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Beautiful Females Celebrities & Best Movie Credits!



Lindsay Lohan

Despite all the press on Lindsay Lohan that has not been quite so positive, she's a vibrant and vivacious girl!
She went from Child Star in

  • The Parent Trap: playing cute twins, (Pretty great for a kid to play too parts!) to
  • Freaky Friday: Switching places with her mom! A must see!
  • Confessions of a Drama Queen, Amazing wardrobe, and you've got to love a kid with passion!
  • Mean Girls, remember, she wasn't one of them! An innocent girl brought from homeschooling learn quickly how to survive in "girl world!" By 3 very manipulative mean girls!
  • Herby Fully Loaded: She brought this film back to life!
  • Just My Luck: One of my favorites! From going to the best luck to the worst and how?
  • I Know Who Killed Me: She did a brilliant job with a change from cute and comical to serious! It was great to see her showing her versatility!

These are just a few, but I'll always be on the look out for more movies from Lindsay Lohan's talent! From redhead to blonde, she has charisma and talent that will dazzle us for years to come!



Kate Hudson

She has the smile of an innocent child, the face of an Angel, and a zip with her character personalities she plays!

She's hysterically funny! I can laugh all over again if I've seen the same movies over again!

  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: in 2003. Her & Matthew McConaughey, both get 10 days on a work story! It's a super funny flick! Check it out if ya haven't, they make a great team! Great chemistry!
  • Almost Famous: With the adorable big blue eyed Zooey Deschanel & the lovable Jason Lee!
  • Raising Helen: Imagine her unexpectedly guardian of 3 kids! With Joan Cusack, Felicity Huffman, Hayden Panettiere (Remember her from Ice Princess & Malcolm In The Middle?)
  • The Skeleton Key: From funny girl to haunting thriller, mystery! Off to the big scarey house to be a caretaker! A must see!
  • You, Me and Dupree: Another laugh a minute! All star cast as well! Don't look away or you'll miss a great unexpected laugh! If it can go wrong, it will! You know, murphy's law!
  • Fool's Gold: Again Matthew McConaughey as her husband who doesn't want a divorce! Another hysterically funny flick with their amazing chemistry
  • Bride Wars! A must see when best friends go up against each other for the perfect wedding!

Kate proves to be just as funny as she is beautiful!



Drew Barrymore

From the little girl in

  • E.T. Who lands her first role aside a cute adorable alien!
  • Firestarter: To make a Steven King movie a bigger hit than the book some say!
  • Poison Ivy: The young pretty girl who seduces her friends father! But as she grows up she just doesn't stop being the fair maiden as you see if you watch the next...
  • Ever After: Drew steals the show from being that poor girl doing all the work of her wicked step sisters only to end up on top of the world. A must see as she goes from rags to riches!
  • Music and Lyrics: If you just love Drew as many of us do, then this is a must see! Most would be annoyed by the clicking of her pen, but coming in just to water plants lands her helping write a hit song for a star! It's not something anyone would expect, but Drew pulls it off as if it were magic, as usual!
  • Wedding Singer, Never Been Kissed, Home Fries: Many in between titles co-starring with Adam Sandler which she has amazing chemistry, you'd think they would marry in real life! Drew just never ceases to amaze or dazzle us with her talents!
  • Riding In Cars With Boys: with Steve Zhan and the late, talented and beautiful Brittney Murphy. She goes from sweet teen in trouble to loving mother who goes through all the hardships of life to come out on top after all the up's and downs in the movie, it's so realistic that it's the movie that brought her and her mother back in touch! You know there's substance when an actor can change their life over one line in a movie! Check her out in her vintage look up to her glamorous way she looks as the story starts and ends! A MUST SEE!

  • 50 First Dates: Again her and Adam Sandler's chemistry make you know this is how real love is supposed to be! This is not just a chick flick, but a movie with a laugh every minute to how real love works! Love at first site, willing to give up everything for each other and the wedding vow for better or worse, in sickness and in health! Met in sickness and love heals two empty hearts! A story anyone can love! From the girl's dream guy, the guy's dream girl to the family they all want to be, and be together. Don't miss out on this one!
  • Also Drew wrote an autobiography called Little Girl Lost.


Jennifer Aniston

The girl we most associate with the sitcom;

  • Friends: Jennifer is so much more than, pretty roomie named Rachel!
    There are just not enough words to describe the wonders of Jennifer Aniston! If she's in a movie I'm watching it! Not only does she pick fantastic roles, she's so amazing in all of them you just want to see more Jennifer!
  • Along Came Polly: You see Jennifer in just about every stage of her beauty possible with Ben Stiller in this one! From cute waitress at an art show, to hot salsa dancer, to teaching Ben (Reuben) to live on the edge, and end up on a hot beach in Aruba! It's a romantic comedy but not one just for girls! Everyone can join in the funny adventures she brings him through on his way to living it up rather than being afraid of everything! She proves brains aren't everything if you really just want to live and be happy, it's perfect when it's not perfect!
  • In her long list of other movies include:
  • She's The One
  • Picture Perfect
  • Rock Star
  • The Good Girl
  • Bruce Almighty (also starring Jim Carry and a great move as well)
  • Derailed
  • The Break-Up
  • He's Just Not That Into You
  • Just Go With It
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Wonderlust, and 5 more on the burner for you to keep your eyes peeled for! Jennifer is another woman whose going to keep on going until she's playing a grandma, although she's so beautiful that's not going to be any time soon and when it gets here she's going to be one amazing grandma! Just grand!



Reese Witherspoon

Not enough can be said what a great actress Reese Witherspoon is! Not just beautiful and talented but so much she was like Drew, already hitting the big screen at a young age! Only in TV commercials and local television at age 7.

Her hits include the brilliantly put together

  • Pleasantville: She's a feisty one that can't be held down and argues with her brother over tv night! They get sucked into one of his old black and white tv marathons and all of the sudden she has to be the perfect girl that people know on tv!
    A twist comes in Pleasantville though! It's setting is back in the good old days, so everything is black and white. Check this one out to see why it becomes color! After all if you love Reese, you'll want to see her in this epic tale within a sitcom!
  • Cruel Intentions: This movie set a wonderment where this girl would be taking her career. It leaves you feeling sorry for such a nice girl getting swept up into a game of deceit. If you're a Sarah Michelle Gellar fan, see them both in this drama gut crunching, nail biter!
  • Legally Blonde: This was the pretty blonde girls dream movie! The girl who was so incredibly smart, but nobody could see past her pretty face and her beautiful blonde hair and incredible style!
    Who would think she had it in her to climb the ladder of intelligence and outsmart the smartest of men at Harvard University!
  • Legally Blonde, Red White and Blue: was a super kick off from Legally Blonde, not many movies have a sequel that matches the smarts and wit from it's preceding movie! This one does without a doubt! They say don't work with children or animals, well, her little dog is the best supporting actor ever, but doesn't steal the spotlight from Reese for a second but you still fall for the lil' guy she carries around in her dog purse!
  • Sweet Home Alabama: This actually came between the Legally Blonde & sequel. But it's heartwarming setting and poor girl gone rich, deciding on which is the better life has you on the edge of your seat wondering who she'll choose!

Some of her other great movies are mixtures of drama and comedy, romantic comedies and of course the most famous of them is,

  • Walk The Line: Playing June Carter Cash, the story of how Johnny Cash met her. She sang the part and was actually offered two record deals but turned them down. She just beautifully amazing!
  • Just Like Heaven: Along side of Mark Ruffalo the chemistry is felt not only on screen but actually out of life! As her character is dissapating in the movie they reach out to each other and he brings life into her life! I know that might not seem like it makes sense but when you see this movie you'll be rooting for her to wake up and smell the roses! And I mean that literally! You fall in love with both characters Just Like Heaven!
  • Vanity Fair, American Psycho, and others show a Reese Witherspoon that you should watch if you're a fan of this lovely woman! She's picked her roles wisely and will be around for a long time to come!


Brittany Murphy

Rest In Peace: Brittany Murphy
November 10, 1977 - December 20, 2009

While Brittany is not still with us, she will forever live within those of us who loved her movies, how versatile her rolls played and the fact that her characters were so believable she put herself in with full force and as mentioned played the best friend of Drew Barrymore (Bev), she was perfect as Fay Forrester.

She was that actress that I'm adding last but not least in this hub due to her being one of my move favorite actresses, her death was tragic and untimely.

The movie I most remember her for is her adorable character Fay Riding With Cars With Boys. Best friends to Beverly, (Drew Barrymore) they were a perfect onscreen match. Even in the serious parts the two could make you laugh. When the two girls do a practice scene for Beverly to tell her parents she's with child, set in the 60's, Brittney's performance was just phenomenal to say the least!

Please try to see her in these movies if you can, you won't regret.

Spun: A girl with beautiful teeth, definitely not on drugs, who had no problem walking away.

  • Girl Interrupted: Along side with Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie. Brittney was a damaged girl named Daisy.
  • Don't Say A Word: Along side Michael Douglas. She kept herself safe by keeping herself inside the institution. That's about all I'll say here about the movie, please watch it. It was a great twist to it, and Brittany gave an amazing performance!
  • Just Married: Newlyweds honeymoon in Europe, Brittany Murphy & Ashton Kutcher, you know there's a laugh a minute there! Fantastic movie!
  • UpTown Girls: With Dakota Fanning the little child she cared for and ended up being best of friends! On screen they grew up together. Heather Locklear played Dakota's mother.
  • The Little Black Book: This movie had people all over the world having to own a copy. It was well written and played out by Brittney so well you'd believed it really happened. Put it on your must see list!
  • The Ramen Girl: After her boyfriend breaks up and leaves Abby in Tokyo she attaches herself to a small Ramen diner. Particularly the chef who hasn't the patience for her lack of understanding and speaking Japanese. But she watches him tenaciously and notes the passion he puts into making his ramen soup! Stranded there, still wants to stay, she begs to learn how to make ramen noodles. After tons of chores he finally lets her try. As she doesn't speak much Japanese she learns so much from watching him. Tenacious she is! Regardless of him dumping out, what she believed her best pot of ramen ever. This movie is a must see for those who think ramen noodles are just for those in poverty. It is an art to the making and cooking of ramen and Abby is going to learn! She's not accepting no for an answer! If you don't view any movie or you believe ramen is for the poor please view this movie. I truly believe she made this movie because there is a passion and love that goes into making this soup.

Rest In Peace Brittany Murphy!

  • 21 Magazine Cover Photos, 17 Nominations and 3 wins for the Annie awards!
  • Countless times appearing as herself on Saturday Night Live and the list is incredibly long of her talents on talk shows, interviews and voice-overs.


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