl is busy as a bee keeping Canadians on their toes. If you are in Toronto you never know who might come at you from around the corner or in the street, Or she may just quietly photo bomb you and you won't know it until you develop those vacation photographs.

Read on to learn more about Sheena Snively.

10 Things You Might Not Know - About Sheena (I asked, she answered)

Sheena Snively Comedian

Sheena Snively Comedian

1 - I am Married!

A lot of people are surprised to find out that I am married. My husband's name is Dash (no it's not a nickname)! I have been married for over two years, but we were together for 9 years before that! We got married on Halloween and had a massive masquerade ball. I kinda like him. If you want to know what he looks like then you can see him on Jersey Shore at Sheena's House. He is my right hand man! Well right after Ian Lynch of course!

2 - Obsession with serial Killers.

Ever since I learned how to read I have had this weird obsession with true crime stories. My sister (Dee, who is also on Sheena's House), would take out true crime novels from the library every week. I was probably way to young to be reading that kind of stuff, but hey - when you have a big duce to drop and your sister has left the novels laying all over the bathroom, well what else are you supposed to do? The point is I am a weirdo that likes to read about Jeffrey Dahmer & John Wayne Gacy.

3 - I've had Salmonella Poisoning.

I got salmonella poisoning two days before my wedding from putting a giant Raw turkey on my head! It was for a Thanksgiving Day skit for MTV Live, and I went out in below zero degrees temps to chat with people on the streets of Toronto. Not a wise choice as I thought I was going too be sick on my wedding day. Luckily I healed up nicely just in time to abuse my body with some alcohol at the reception.

4 - I love to travel!

One thing that Dash and I have in common is that we both like to travel. Some of the places we have visited include France, Italy, Fiji, Australia, almost every province in Canada and many of the U.S. states. We collect stickers from every country we go to and I stick them on a plastic box that I have had since I was like 13-years-old! Oh side note, that box house's my feminine products - so its basically a box for my box… so um yeah that's something else you might not know about me.

5 - I don't like Beer.

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I have done many beer oriented pieces for MTV Live, like Kitchener Oktoberfest, Toronto's beer festival, Toronto's food and wine expo, but the truth is I actually hate beer! The only beer I actually like is Fruli and every time I want to go for a drink after work I yell to my office buddies "Its Fruli-O-clock" and then people know I am going for a drinky poo, and they are welcome to come! Its like a mating call kind of thing!

6 - I work with my best friend.

Here at MTV I am pretty lucky I get to work with my best friend Cat. We have known each other for about six years, give or take. We went to college together, we got internships at MTV together, got booked full-time at MTV at the same time, and now she is one of the producers of Jersey Shore at Sheena's House. She is actually helping me with suggestions for this top ten list right now. She gets annoyed when I call her Gayle - meaning I am Oprah and she is Gayle King. Oh… she just smacked me for writing that Oprah thing. Ha!

7 - I used to prank Daryn.

Back in the day on Daryn's previous show The Buzz, I used to prank call him nightly! This was long before I worked at MTV, and long before I ever met him. At the end of the show they featured a hotline you could call in to give comments and I would obsessively call claiming to be a large woman named Charmain who was obsessed with Daryn. Funny thing is now I am a large woman named Sheena who takes orders from Daryn in person. That always makes me laugh.

8 - I get nervous.

I basically get all jittery and nervous before almost every episode of MTV Live. I think it might have something to do with drinking too much coffee. The only thing that seems to help in any capacity is going to the bathroom (#2), before the show. Yeah gross but you want to know weird things about me, so I be telling it.

9 - I like to sleep on the floor.

No surface can be too hard for this chick. I don't know what it is, but I can sleep on a hardwood floor, with pleasure. It's a super weird trait I know, but its the truth! This weird like makes me a good person to go camping with. Anyone wanna pitch a tent with me?

10 - I collect records.

I am obsessed with collecting records! I spend most of my weekends scouring yard sales, flea markets, and music stores for good finds. I am guessing at this point that I have over 800 LP's ranging from old school hip hop to hard core punk. When people ask me what kind of music I like I have a hard time because it varies from day to day. I'm like a music chameleon!

Jersey Shore Parody

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