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Sexy Halloween and Party Photos

I enjoy photography and have been doing so professionally and independently for over 30 years.


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CC BY-SA 2.0

Sexy does not mean nude so pre-warned your guests to choose costumes that show skin but not complete nudity. Complete nudity can end up offending someone and can put a damper if you were to take photographs of the event.

This is also a great opportunity of photographing the festivities and posting the results in a social network account so that your guest can enjoy and share them later.

Also keep in mind to let your guests know that you will be taking photographs as keepsakes mementos from the event.

Do not forget that if you approach the party from a professional photographic mindset you can capture images that you can later submit to many photographic publications.

But the main benefit for the photographer/host is to create an awareness of your skills that many of your guests will remember if they should seek the services of a photographer in the future.

People have been dressing in costumes for quite a long time and for many reasons.

It seems that whenever there is an excuse to do so people will don a costume.

So when a holiday approaches like Halloween people off course think of ideas to do parties as well as what to wear.

It is not uncommon to dress in a costume and throw a party at the same time.

Assuming that you want to host a Halloween party and it is only for adults, then a fun thing to do would be to pick a theme for the party.

There are many themes to choose from and although many themes will function quite well and the participants will probably end up having a great time, one theme parties can get monotonous.

Having only one specific theme like Ancient Greece can turn out to be rather boring if everyone shows up wearing togas.

If you want to limit yourself to themes then at least choose two or three different ones.

This way your guests have some alternatives and this in turn adds variety to the event.

Once you have decided on the general themes and plan to go ahead with the party as adults often do, then a sexy theme can go quite well because the variety in costumes increases.

People can dress in almost any costume of their choosing but all of them will fit the sexy theme.

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CC BY-SA 2.0

CC BY-SA 2.0

CC BY-SA 2.0

Set up at least two spots around your house or where the party will take place that are photography ready.

A dark backdrop using a black cloth and another featuring perhaps a bright red one will server the purpose well.These sell for about $5.00 a yard and four to five yards per set up should be more than enough.

Make sure to set the photo lamps ahead of time and position them so that your guests cannot touch them. Clamp lights are great for this and are available at most hardware stores.

Use fluorescent daylight lights with a Kelvin rating of at least 5000k. They are cooler to the touch than regular lights thus safer.

"Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light that has important applications in lighting, photography, videography,publishing, manufacturing, astrophysics, horticulture, and other fields.Color temperatures over 5,000K are called cool colors (blueish white), while lower color temperatures (2,700–3,000 K) are called warm colors (yellowish white through red)" Wikipedia.

Place some props around the set up to give the location some atmosphere and adding a small back-light helps in adding color to the backdrop too. Each separate photo spot should fit the Holiday or party theme but be different from the other.

The best method would be to photograph your guests as they arrive and perhaps taking some other shots as the festivities progress.

This has an added effect of avoiding capturing images while your guests are holding a drink or other refreshment in their hands.

But at least you should ensure that all of your guests have been photographed when they first arrived. That way they are not distracted or taken away from the entertainment later.

Once you have taken their initial images, then leave them to enjoy themselves and if you feel like taking more photograph as the party develops, then do so incognito and avoid asking people to pose for you. Use a camera mounted flash unit or better yet a high ISO rating like 1,000.

CC BY-SA 3.0

CC BY-SA 3.0

I know that Halloween is the perfect time to conduct this photo project, but there are many other festivities that can use a similar theme like Christmas, St. Patrick's Day or simply when you feel like hosting a costume party.

Adding other effects will enhance the atmosphere and give your event that much more of an appeal.

For example selecting a main area like the dance room and outfitting it with black lights produces a "club-feel" surrounding that your guests will surely appreciate.

Other fun things that you can do are to play games like spin the bottle, truth or dare and so on.

Pay attention if you are going to be taking some shots here since most cameras have to be adjusted for the lighting conditions produced by these black lights. I have selected a video that explains the technique in more detail.

But the main thing to consider is that black lights enhances reflective surfaces and shuns out most other dark areas so this light is rather tricky for photography however the effects can be really exciting, especially if your guests wear fluorescent body paint.

CC BY 3.0

CC BY 3.0

Try to involve your guest "models" and make them a part of the shot by asking them their opinions as to the poses, the backgrounds and so on.

Let them decide if they want their pictures re-taken (if using digital) and make sure to share copies with them later.

You took the pictures but without a model's release you may not sell them. So if you are going to submit any of the resulting images with a publication ask your guests for a model's release later down the line, like before you submit the photographs.

They came for the party and will let you photograph them because you are the host and were gracious enough to invite them.

Take pictures and make sure to capture several angles of each costume, but afterwards do not impose your photographic needs on your guests.

Becoming pushy will only serve to make them remember your attitude and not much else.

Be a professional even though this is a festive atmosphere and after you have taken enough pictures, then go an entertain your guests and enjoy yourself.

CC BY 3.0

CC BY 3.0

Photographing With Black Light & Other ideas

© 2013 Luis E Gonzalez


Luis E Gonzalez (author) from Miami, Florida on October 15, 2013:

alancaster149: thank you...quite interesting indeed.

Alan R Lancaster from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire) on October 15, 2013:

Big thing in this part of the world - specially in areas like suburbia where they get up to all kinds of shenanigins - as a party theme is 'Tarts and vicars' or 'Doctors and nurses' (listen to the guffaws as the ice slips down the front of a 'nurse' model's cleavage).

Interesting... mmh?

This one gets my vote, Luis! (Encore, encore!)

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