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Why One Tree Hill's Brooke Davis Is My Heroine

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Brooke Davis


The Begining of One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill aired on the CW11 in 2004 and it had; romance, drama, great fashion, frenemies, etc. It lasted until 2012. It was an emotional family drama. There were many twists and turns to the shows. Viewers turned in every week endlessly to watch the nonstop drama of Brucas of the beginning and Leyton. The love triangle and drama that usually goes on in high school. I myself never missed an episode and have every single season on DVD. Brooke Davis was my favorite heroine and here is why:

Why Young Females Everywhere Should Look up to Brooke Davis

1) She was an Entrepreneur: Brooke Davis owned her owned fashion company “Clothes over Bros,” ended up owning her owning her own store “Clothes over Bros,” and even had her own magazine “B.Davis,” in Season 5. She inspired me and women all over the importance of being successful, driven and how great it feels when you run your own business. She shows young girls what it feels like to be a leader and not a follower.

2) She positively transformed her life since high school. Whoever said a leopard cannot change his or her spots is clearly mistaken. Brooke Davis went from being the wild party girl sophomore year to class president by the end of the show. She then went on to become a famous fashion designer and run her own line “Clothes over bros.” I think that it is amazing and I give someone credit how they can grow up and achieve their goals like that. Brooke Davis shows all young women that we all make mistakes but we can achieve our goals, no matter how high they are as long as we have the vision and determination.

3) She showed us that there really is a happily ever after. At the beginning of the show there was a love triangle with Peyton and Lucas. You all remember that right? Brooke was with Lucas first and then Lucas cheated on Brooke with her best friend Peyton. Ouch. Nothing can be more devastating that finding out your boyfriend is cheating on you with your best friend. She gave him a second chance later on and it happened again. She had relationships in seasons after that and focused on her career. It was not until She met Julian in Season 5 that that things did really take off. Julian was the man who broke down all her walls from Lucas and showed her that nice men do exist. He was the one who stuck around for the good and the bad and who stayed until the end of the series. At the end of the series Brooke and Julian ended up marrying and ended up having twins. So what did we learn from this? We all go through bad relationships, especially when we are younger. We choose the wrong partners and for different reasons. Eventually the right person comes along and sweeps us off our feet. There is happily ever after.

4)She shows us the importance of being a good mom. Brooke and her mom never had a close relationship. You see that more towards the end of the series. Season 5 Brooke wants to adopt a child because she feels her career is in place and she wants to be a mom. At first she receives Angie who has a bad heart. It breaks Brookes’ heart. Brooke then has to has to give her back to her real mom. Brooke then receives rebellious Sam instead. At first there is a wall up because Sam is being a rebellious teenager but eventually, Brooke sets the boundaries that are needed. Once the boundaries are set it changes things for the better. Brooke shows us the importance of family and boundaries, communication and how everyone needs love especially when they are a teenager.

You Can See how Admirable Brooke Davis Really is by Catching up on One Tree Hill's Reruns on Netflix!

Brooke Davis is an amazing role model for young women everywhere. I love how she is fearless and inspires them to follow there dreams. She teaches them that you can have both a successful career and a family. She has a heart of gold. One Tree Hill is an excellent show and Brooke Davis is still my favorite character. You can catch the reruns on Netflix!

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Brooke Davis as she shows great character development over the years

Team Brooke or Team Peyton

Brooke Davis Fans:

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