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William Shakespeare's Top 20 Rock Tunes


Verily, I hath ye great a fury that gathereth in mine heart.

They cry that Mozart was ye first Rock n' Roller in history. but NAY!!

I say , for I William Shakespeare, utmost playwright and poet of Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Yes! I who dwell in England's green and pleasant pastures, lay claim most earnestly to be the original hard-drinking, hell-raising Rock Metal Muso on God's great earth

Here I lay before ye in prostration and offer my favourite dittys of ye Classic Rock genre,

REJOICE!!!! ......

aherro @ Flickr

aherro @ Flickr

  • Romeo and Juliet (of course)- Dire Straits

(A dark tale of ye painted lady with legs akimbo for ye bag of silver. Ye Geordie minstrel fair plucketh ye strings)

  • Sonnet - The Verve

(Ye Ashcroft reciteth ye poetry and bumpity into people with nair a thought for misadventure)

  • Richard III - Supergrass

(Ye Indy Men make a poppy jangle for ye teeny-boppers. Ye Brit invasion cometh still)

  • The Poet Sniffs A Flower - Twelfth Night

(And ye queen bee stingeth him on ye hooter and hither the air is blueth with the enunciations wrought from the Muse of articulation)

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  • MacBeth - Kiss

(Not to mention ye Scottish play, on pain of death or ye will be Simmonsed in the night by gnarly beasts and fretfully creatures)

  • Overquill - Motorhead

(Ye may ask who winneth in a wrestling match atwixt the great Lord Kilminster and Almighty God. Ye will dearly know ye answer)

  • Bard for Life - Rose Tattoo

(Ye painted devils from ye end of ye earth. The Angry one will lead them for they are not nice and ye nice boys are not ye rock n roll playing)

  • Soliloquy Thing - Ye Sex Pistols

(Ye irony prevails as verily they cannot the two words stringeth together. Except for the Great Rotten One who is hailing the English butter for ye market-folk)

  • Comedy of Errors - Ye Darkneth

(They disappear in ye blizzard of snow upon ye nasal cavities. Never to be seen again it is afeared. But hither they return with follicles intact thus far and rise from the ashes)

  • Mellow Othello - Donovan

(Hippy Jockman from the Cold wastelands of Caledonia. A devilish descendant of ye King MacBeth but with ye cool demeanour)

  • Codpiece Sells - Megadeth

(Ye hairy blow-dry dervishes of ye speed and snarly grunting. Scouring ye world for converts to the masses with screams most egregious)

  • Measure for Measure - Shane McGowan

(Ye teeth from Hell in the land of Hibernia)

  • Much Ado About Nothing - My Comical Raindance

(The Way of Gerard knows nought of what he says and no man knows what he say nor neither carest)

  • The Taming of the Shrew - Ozzy Osbourne

(Ye Dark Prince who marrieth the Lady MacBeth and did so strangulate her almost unto an inch of her life. We hopeth deepest in heart that he shall return and finish the quest with utmost haste)

chascar @ Flickr

chascar @ Flickr

  • Midsummer Scream Dream - Sir Tedward Nugent

(A mad axeman of Beelezebub. Cometh the hunter and ye arrow quivers and flies. Then ye will know the answer to thy entreaty "Who killed Bambi?")

  • Tudor Stay, or Tudor Go? - Ye Clash

(Ye strummer ghost stalks the corridors and halls of the evil empire of ye Cowell)

  • To Be, or Not To Be With You - Mr Big

(Ye green-tinted Martin midget is not so biggeth as it seems)

  • The Merry Wives of Windsor - Ye Queens of ye Stoned Age

(Ye smoky palaces where the passing of the great ciggie makes many thus contented. It doth make the royal personages smile and raise they fingers in peace with ye peasantry)

  • A Horse, A Horse.... - Mr Ed

(Ye teeth that the McGowan man must venture for dentures)

  • Ophelia Like the First Time (she certainly dideth) - Foreigner

(She is wanting to know what the loveth is and Ye Dirty White Boys are a good time showing her indeed)



Shinkicker (author) from Scotland on March 09, 2014:

Verily Cheffy dude, ye canly indeed compare me thus

Many thanks for commenting

Andrew Spacey from Sheffield, UK on March 08, 2014:

Fun read Mr Shinkicker. Shall I compare thee to a heavy metal fan? Thou art more hairy and goth-like...?

Thank you for this unusual angle on the Bard of Avon's work!

Shinkicker (author) from Scotland on April 04, 2012:

Hi thesensei1

Cheers for stopping by. The Clash were class!!!

thesensei1 on April 03, 2012:

That's actually pretty funny dude... VOTE UP FOR THE CLASH REFERENCE!

Shinkicker (author) from Scotland on January 08, 2011:

I've never heard of him either jivn :-) He just basked in the reflected glory of his sister I think.

jivn from Croatia on December 15, 2010:

very droll...but who is this Shakespeare guy, i mean i've heard of his sister

Shinkicker (author) from Scotland on August 14, 2010:

Hi Cosette

He certainly was a genius, brilliant character actor and mimic.

This version of The Beatles 'She Loves You' had me in stitches

cosette on August 14, 2010:

Peter Sellers was a genius. so is this hub.

Shinkicker (author) from Scotland on January 03, 2010:

That would make a great Hub knell63. The Move song 'Blackberry Way' takes on new meaning. I like 'Sonnet' too Camlo, wonderful song.

knell63 from Umbria, Italy on December 11, 2009:

Another good hub, I was thinking of writing one about how songs would have been different if they were written today and am still collecting the definative list. Eg, Bluray killed the DVD star by Buggles. Or Hanging on my mobile phone by Blonde.

Camlo De Ville from Cologne, Germany on December 07, 2009:

Hi Shinkicker!

It was the title that made me want to read this one.

I'm pretty sure that Shakespeare was considered as we do a rock star in his time.

The Shakesperian language you use here is hilarious.

'Sonnet' is my favourite song by The Verve. I might include it, if I do another music Hub.

An entertaining read!

All the best, Camlo

Shinkicker (author) from Scotland on November 13, 2009:

Verily indeed, he was a truly dedicated headbanger

Salsa Dancing on November 12, 2009:

I didn't realise shakespeare was a rock fan, or that rock was even invented during that period. But I guess you learn something new every day right... :P

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