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Sexy 40 Year Old Women


Continuing on with the sexy older women series, today we're going to take a look at five women over 40 who are still beautiful and sexy. I think you can probably tell that they're likely to be sexy 50 year old women, and even sexy 60 year old women, in a couple of decades.

As an aside -- I've already done the sexy older men series. Click here to see the sexy 40 year old men, sexy 50 year old men, sexy 60 year old men and, yes, even sexy 70 year old men! But don't go anywhere until you've had a chance to admire the lovely women on this list. We should all be so lucky to look this good at 40!

Heather Locklear

Who doesn't remember Heather from her TJ Hooker days? She looked pretty hot in her little police uniform, didn't she? I think every teenage girl wanted to be a cop that year. Well, if you can believe it, Heather is almost 47 now. I've seen a few close-ups of her with crow's feet, but the woman looks sexy anyway -- and there is definitely something to be said about that. Go, girl!


Michael Michele

I don't know a whole lot about Michael Michele; the first time I saw her was on an episode of House, and I was shocked to find out she was in her 40s -- I would have guessed her to be 35 or so. Seriously, I remember thinking she was way, way too young for him. That, and I was totally jealous. Duh.

Of course, a black woman maintaining her beauty into her 40s isn't really all that amazing; black women simply age better than white women (as do all women of color; white skin just breaks down faster). Nevertheless, the woman is hot, so I feel she deserves her place on the list.

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Salma Hayek

I can still remember going to see Desperado in the theater. I was 19 years old, and both she and Antonio Banderas were far from being the megastars they've come to be. I was sitting there with a group of guys from Uni, and I can still hear the gasps when she came onscreen.

She was an absolute stunner; I'm pretty sure each and every one of my mates had fond dreams about her that night. What's amazing is how little she's changed in the last decade. She looks fantastic, doesn't she?


Halle Berry

Only an idiot would think Halle Berry anything less than gorgeous. How many middle-aged women can look sexy whilst toting round a bun in the oven? And have you seen the man on her arm? Jesus Christmas!

Yeah, man. You know you're a sexy 40 something woman when you have candy like that at your side. Honestly, I think she's even sexier now than she was ten years ago -- if that's possible. What do you think?


Diane Lane

Diane Lane was a child star, and she's one of the few who managed to make the transitiion to adult stardom, as well. Did you see her in Unfaithful? The woman was married to Richard Gere while having a bit of fun with Olivier Martinez. Um. Does it get any better than that?

Course, have you seen her real-life men? Hello? Josh Brolin? Can you say yumm? I know I can. That man is gorgeous!!

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