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Sexy 60 Year Old Men


This is the first one of these I'm doing in a series -- I'll be getting to the 40s, 50's and even 70's in a bit. I haven't started with men in their 60s for any special reason, so no comments asking why I've left out other age groups! I'll do something on women, as well; for now, you'll have to be content with knowing that Gray Hair Is Sexy.

Back to the men.

Bill Clinton

As you can see, the poster child for this age group is Bill Clinton. Have we ever had a sexier president? I think not. Remarkably, Bill looks even better now that he's out of office. I suppose that's partly to do with having less stress -- but he's probably getting fewer...err... office perks these days, so maybe it's a wash. Hey, Bill; If you get bored, you know where to find me. I've got a lovely pair of knee pads I wouldn't mind breaking in for you -- you hot, sexy President, you.


Harrison Ford

Old Indiana's surprisingly sexy, isn't he? I guess Calista's keeping him fit with bedroom calisthenics, cos Harrison's not looking too bad.

Not to mention, he's still one of the few white men who've ever looked good wearing a fedora. You gotta give him some love for that, right?

I still see Han Solo whenever I look at him, anyway; sexiest intergalactic stud ever. Although, Indiana Jones was pretty studly as well. And just as funny. And a professor, to boot -- one of my fetishes. Yes, y'all.. Mr. Ford can whip me any day of the week.


John Larroquette

You may know John Larroquette from Boston Legal. And you may also know him from House. If that's the extent of his career that you're familiar with, you're going to make me feel old! John played a lawyer on Night Court back in the 80's. I gotta be honest and say I wasn't into him back then -- but I was only 5 or so, so I guess that's a good thing.

But the role he plays on Boston Legal... ohmigod the man is so sexy. Seriously. I am in awe of how subtly alpha and confident he is. He's the ideal man, and he looks fantastic. I was shocked to see he's over 60!


Robert DeNiro

Robert DeNiro's never really been someone I've lusted for -- but as he's gotten older that has started to change. I think it's because I like the character's he's playing more.

And, of course, he still looks damned good, doesn't he? Look at him in that photo -- I could see him with a woman that age, no problem. That's from his new film, btw, titled What Just Happened?


Sam Elliot

Although he's Californian, Sam Elliot is so Texan it's not funny. And you'd have to be Texan, or have to lived there for a lengthy period of time to know what I'm talking about.

There's a reason he's always done up like a cowboy -- he just has that way about him. That, and he's hot as hell.

I've been crushing on him since the first time I saw Rush. He's tall, masculine and charming. And he's one of the few men who actually looks good with a moustache!


Martin Sheen

I've been crushing on Martin Sheen since the 80's. I'm sure that's why I started crushing on Emilio Estevez; he's always been a near carbon copy. Check out his films from way back when and you'll see what got me drooling. Or, you could just watch re-runs of The West Wing, for which he became even more popular.

And did I mention he's an activist. Who doesn't love an activist? Sexy!

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