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Shakira: A Humanitarian Singer

Shakira Was Granted Humanitarian Award On 2006 For Starting A Charitable foundation, Barefoot, To Help Children In Her Native Colombia Escape Violence.

 Shakira at a press conference for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Shakira at a press conference for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Shakira A Role Model Campaigning for Children In Need

In 2005 Shakira was included in the Entertainment Weekly Best of 2005 Entertainers list. Being of South American origin myself I can only feel proud when a fellow South American reaches success and she is recognized worldwide. Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll born in February 1977 in Colombia is one of the best known writer-composer and singers from South America. She has sold more than 50 million discs worldwide.

Not only a singer and dancer, Shakira can speak Spanish, English, Arabic, Italian and French; languages that she has used not only for singing but also for campaigning for the children in need in Colombia, Bangladesh and North America.

Shakira In A Child's Centre

Shakira's Work to Help Children

A prodigy child who composed her first song at age 8 and signed her first contract with Sony Music at 13, Shakira also founded her first foundation to aid children at age 17. For information on her life, music, merchandise, photos, videos and much more you can check her official site

What I want to show you is the other side of Shakira, not the beautiful singer and sensual dancer, but her work to help children not only in Colombia but worldwide because Shakira is an involved person; involved with education, with children and with her people. She might sing in English, share videos with the greatest Spanish and American singers like Alejandro Saenz, Santana or Beyoncé, but she remains a Colombian at heart.

Shakira Speaks on Poverty

Shakira as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF

After the Cyclone SIDR hit Bangladesh, Shakira, as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, in 2007 visited the country to learn about their most urgent needs and explore different projects in the most affected regions.

After the Cyclone SIDR hit Bangladesh, Shakira, as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, in 2007 visited the country to learn about their most urgent needs and explore different projects in the most affected regions.

Shakira's Pies Descalzos Foundation To Help Colombian Children, Victims Of Violence

The Pies Descalzos Foundation is a non profit organization founded in 1995 by Shakira. It takes the name from her album Pies Descalzos. The foundation aims to help mainly Colombian children, victims of violence, by providing education, nutrition, health coverage and psychological support. At a very early age she understood that Colombia had to take care of its children because they are the future of the country. The foundation has successfully built schools to feed children in need. Her work was recognized by the ONU in April 2006 when she received a prize for her efforts. She finished her acceptance speech saying “let’s not forget that tonight when we go home there are gong to be 960 children dead in Latin America”. The same year at the Latin Billboard Awards Shakira received the Spirit of Hope Awardin recognition of her work with the Pies Descalzos foundation.

In December 2006, Shakira went even further with her work to save the children and started the ALAS (America Latina Accion Solidaria) foundation with the aid of several other Latin American singers and artists.

To find out how you can help the children in Colombia, please visit Pies descalzos

The Pies Delcazos (Barefoot) Foundation

Shakira appeals for Bangladesh


Shakira Speaks Out on HIV/AIDS

Shakira's Quotes:

“I'm Colombian and nothing will change that.”

"Of course I am trying to make my accent not bother anyone, but I am not going to drive myself crazy trying to pretend I am an American girl when I am from Colombia"

“I want some day to be able to love with the same intensity and unselfishness that parents love their children with.”

“In this life, to earn your place you have to fight for it”

“I always believed that women have rights and that there are some women that are intelligent enough to claim those rights. There are some others that are stupid enough not to”

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"My belly dancing represents me - it's a trademark. I've tried to incorporate it in original ways in modern songs. But sometimes it bugs me a bit that people resort to (saying) that I'm shaking my ass with a huge sexual charge, instead of recognizing it as a move that, yeah, it's loaded with sensuality, but it's also part of an artistic expression."

Shakira's Speech On Poverty, Children And Our Responsability

Shakira Received The Medal Of “Chevalier De L’Ordre Des Arts Et Des Lettres” From The French Minister of Culture Frédéric Mitterrand.

  • Shakira
    Shakira received the medal of “Chevalier De L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres” . The medal recognizes significant contributions to the arts and literature. Shakira is the first Colombian ever to receive this honor."


celebritie on April 22, 2011:

shakira is such a great role model.

Soph on March 02, 2011:

She has a heart, more than any celeb these days! And she cares enough to show it. She's my idol and always will be.

lil wayne ring tones on February 20, 2010:

I love Shakira. I like her style. They did it well in Give it Up to Me. I enjoyed it... Love listening to it over and over again. Lil Wayne's part is cool!

Annie4 on January 22, 2010:

As I just watched Shakira sing for Haiti this is an apropos post. I've always liked her from the first time I only knew her as someone who could definitely shake her hips...then her personality came out and her humanitarian efforts. Thanks for shedding more light on her awesome traits.

Nasseba Chowdhury on October 23, 2009:

She is Rely hot...No doubt ..i promise

L Izett from The Great Northwest on February 26, 2009:

Shakira is hot! Great to know more about her.

Wendy Iturrizaga (author) from France on February 15, 2009:

Britneys Fan Club, Laila and Carolina: thanks for the stopping to comment. I am very pleased that now you too know the great work Shakira is doing for the children in need.

Carolina Crete from Crete, Greece on February 15, 2009:

I love Shakira and her music. Good to learn more about her and her good work. Thanks for the hub.

Laila Rajaratnam from India on February 12, 2009:

Princessa..Thanks for sharing this as I had no idea of the amount of great work she has been doing!Ofcourse I had read somewhere about her charity work,but never knew the details!She is as beautiful inside as she is outside!:)Thanks! BTW,her trademark-her bellydancing is just wonderful!:)

Britneys Fan Club on February 12, 2009:

Hi there Yeah music makes my world go round its what i need every day to lift up my mood and soul :))

played the guitar many years

like your hub its very informativ

pls come by visit my music hub as well

greetz c ya soon ;)

Wendy Iturrizaga (author) from France on February 11, 2009:

foxility: Probably very few people know that as a teenager Shakira fought illiteracy, teaching reading at a parochial school in her hometown. She has always shown an involvement with her people.

earnestshub : I am glad that I helped you discover the « other face » of Shakira. Thanks for sharing the story about Audrey, these are women who deserve all my respect.

Madison: I was hoping to bring awareness to the great work that she is doing. Hopefully, awareness will bring more people to get involved with helping the children.

Madison Parker from California on February 10, 2009:


I think that you just did Shakira a great service by making it known that she is a wonderful person as well as great performer. We sometimes think that the celebs just popped out day before yesterday and are a flash in the pan. It's nice to know that this girl is the real deal and a nice person, to boot!

Good Hub!

earnestshub from Melbourne Australia on February 10, 2009:

Great hub Princessa! I thought Shakira was yet another nice looking vocalist with a great voice. That pales alongside her other interests.This woman is no fool. Her attitude reminds me of the late great Audrey Hepburn who worked tirelessly for UNICEF until she died.I loved watching her in her later life on stage asking for money for children, still breathtakingly sexy in her sixties she could get the money men to dig deep for the world's children with her ellegance and grace.

I love to hear positive things about truly great people and Shakira certainly went up a long way in my estimations. I have another heroin to tell my children about.

foxility on February 10, 2009:

I love Shakira. I still have her first album... it is such peotry and the american audience doesn't realize how artistic she really is cause they only recognize her in her american version. She is also great outside her art, she is known for her hometown humanitarian work. She's great.

Wendy Iturrizaga (author) from France on February 09, 2009:

Cris A : Yes, I think Shakira deserves a lot of credit for her humanitarian work. The more people recognizing her work, the more people that might colaborate to help the children in need.

Triplet Mom: I am sure you could manage the "shake" after all you are dancer yourself.

rodney southern : thanks, I just wanted to show the human side of Shakira as oppossed to her sexy singer image.

VioletSun: I like that she is so proud of being South American and she has never forgotten her people.

BrianS, teeshirts and goldentoad : thanks for stopping to comment and discovering the works of Shakira.


goldentoad from Free and running.... on February 09, 2009:

this is more of a reason to love her.

teeshirts from San Diego,CA on February 09, 2009:

Thanks for sharing.

Brian Stephens from Laroque des Alberes, France on February 09, 2009:

News to me and nice to see that someone who has gained a lot in their life works so hard to give something back.

VioletSun from Oregon/ Name: Marie on February 08, 2009:

Thanks for sharing this side of Shakira, she is beautiful on the inside and out.  I am of South American origin too, so enjoy reading about other South Americans. :)

rodney southern from Greensboro, NC on February 08, 2009:

Outstanding hub. I think it is always a good thing when a celeb uses their name to help a cause. I wish more of them did it with the kind heart that Shakira obviously does. A wonderful look into the life of a superstar! Great job!

Triplet Mom from West Coast on February 08, 2009:

Wow Princessa I never knew all of this. Thanks for sharing. I am still most amazed by how her hips move like that, I would certainly break my hips doing that!!

Cris A from Manila, Philippines on February 08, 2009:

Hi Princessa

This is a great hub as it sheds a whole new light to a performer widely known for her songs and sexy image. All her humanitarian accomplishments give more weight to her relevance and provide inspiration, too! So thanks for sharing as she truly deserves this tribute :D

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