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She-Hulk: story of a strong woman

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The story begins

Jennifer Walters has never appeared on the big screen before.

So, meet Bruce Banner's cousin Jennifer Walters. She began her career in comics as a successful lawyer from LA. One day, Jen crossed the road of the mafia, and the thugs of the local crime boss Nicholas Trask attacked her and mortally wounded her. By coincidence, it was at this moment that her cousin Bruce visited her, hiding from the authorities. Since only he could become a donor for his sister, Walters was saved by transfusing Bruce's blood into her. That's just irradiated with gamma rays, Dr. Banner did not foresee that his blood would make Jen Hulk too.
After that, Jennifer Walters gained incredible power and turned into one of the strongest physical heroines in MC. Like Bruce, Jennifer, because she experiences violent emotions, only becomes stronger. Add to this impenetrable skin, immunity to all earthly diseases, self-healing, and hand-to-hand combat skills that Captain America taught Jennifer when she was part of the Avengers team. Looks a lot like the Hulk, doesn't it? But it's not that simple. After all, Jen gained her abilities in a "workaround" and as a result is somewhat different from the original Hulk.

The key point is that she does not become a dumb machine for destruction, but can control herself in the "green state", which, coupled with her huge strength, makes her a more effective hero than the Hulk. And although the girl still sometimes suddenly changes shape under the influence of anger or fear, over time, Jen learned to keep her inner beast in check and manage her emotions.
During her adventures, She-Hulk has acquired her own sworn enemies. Of the entire list, Behemoth, Titania, and Nicholas Trask deserve the most attention.

Marvel, Savage She-Hulk, John Buscema

Marvel, Savage She-Hulk, John Buscema

Sworn Enemies

Behemoth's real name is Manfred Ellsworth Haller. He was an engineer who designed armor that looked like an elephant. Haller's encounter with She-Hulk took place in the pages of issue 17 of The Savage She-Hulk. Heller appears before the reader in the form of a businessman, seeking to make a profit in any way and sell his technologies. In his first appearance, Haller tried to enlist the support of Sheriff Walters, who was just suffering from She-Hulk's atrocities in Los Angeles. Without persuading the sheriff to cooperate, Haller decides to fight Jennifer on his own to prove the superiority of his technologies but was defeated, promising to reimburse all the costs caused by the fight. Later, Manfred obtained a shard of Cyttorak's stone, which allowed him to take on a powerful animal form without armor.

Titania is a kind of antipode of Jennifer. The real name of the villain is Mary McFerran. As a child, she was teased and humiliated because of her skinny figure. The girl grew up embittered, and one day fate brought her together with Doctor Doom, who created an army to fight superheroes during the first Secret Wars. Mary quickly agreed to all genetic modifications and the role of a soldier in exchange for strength. Choosing a new name - Titania, the girl became one of the most aggressive and strong supporters of Doctor Doom. It was during the events of Secret Wars that the long confrontation between Titania and She-Hulk began. It is worth recognizing that there were no prerequisites for their conflict then. The characters fought on opposite sides of the barricades, and that was enough for them to fight each other. But then their relationship became more complicated, there were reasons for hatred: envy, competition, and the constant desire to settle scores. Then they will often intersect on the pages of comics. It will even come to the point that Titania will one day take possession of the stone of power - one of the stones of infinity - and with its help will try to put an end to the enmity with the She-Hulk, but she will not be able to do this.


Our Wonder Woman

Although She-Hulk looks very similar to her cousin, there are a lot of differences between them. And it's not only about "technical" features but also the character, functions of the hero, and the subtext inherent in her image. Instead of a frightened and insecure scientist, she is a purposeful and determined woman. Instead of him who perceives his transformation as a curse, she wants to unlock the potential of her metamorphoses.

But that's not all - if the foundation of the character changes, the main themes of his stories also change. When Bruce struggles with the inner beast like Dr. Jekyll and hides part of his inner self, Jennifer talks to the reader about the hidden female power, newfound confidence, emancipation, and the duality of human nature. The latter is especially interesting, since Jennifer and She-Hulk, being the same person, can have completely polar views. For example, they had different views on the Superhero Registration Act, which sparked the Marvel Civil War.

Banner suppresses his rage, Walters appears as a person who has risen above her fears. This is a superheroine with a tougher, more determined, and assertive character. She enjoys her new traits and further changes her life with their help. Another difference between the Hulks is that Bruce is afraid of his "green" incarnation. He is afraid of the consequences of the Hulk's wrath - the destruction and horror that he instills in people. And She-Hulk is more of a cheeky and fun version of Jennifer Walters. She is who Jen always wanted to be, but was shy or couldn't because she didn't have the strength. She-Hulk for Jen is the realized potential of her personality.


Another important fact is that She-Hulk, at least in her early adventures (for example, in the Sensational She-Hulk series), is well aware that she is a comic book character. And in the manner of Deadpool (who, by the way, appeared later), she makes jokes about everything: lazy writers, Marvel's willingness to use any dirty trick just to make money, and plot twists. Everything that is now considered the core of metanarrative in comics was successfully used in Jennifer comics back in the 1980s. Judging by the trailers of the series, the aspect of the destruction of the fourth wall will appear there and even play an important role in the story.

As you can see, She-Hulk turned out to be a multi-faceted character. It is rather ironic that the heroine, who was created for the sake of the principle “just to be”, found such rich mythological ground under her feet and became almost the psychological and behavioral antipode of one of the key characters of the publishing house.

She-Hulk: Beauty and Terrible Power

She-Hulk: Beauty and Terrible Power

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Adventures of the green giantess.

After her transformation, Jennifer becomes a crime fighter. With her newfound abilities, she begins to protect Los Angeles, but this does not last long, as the woman again finds herself on the verge of death: a deadly blood poisoning can put an end to a superhero career that has just started. Salvation comes from vampire Michael Morbius - he develops a serum that heals Jen and gives her the ability to change shape at will. Taking advantage of it, Jennifer concludes that she does not need the old fragile body - because in the new form she is strong and confident in herself, even in a fight, even in the courtroom. After that, Walters, in gratitude, defends the interests of Michael, who was put on trial for his vampire crimes.

After some time, Jennifer leaves Los Angeles and heads to New York, where her solo career as a superhero ends: she joins the ranks of the Avengers. After completing several missions as part of a team, Jennifer, at the behest of the villainous Beyonder, enters the Battleworld, where she will have to fight other superheroes in a large-scale gladiatorial duel. So She-Hulk becomes a member of the Secret Wars.

She-Hulk: Beauty and Terrible Power

She-Hulk: Beauty and Terrible Power

New perspective

After the end of the global event, Jennifer returns to Earth. She temporarily leaves the Avengers team and becomes part of the Fantastic Four, replacing Ben Grimm, better known as the Thing. During this period, Jen begins an affair with a friend of the Four, Wyatt Wingfoot. Soon, the heroine is again exposed to powerful radiation exposure, which blocks her ability to change shape and locks her in the guise of the Hulk. However, she still liked the strong body of the Hulk more than her mask of Jen, so she comes to terms with her position.

After leaving the Fantastic Four, Jennifer begins to suspect that she is a comic book character for absolutely no reason. The important comic book series Sensational She-Hulk starts from here - it is not particularly rich in large-scale events, but rather focused on the individual adventures of Jennifer. And they are all either very strange or extravagant, and the enemies are one more eccentric than the other.


Beyond comics

In film adaptations, She-Hulk is always somewhere in the background, but Jennifer Walters is more or less familiar to viewers.

Back in the 1980s, a solo series about the adventures of a green superheroine was supposed to be released on ABC, but the release never took place. A re-run of the series in the 1990s did not progress beyond plans to film a pilot. Marvel bosses were very excited about the success of the earlier Hulk series from the 1980s and wanted to repeat its success. Brigitte Nielsen, known for Red Sonja and Rocky 4, was even cast in the lead role. Unfortunately, Marvel was not in the best financial position at that time, and it was not possible to find external investors for the company. Perhaps it is for the best: a failure would have buried an already barely alive publishing house.

But in 1982, the animated series The Incredible Hulk was released, where Jennifer appeared. The heroine also was in episodes of the animated series Fantastic Four and The Hulk and SMASH.

Brigitte Nielsen as She-Hulk

Brigitte Nielsen as She-Hulk

Welcome to the movie universe

She-Hulk is not the most popular character in Marvel comics. Except for a couple of moments in her biography, she always remained somewhere behind the scenes: she appeared for some plot point, only to disappear again later. With the fact that Marvel is forming a new team of Avengers, the heroine can be extremely useful. On the one hand, She-Hulk is fresh blood, and on the other hand, a familiar and understandable image for both screenwriters and viewers.

As for the series and what moments from the comics will be transferred to it, Mark Ruffalo's character will be in charge of Jennifer's (Tatiana Maslany) training and adaptation - he will explain to her the nature of new powers and help her cope with changes in her life.
One of the main opponents of She-Hulk, Titania, will definitely appear in the series: she will be played by Jameela Jamil. However, nothing is known about her origin history. Titania appeared only in the fight scene in the courtroom, but what caused the fight is not entirely clear.
Just like in the comics, Jennifer will become the protector of superhumans and will be torn between wanting to live the simple life of a lawyer and new obligations as a superhuman. And apparently, Emil Blonsky (Abomination) will be the first to get her clients.


In addition, Benedict Wong will reprise his role as Sorcerer Supreme Wong in the series. And although at first glance it is not clear why he is needed there, in the movie Shang-Chi, for some reason, it is Wong who is somehow connected with Emil Blonsky. Perhaps their friendship will be revealed in the series.

As for the general mood, the comedic tone of the series and its light atmosphere immediately catches the eye. Judging by the teaser, we are waiting for the moments of the destruction of the fourth wall and other similar artistic techniques. This, for example, is evidenced by shots where Jennifer and Bruce are dressed in the fashion of the 1980s; the image quality is also reminiscent of the television of those years.

Jennifer Walters is a complex character. She was born for purely commercial reasons, but in the end, she became an independent hero - although not the most popular, but original, with her own long history. We hope that the creators of the series will lovingly approach the re-creation of her image on the television screen. And if it is successful, next time we will see it on the big screen.


She-Hulk Official Trailer

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